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The Umpteenth Wonder of the World

I’m not feeling very creative today. I have a headache that is really wanting to turn into a migraine. I feel like if I take the time to think about what to write, I’ll anger it! I do have a quick story for you though.

On Saturday afternoon, Stephen and I spent some time on the beach in Galveston. Stephen ventured off into the waters to crash into a few waves. I laid on a giant towel and started reading a Chick Lit book. I got 4 pages and 83 f-words into it and decided it wasn’t worth my time because I already knew how the book would end. So I people watched. Eventually Stephen made his way back to our spot and started playing in the sand.

We were sitting pretty close to the water in the sand that is damp and moldable. He began constructing a dome. A hollow dome. With each part he completed, he got more and more giddy. His goal was to make it look like a mound of sand that a kid would want to kick. Once the kid kicked it, he’d be shocked that it’s hollow.

Just picturing it made Stephen chuckle.

I admired his commitment to the project. It was no small feat. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know. But my stomach was growling and I was ready to pack it up.

C – Stephen are you about ready? I’m getting hungry and we need to clean up before we get dinner.
S – Yeah. Almost. Just give me one more second… I want to make sure this looks really appetizing!

We have no idea if a kid kicked the hollow dome. We did see an old man walk by and look at it as we were leaving. But I don’t think that’s the important part. So let’s take the moral of the story. The important thing is the journey. Stephen exercised his creativity and was proud of his work.

So I should do the same right? Even if I don’t get a quality post, I should still write… right?!

Yeah, probably not.

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