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What Can You Accomplish In 3 Days?

The Hurst Castle was built in 1965. We are assuming that the scratched red tile, wood paneling, and disgusting wallpaper is from ’65 as well. Since we bought the house in 2007 and there was no sign of anything updated, we’re pretty sure that the previous owners never cared to keep up with the times. We are I am slowly trying to remedy that. If it were up to Stephen, we’d keep the wood panelling and red tile forever. I fear that I’ll lose my sanity if it doesn’t change. We don’t have the money to tear up the tile and put in wood floors so that will have to wait. And, as for the wood paneling in our living room, we don’t have the guts (or time or energy) to make a decision of that magnitude. So I’m just painting the rest of the house.

This weekend my goal was to paint our bedroom. We have a pretty large bedroom with an inset vanity area. The vanity area and the wall it is attached to is covered in wallpaper. Not just any wallpaper… wallpaper with gold flecked trees that has been adhered to our walls for close to 45 years. That stuff wasn’t coming down. I decided I didn’t want to spend a month of my life tearing that wallpaper down bit by bit and then spend another chunk of my time retexturing the walls. I settled on the cheap, quick, and easy task of gluing tissue paper to the entire wallpapered area. I had done this before in our dining room to cover up a DISGUSTING wallpaper mural on an accent wall. With the help of my sister, it took a couple hours and ended up looking great. I don’t have a picture of it but this what it sort of looks like:


It’s not fantastic but it’s cheap and it covers the wallpaper. And those were my only real requirements. So I decided that Friday night I would cover the wallpapered walls, Saturday I would paint the remaining three walls in our bedroom, and Sunday I would paint over the tissue paper. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of spending my entire weekend on one room, but I was willing to do it anyways.

I gathered my supplies on Friday after work. As I was out in the garage finding my brushes and roller and all that fun stuff, I saw that I had some leftover primer. I hadn’t planned on priming the walls but figured that I may as well. I knew it wouldn’t take long. I really didn’t want to complete the walls and still be able to see glossy trees through the paint, so I spent Friday night priming the walls.

I’m always so excited about projects like this. Then, about 10 minutes into it, I remember how much it sucks.

Saturday morning I had a meeting so I didn’t get started on the walls until about 11. I figured it would take me about 3 or 4 hours, then I’d get going on the other walls. Wrong. Wrong. A thousand times wrong. I didn’t finish tissue papering my walls until 8:00… on Sunday. I’m annoyed. Not just because my hand is still throbbing, but because I have so much more to do. Our room is not in great shape right now. The furniture is pulled away from the walls, the outlet plates are off, it looks bad.

Throughout the weekend I had the television on. I watched You’ve Got Mail because it’s my favorite movie and I knew I would keep my mood up. I had Food Network and HGTV on so that I didn’t feel like the only person in America working on tedious tasks the entire weekend. When I finally finished last night, I laid on my bedroom floor and moaned about how bad my back hurt watched the new HGTV Design Star.

It was the famous “kitchen week”… this is always a bad week. It never fails, a team doesn’t complete their kitchen. It’s always the team that tries to tile the backsplash. Now I could see how I may be awful at estimating the time it takes to complete a project. I’m a rookie, an amateur, a regular chick with an ugly home.  But they have no excuse. They are professionals. So of course one of the teams didn’t finish. They cried. I rolled my eyes. It was great television.

So I have a proposal. To all of the millions of aspiring designers that read my blog. I have an ugly kitchen. Actually, let me rephrase… I have a wonderful blank canvas. If you plan to apply to be on HGTV’s Next Design Star, you need practice. You need to learn how to demo and build cabinets and install backsplashes. I will provide the space. Come work your magic. Don’t humiliate yourself on national television. Humiliate yourself in my kitchen. I’ll give you three days. You provide the team, supplies, and basically everything else. My only requirement is that you leave it better than you got it. In return, I will provide you with publicity on my blog and invaluable knowledge.

You can’t put a price on that. Hence the word “invaluable”… think about it.

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