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There’s No Place Like Home…

…except when your AC goes out. Then there is no place like your parents’ home around the corner!

I’m very tempted, but I’m not going to tell you the story about how Stephen didn’t call me when he left work yesterday. I won’t tell you about how I couldn’t get ahold of him via cell phone, text, or email. I won’t tell you that he didn’t call me when he got home (to our unoccupied house) or when he decided to go for a run or when he got back from the run. I won’t tell you that I was freaking out and was thisclose to calling his mom and discussing a search and rescue plan to find him. I won’t tell you that it was 8:10 before I heard his voice. Why won’t I tell you all of that? Because he apologized. He was really busy being a man that he didn’t realize how scary it was for me. But I think he realizes now. And he has promised never to do that to me again. So I’m not going to tell you all about it because, really, it’s in the past… and we shouldn’t dwell on it. I love you Stephen!

So, moving on. Last night marked Night #4 of our stay in the Rosen Haven guest room. Which also means that it marked Night #4 of a bad night’s sleep. Actually, we are at Night #6 since we were out of town last weekend. It’s not that these beds are uncomfortable or anything, I just don’t do well in beds that aren’t mine. So I am unbelievably tired, and that’s a bummer.

But there are some positives to staying at my parents’ house all week. First of all, I get to see them and my sister. Although I haven’t seen them much because they are quite social and don’t stay still very long. The times they have been home, though, have been enjoyable. I already had dinners planned and defrosted so I’m just making them over there. Unfortunately I didn’t go to the grocery store on Sunday so breakfast and lunch isn’t planned. The good side of that? I’ve been having Panera Bread bagels for breakfast. Also, Rookie has had a playdate all week. Her and Molly are probably going to get sick of each other!

So really, it hasn’t been all bad. Sure, livingĀ out a a suitcase isn’t ideal. And I’m sure there are tons of things we could be doing at home. And my dad is probably tired of me stealing the remote to watch “Chopped” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos” while he wants to be watching the Tour de France but is too polite to ask me to change. But all that is bearable, right Dad?

Now, as I’m thinking about it, I have gone full circle. Because the worst part really is the bed. We just aren’t used to sleeping in a smaller bed. Stephen is a heater. And I hate to be touched. So if you put us in a bed together, we need a buffer zone. Romantic, huh? In our big king I can’t feel his body heat. I can’t feel him moving around. If he breathes heavily, I can’t feel it on my side of the bed.

The first night we were in bed, I realized that this was going to be a problem. It takes me a looong time to fall asleep. It’s a long process, and if it gets interrupted, I have to start over. It’s awful. So we are laying there and all of a sudden I feel bounce….bounce….bounce.

C – What the heck is that? What are you doing?
S – Sorry, I’m bouncing my leg.
C – Okay, why?
S – Because my rib hurts.
C – (crickets) …bouncing your leg on the bed helps your rib not hurt?
S – Well not really. But it distracts me. (long pause) I’ll stop.

The AC guy is finally coming today. We are hoping it’s a quick fix and we’ll be back in our house tonight. Mostly, I’m hoping to be back in my big bed with a buffer zone tonight. I’m not sure I can’t handle this much longer!

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