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Maybe I’m a Loser

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling like there is something missing in my life. There’s a void. You’re probably thinking that what my life is missing is a meal with even a smidgen of nutritional value. You’re wrong, didn’t I tell you about the potato bundles? Potatoes and onions – both veggies. They count. No, that’s not what I’m missing. There is a two hour hole in my heart that can only be filled with quality television. The Biggest Loser.

Oh how I miss you Alison Sweeny. And how I miss the crazy challenges and giant scale. I do not miss Jillian, she has shown her face around Hurst Castle a few times to beat my body and make me feel guilty for phoning it in. Not really, I don’t feel guilty. I can’t keep up with her. She’s a freaking machine. But I do miss Bob. And the drama. And the glorious transformations. And the vomiting and crying. Come back to me Biggest Loser.

But, alas, I have to wait until September 15th for the next season to start.

I’m not one to fill my life with television shows. Not because I don’t enjoy them, but because I don’t like feeling like I have to be a slave to my television. I knew a girl in college that had about 8 shows that were “her shows.” You know what I mean? “Oh I’ve got to get home, my show is about to be on.” I don’t know how she had time to make friends or, you know, study. I can’t blame her for this. I would be the same way if I allowed myself to be. It all started with Friends. And for a while it was Survivor. (Back in the Colby days… can you blame me?) I used to be addicted to The Bachelor. For a few seasons I would park myself in front of the television every Monday night to see who got a rose. Not because it was an excellent show, but because I got sucked in.

A few nights ago we turned on the television and that new show “More to Love” was just starting. Know that show? Like The Bachelor, but with real life sized women. Ones that clearly don’t have any emotional baggage… I’m sure when that chick said “I am just ready to get married. Have a house and kids and all that” after sitting on a bench with this man for 5 seconds, what she really meant to say was “Hmm, I think I’d fancy a nice dinner date with you.” Stephen allowed me to watch for about 10 minutes and then I changed it after this conversation:

Girl 1: So if you make it all the way to the end, do you think you’d actually accept a ring from him?

Girl 2: Oh definitely. I could definitely see myself falling in love with him.

I’m sorry, what?! I thought this was the first episode and you’re on your first glass of champagne in your evening gown. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know how to tell you all apart at this point. You don’t even know him. He’s probably a creepy guy who lives in his parents’ basement with his Star Wars action figures and life sized Darth Vader cardboard cut out. Maybe not. Maybe his parents don’t have a basement. I shouldn’t assume.

Why did I watch? Because I need something to watch. I need one show each week to watch. I do love HGTV’s Design Star but that is on Sunday nights so that doesn’t help my mid-week desires.

Enter “I Survived a Japanese Game Show”… hello! This show is awesome. It’s hilarious and disgusting and I love it. It will never compare to my love for Loser, but it is a sufficient substitute for now.

So each Wednesday night, you know where to find me. Sitting in front of the television watching semi-respectable adults dress in cat costumes pouring sour milk over each other’s heads. Or seeing two grown men in leotards jumping off a trampoline and contorting their body into a shape on a sticky wall. It’s insane. It’s shocking. It’s brilliant. Give it a shot!


After many requests, I will be posting the cheesecake recipe on my recipe blog sometime today. I have a few other things to post on there as well. So check back later!

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