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The Great Debate

There are so many issues that we, as a country, cannot agree on. Things that are personal and effect us to our very core if someone disagrees. Relationships have ended, friendships have broken. But we all know that there are some issues we have to hold tight to. And we don’t apologize for these opinions. They are just way too important. Where do you stand on these?

Creamy or crunchy?

SUV or car?

Baseball players: Socks up or socks down?

Coke or Pepsi?

Edward or Jacob?

Dogs or cats?

Yankees or Sox?

Backstreet Boys or N’Sync?
…what? Nobody argues over that anymore?

Bud or Miller?

Paper or plastic?

Aniston or Jolie?

The list goes on and on. For the record, here is where I stand on these issues… Creamy, SUV, Socks Up, Dr. Pepper, Edward, Dogs, old school Yankees (Now? Neither. I’m an equal opportunity hater), Backstreet Boys, Bud, Cloth (with an occasional plastic so Stephen can use them for lunch boxes), Aniston.

I’m sorry if our friendship cannot survive this. It’s who I am. I do not apologize for this.

But over the weekend I discovered that there is a debate that may never be resolved. Even on a personal level. After going in circles on the topic, I got so frustrated with myself that I spent $7.25 on a another┬áBud Light to settle my mind. I’m curious about your opinion.

The Topic: Greatest George Strait Song.

It’s hard, I know. Over the weekend I was lucky enough to go to the George Strait concert. On the way there, Lyndsey and I were discussing our favorite song. Each time we thought we had it figured out, another song would come on the radio and we’d change our mind. I don’t think we are the only people who suffer from this inability to make a decision. He’! So so good.

In case you were wondering, the concert was fabulous. He didn’t sing a few songs that I wish he’d sung, but I guess when you have 48297 #1 hits, you can’t please everyone. But I was never displeased. Example:

Lyndsey: I’m going to go to the bathroom right now because I don’t like this song.
Chelsea: I’m sorry… what?
Lyndsey: I’m going to go to the bathroom right now because this song isn’t my favorite.

Her second statement is much more accurate. There are a few of his songs that I don’t prefer, but I would never be such an idiot to say that I don’t like them.

Lyndsey decided her favorite was The Chair. Excellent choice, my friend. I don’t know a whole lot about music but typically, isn’t there something called a chorus, refrain, verse, etc? This song has none of those. I think. It’s just a story… A wonderful, make-your-heart-flutter story. But a story nonetheless. But George can do that. He’s The King.

So after hours of deliberation, I finally chose a favorite. I feel good knowing that it was the first song that came to mind when I first started trying to pick. My favorite is Cheyenne. It’s a beautiful song. And while I’m not a cowgirl and may not understand a rider’s mentality, I think it’s a great picture of a cowboy’s (not so) conflicted love for his lifestyle. “I’m sorry it’s come down to this. There’s so much about you that I’m going to miss. But it’s alright, baby. If I hurry I can still make Cheyenne.” Love it. Love it. Love it!

What about you? Can you decide? I tried a new fancy poll. But I only included 8 songs. Weigh in. If your song isn’t there, add it in the comments. And if it is there, go ahead and┬ávote and then tell me why it’s your favorite. I’m so very curious!!

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