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My Weekend Was Better Than Yours

Hello friends. How was your weekend? I know, you’re staring at your computer, you can’t actually answer. This isn’t like when you run into someone you barely know at the grocery store and they say “OH! How ARE you??” They really don’t care. They are just being polite. Of course I’m being polite… but not just for the sake of being polite. I really do care. How was your weekend?

Mine was great, thanks for asking. Stephen and I spent the weekend in Galveston at Bella Rose. We were celebrating our second anniversary. We got in late on Friday night. My mom and aunts had this waiting for us.


A few cards, a bottle of red for Stephen, a bottle of one of my favorite Rieslings, and a mini bottle of champagne. Upstairs on our bedroom door was a Happy Anniversary sign. Then when we opened the door, the bed was beautifully turned down and there were chocolates on our pillow. It was a great surprise… and very inviting. I’m sure their intentions had something to do with grandbabies. But the bed looked so inviting that we went to bed and proceeded to sleep for about 11 hours.

Saturday we woke up and went to eat at the Sunflower Bakery. Our waiter was kind of a creeper but the food was great. Then we went to the beach. We hauled towels, books, a cooler, and an umbrella. Stephen spent a good 15 minutes digging a hole for the umbrella. It stood for about 10 minutes and a small gust of wind blew it to the other side of the island. It snapped into a million tiny toothpicks. Not only was it embarrassing but it was quite frustrating since we found out that the umbrella wasn’t intended for beach use… it was for the back porch. Boo. Looks like Garden Ridge is going to get another $50 out of us. Instead of moaning about our loss, I laid out and read. It’s what I do best. Stephen body surfed. It’s what he does best. Three hours later, he was as red as a lobster and I was nice and toasty.

That night we went to dinner at Rudy & Paco’s. My parents had made reservations for us and given us a gift certificate. Very nice surprise. It was fantastically expensive and delicious. Aside from the fact that we were literally surrounded by bachelorette parties, it was a perfect dinner. We were trying to act rich and nonchalant so we didn’t take any photos during dinner. But once we’d handed over our certificate and left the restaurant, we pulled out the camera.


We were also too cool to ask someone to take our picture.


I’m aware that I’m wearing this dress in another post, but I swear I’ve only worn it twice. It’s comfortable and it allows me to eat as much as I want without feeling restricted.


That’s my handsome husband. There are some weird shadows on his body. I don’t know what that’s all about.

So remember last week when we talked about cheesecake babies? Want to see my food baby? I think we’ll call him Rudy. Or Paco.


Seriously, I’m not pregnant. It’s all food. If you listen closely you can hear Jillian Michaels screaming.

So then we went back to Bella Rose and ingested some liquid calories.


Stephen’s wine. He could only have one sip. He was not a fan. (Sorry mom, it was the thought that counted!) Here I am with the baby champagne. I drank it all by myself.


I’ve got nothing else to tell you. I’m slightly scared of the post I’m developing right now. I woke up with a migraine this morning. Consequently I’m slightly drugged. I’m pretty sure that writing while drugged is not recommended. So I will quit writing and just show you a few more pictures.


(This is my cute hubby writing in the guestbook.)

(I know I said I wasn’t going to write anymore but it doesn’t count when it’s in parenthesis… it just counts as a thought.)


(That’s me. And Stephen’s laptop. And Google Reader. A match made in Heaven.)


(This is when Sean Connery walked by the house. We ran outside and forced him to take a picture with us.)

(Just kidding. It’s Stephen’s dad.)


(And here we are with Stephen’s mom.)

(No, they didn’t spent our anniversary weekend with us. We aren’t weirdos. They just came Sunday afternoon to see the house and take us to lunch. We had an awesome lunch at The Spot. We also watched the slideshow that my sister made for our rehearsal dinner. We thought we had brought our wedding video. We were wrong. And now we are a bit nervous because we aren’t sure that we even know where our wedding video is…)

(That is all.)

(Maybe this post was weird but at least I posted pictures. That makes up for it right?)

(Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll do some work while I’m in the glorious drug fog.)

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