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Ignorance is Bliss

There are some days when I’m in the car and completely uncomfortable. The mirror isn’t right, the seat belt is rubbing, something is rattling, I’m hot, there’s traffic, there’s nothing on the radio, my butt hurts, I’m tired, and my hair looks like crap. Ever have those days? One other thing that bugs me is when the bottom of my jeans tickles my ankle. It makes me think there are bugs on me, so I usually roll my right pant leg up a couple times. Yesterday was one of those days.

On my way home from work yesterday, I stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond to exchange a few things for my mom. I had two big shopping bags filled with¬†some items to be returned, some to be exchanged, and some as samples so I can buy more of them. I carried detailed instructions around with me as I filled my cart. As I was at the customer service desk to do my extremely involved transaction, complications arose. Without confusing you to the degree that I confused Chachie behind the counter, here are the basic details. I needed to exchange two 84″ curtain panels for two 95″ curtain panels. My mom had bought a few of each to try them on for size at the Bella Rose. The 84″ers were too short. Chachie tells me that it appears that we never purchased any 84″ panels. This is clearly not true since I am holding two 84″ panels with the security tags already removed. I obviously didn’t just pick them up in the store. Anyways, I got my mom on the phone to ask her a few questions then talked Chachie through the situation. Apparently I look like a trustworthy person because he eventually¬†believed me and completed my transaction. I left with a sigh of relief, proud of the way I handled the situation.

My next stop was HEB. I needed cookie dough, yogurt, and canned tomatoes. A quick trip. I found my goods and got in line. I thought I picked a good line… but I never do. There was an older lady currently paying and then a couple with about 4 items. I stood in line reading all Kate Gosselin headlines (poor woman… she may be crazy, but leave her alone!) and I realized we weren’t moving. I looked up and the couple in front of me looked annoyed. I looked ahead of them and noticed that the older woman was done checking out and paying, but was just standing there chatting. Her and the cashier were bonding over stories of their dogs. This went on for another minute or two (that’s a long time in grocery store line terms) and she finally left. When it was finally my turn, I had a couple options. I could be short and annoyed with the cashier. Or I could just smile and be careful not to mention my dog. I chose the latter. You know, smile and love her with Christ’s love… even though my cookie dough is room temperature and growing bacteria. And once again, I left the store with a sense of pride in the way I handled the situation.

Then I got home and realized my right pant leg was rolled up and I looked like a complete fool on my errands. I’m an idiot. I’m just glad that Chachie and the dog lady were equally as polite to me!

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