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Our Lush Life

If you just happened upon this blog and scanned through a few posts, you may assume a few things about Stephen and me. You may assume:

1. We live fantastically interesting lives.
2. We are seriously overweight.
3. We are drunks.

All are wrong. Sorry to disappoint.

We’ll address these one by one.

Our lives are quite normal. Boring even. Last night I spent hours painting my bedroom. (No, I’m still not done. Stop hounding me!) I watched 5 episodes of Friends and laughed the entire way through it. Maybe it was the paint fumes. Or maybe it’s because the sight of Pheobe beating the ever living daylights out of her smoke detector puts me into stitches. I don’t know why I was laughing so hard, it’s a moo point. All I know is that it was hilarious. Stephen worked lake, came home and we had Marie Callender Chicken Parm, he Shredded with Jillian, did the dishes, and checked email. We went to bed at midnight. Thrilling.

The new house in Galveston has definitely added a bit of entertainment to our lives. But beyond that, our lives only seem interesting because I’m an amazing writer. (Oh goodness, I just laughed so hard that my McCafe iced mocha came out of my nose.) No really, I love my life. I love my husband and our pup and the people in our lives. Just please don’t assume that we have fast-paced exciting plans each night. Most nights you can find us on the couch eating dinner and watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Number two. We love to eat. And we have issues with self control. You will often read about food, what I’ve cooked, where we ate, etc. While we aren’t the type that encourage double takes on the beach, we are not severely overweight. I’m sure we are both in our recommended weight range. Last I checked, muffin tops aren’t sexy. But really, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that we are fat. Yes we’ve both gained weight since we got married, but we aren’t fat. We are tall people and we use that to our advantage.

Finally, we aren’t drunks. We enjoy beer and wine and an occasional fruity beverage. But who doesn’t?! Who doesn’t like a good Bud Lite with their morning bagel? Or a rum and coke with their nightly vitamins? Right?

(When I was little I used to think it was called Roman Coke… Am I the only one?)

And who doesn’t like to get liquored up before going to NASA for their friend’s award ceremony? Stephen enjoys it. It relaxes him… It’s liquid courage and allows him to talk to important people like Dom Gorie.

Stephen and Gorie

(For legal reasons, let me state that we got this photo from our friend Wes, who got it from the JSC website.)

From the looks of the photo, I’m not sure that Dom supports Stephen’s drinking habits. I believe he is reprimanding him about the appropriate time and place for a beverage. It doesn’t appear that Stephen is able to focus. His toddy is weighing heavily on his eyelids. Shortly after this photo was taken, he found a corner in the auditorium to take a quick power nap. I was left explaining to Dom that my husband is a narcoleptic.

He wasn’t pleased.

I’m not sure why he’s so upset. At least we recycle.


(Totally kidding Mom! No lecture please!)

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