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More R&R Updates

Brace yourselves, ladies and three gentlemen… Roots & Rings has a couple new features. I think I’ve got this site up to my standards! Hopefully it’s up to your standards too. (If it’s not, please complain to me via email, not blog comments. I embarass easily!) Take a look at the top. I’ve added two new tabs.

1. “Props!” – This should be pretty self-explanitory. Every so often I post a review and title it “Props!” See yesterday’s post for an example. Anyways I’ve posted links to all of my past Props! in one area in case you want to revisit them. Or in case, hypothetically speaking, you didn’t read my blog that day. But I know that could never be true, so really they are just there for you to revisit.

2. “101 in 1001” – This is a fun one. I saw this on another blog and thought it looked like a rewarding activity. After a bit of research, I realized that there are tons of bloggers who do this. I’m so behind the times! (Seriously, who gave me a website?!) It’s a list of 101 goals I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. I worked on this list for a couple of weeks and think it’s pretty good. It’s pretty exhaustive*. Some of them excite me, some of them seem like awful tasks. All of them will be completed (hopefully). I’ll blog about my progress throughout the 1001 days and hope that you will all hold me accountable.

*I’ll answer the question that is probably floating around your head the same way I answered it to Stephen. No, I didn’t mention anything about babies on the list. Obviously having a baby is a goal of mine in the next 1001 days, but if I do not complete it I don’t want a list reminding me that I have failed. I’m pretty sure I’ll be emotional enough and feel like a failure on my own.

Hope you like the two new features! Have a safe and wonderful 4th!

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