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Sweet Texas Heat

What a fabulous weekend! There really is no other word for it. Fabulous! Well maybe there are a few more… memorable, special, fun, and I think the kids now days are using the word “epic”… I think this qualifies.

We spent the weekend in south Texas celebrating a few amazing events. Of course the 4th of July was one, but we really didn’t celebrate it. We were too busy celebrating my Papa’s 80th birthday and my Meme and Papa’s 60th wedding anniversary. Sixty years!! What an accomplishment! And more importantly, what an inspiration!

Friday night was all about Papa. We sat in the air conditioning and had fajitas and beer and then settled down for a time to honor him. The evening began with all of the “out-laws” asking him a question. That didn’t make sense? In other words, everyone who married into the family (I think you people call them “in-laws”) had to take a slip of paper out of a bag and each slip had a question on it. They took turns asking their questions and we all listened to Papa answer. My favorite: What first attracted you to Meme? Answer: She was slim, pretty, and could dance! At least he’s honest!

Then Papa got a chance to talk. Papa doesn’t talk much. I’m not sure if it’s because he chooses not to, or if it’s because he lived in a house with three daughters and never got the chance to talk. Either way, it was a treat. He told us things about his life that we didn’t know. Turns out, he has had an extremely interesting life and there’s quite a lot we didn’t know. My Papa is one of the most genuine, honest, hard-working men I have ever met. Want proof? The thing he is most ashamed of is in 6th grade, he told his teacher to shut up. He’s 80. That’s the thing he is most ashamed of. Don’t you wish you could say that about yourself? I’m not sure that God makes men like him anymore. You can trust him with your life, but also count on him for a good corny, dirty joke every now and then. Here’s Papa at the hunting camp last Christmas. He’s a Longhorn by blood but he’s a Rice fan for a few years:


Saturday night we had a party to celebrate Meme and Papa’s anniversary. We had about 70 of their closest friends over to my aunt and uncle’s house. We all wore pink. It was a special night and I know they felt loved. Then Sunday morning, little Sophie Grace was baptized. We are all so thrilled that these three events could be celebrated on the same weekend so we could be part of it all.

South Texas is hot. Like really hot. It’s not humid so you don’t really feel like you are suffocating the way you do in Houston. But it was still over 100. We did all we could to stay inside. And the times we had to be outside, we made sure to stay hydrated with cold beer. We spent part of Saturday evening outside but God blessed us with a bit of a breeze. I don’t think I broke a sweat. Well, that’s actually not saying much. I don’t think Stephen broke a sweat. That’s saying much.

We headed home yesterday afternoon. We were uplifted and refreshed. And then we walked into our house. It was hot. Hotter than south Texas. We turned down the thermostat and sat under the ceiling fans. After about 20 minutes I realized that my legs were sticking to our leather couch and the house wasn’t feeling any better. I got a bad feeling. You know those bad feelings? I mean it’s not unusual for it to take 30+ minutes to cool down the house on a hot July day, but I just felt like something wasn’t right. We mumbled and grumbled and went around feeling air vents. Air was coming out, but it didn’t feel very cold. Oh sweet irony. We sat outside on July 4th and felt perfectly comfortable, but in the supposed comfort of our own homes, we were sweating buckets. (Well I wasn’t, I was just a bit sticky. But you know what I mean.)

This is the second time our AC had stopped cooling since we moved into Hurst Castle. Naturally, both times were in the heat of summer. To all of you who have just purchased a house or are looking to purchase a house: This is why you get a home warranty and RENEW it each year. Hypothetically, if our AC is broken, we only pay $55. That’s it. No matter what is wrong, we only pay $55. So there will be no sleepless nights from us, stressing over money. We spent last night in the guest room at my parent’s house. Between Stephen hogging the bed and Rookie trying to get comfortable on the floor, I only slept about 4 hours. But at least I wasn’t awake thinking about money. See, my glass is half full!

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