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I Think We Need A Do-Over

On Friday I presented you with a challenge that was presented to me. Give me two random words and I’ll write them on a piece of paper. I’ll throw all of those pieces of paper in a pot and draw one out. I will then write a post about those two words. At first I thought it sounded like an intriguing challenge, then I got a little scared when I saw that I could possibly draw “swimming and lighter fluid”… thanks Mom. But when I saw the suggestion that my friend Jim gave me, I had to put the game on hold for a second.

Awful and Chocolate. His words were “I can’t imagine how those two could be tied together in any feasible way but…”

Jim, look no further. Here we go.

I mentioned that last Friday night, we were having a women’s event at our church. We try to have some sort of kick-off event each August since everyone has been gone all summer. Last year we had an event called Birthday Bash. An event to celebrate the gift of you. Like that? Yeah, it was pretty rockin’. We had birthday cupcakes and the decor was giant hot pink presents. We played party games. Those Lutheran women really know how to play a mean game of musical chairs. And if you think I’m joking you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

Since last year was so successful, we copied it. Except this year was called “Kick Up Your Heels” and instead of having everything birthday party themed, it was shoe themed. We”re so clever, we know!

So as I said last week, I was put in charge of games and prizes. I started to buy only prizes that were somehow related to feet. But after I visited every dollar store in the Clear Lake area and bought all of their nail polish, pedicure sets, and fun socks, I knew I had to move on. I filled a tub with tissue paper and all sorts of prizes for each game. But one of the games was a Cake Walk… and I just don’t think it seems nice to win a pumice stone when you think you’re going to win a cake.

So I went to Hobby Lobby to see what their baking aisle had to offer. That’s where I found those insanely cute cupcake boxes that I showed you on Friday. That was the original plan. We’ll just bake a few dozen cupcakes and put them in cute boxes and call it a day. But then I found out that it was $3.99 for 3 of them and, come on, we’re on a church budget. I decided we’d buy a few packages because they’d look cute on the prize table, and then we’d supplement with cheaper treats.

That’s when I stumbled upon this.


Yes, I took this photo in the car. I forgot to take the picture last night when I wrote this post so I grabbed it on my way out the door and took the photo when I got to work. Oh, the things I do for you.

It’s a silicone pan to make brownie lollipops. I thought that sounded fun. I read the packaging and it seemed easy enough. Just make boxed brownies, put it in the oven, and then when they are about 10 minutes from being done, put the sticks in the brownies and finish baking. Voila! Brownie pops! I looked at the picture on the packing and they looked a bit odd. They clearly didn’t follow the instructions. They had the brownie pops sitting upside down on a counter. So basically they had baked them, popped the out of the pan, and then stuck the pops in the opposite side so that the flat side was on top. Not quite as cute, but still okay.

I brought the pan and all of the baking goods to my mom’s house. Chocolate chip cookie, funfetti cupcake, and chocolate brownie mix. Jealous, aren’t you? She agreed to bake during the day while I was at work so that we could decorate when I got home.

My mom kicked butt. She baked and baked. Cookies, cupcakes, and fudgy brownies. But then about two batches into the lollipop making, she realized she had a problem.

I debated on whether or not to write about this. I honestly wasn’t going to because I’m a prude and I like to think that R&R is a family friendly site. So in an effort to keep it that way, I will not post a picture.

My mom realized (16 lollipops into it) why the photo on the pan showed the lollipops upside down. Imagine, if you will, what it would look like if you’re making these delicious chocolate brownies. They are curved on the bottom. As they bake, they cook over the sides. You stick a little stick into it and pop it out of the pan.

My mom’s description: obscene.

My description: awful.

Just awful.

(I will still do the two word challenge next week. I know I cheated, but I had to. I wasn’t going to tell you this story but once Jim gave me those two words, I felt like God wanted me to share it with you! Anyways, if you have 2 words to add, let me here them!)

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