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Got Nerd?

I can vividly remember a day in high school when I was hanging out at a neighborhood pool with two of my guy friends. We were just sitting around and talking, occasionally jumping into the pool to cool off. We’d been there about 30 minutes and their dad showed up. He said he heard we were here and wanted to come hang out. So he did. He told goofy dad jokes and felt comfortable sitting around with us. At one point I was sitting at the edge of the pool with my feet hanging in the water and one of my friends was tossing the nerf football with his dad in the pool. I could hear them having some ridiculous conversation about physics or chemistry or some other science related thing that I don’t understand. And that’s when I made my decision – I wanted to marry a nerd.

There is something endearing about a man who is comfortable with himself and doesn’t take himself too seriously. There is something valuable about a dad who can joke around with his kids and take time to play around. And I decided that wasn’t something I could negotiate on. I wanted a man who was goofy. A man who was friendly and smart. A man that I knew I could have fun with for the rest of my live. There’s no time for boring when you’re going to be married for the rest of your life.

Two years ago, I accomplished that goal. I married a nerd. He’s handsome and smart and honest and sensitive. He loves me and Jesus and playing games. He’s a goof. He tells jokes that I don’t always understand. He loves my cooking and our dog. He watches the History Channel and listens to talk radio. But he is a nerd. And more importantly, he’s my nerd.

See my nerd:

Wedding 1

Oh goodness. How embarassing. We aren’t even looking at the camera. Hold on, we’ll turn around.

Wedding 2

Isn’t he cute? Yeah, I know. That’s why I married him. Or was it because of his dimples? Or his foot rubs? Or his passion for Jesus? Oh wait, I remember. I married him because he’s a nerd… that’s right. Hmm, there are so many reasons, I lose count of the most important ones.

Every now and then he’ll do something to remind me. Like a couple weeks ago when he was eating a hamburger and ended up with two globs of mustard on his shoulder. Or like a week ago when I asked him to kill a bug and he carefully caught it in a Sonic cup and smashed it with the straw.

Even though I roll my eyes and check his birth certificate to see if he’s really as old as he says he is, I love it. I love him.

A few weeks ago our friend James was in town. He said to Stephen, “Sometimes I don’t understand what you’re saying. Not until later when the truth is revealed… then I can look back and it all made sense. It’s just hard to understand at the time. You’re like God.” Don’t worry, I think God appreciated the joke.

So, happy TWO YEAR anniversary to my love. Stephen Bridges. Thank you for making my life interesting!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the big day… Enjoy.

Wedding 3

My thoughts exactly, girls. There is nothing sexier than a man in a penguin suit! (Except maybe a man in a baseball uniform… but my dad told me he wouldn’t pay for the wedding if I put Stephen in an Astros uniform…) Oh, and it may look like my cousin Natalie is bored. She’s not. She’s just sad. Maybe because the love of her life is about to get married. Or maybe because her stupid cousin (cough…me…cough) gave her the wrong last name on the program.

Wedding 4

It could be worse, Natalie. It could be your wedding day and the DJ could have gotten your name wrong. Chew on that for a second…

Yeah, moving on. Check out my cake!!

Wedding 5


Wedding 6


Wedding 7

Wow!! Love that cake!!!

See ya later…

Wedding 8

I love you, Estaban!

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