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Radio Silence

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post called Not On Our Side (you can click that if you want to go back and read it). I’m not here to get into a discussion about our insurance policy. I’m avoiding that until October and then I’ll deal with it. If you remember, I also told you about how two of my best girlfriends were currently having “text drama.” I told you that I think that guys who only text girls are weak. The three of us discussed technology- is it ruining our lives or enhancing it?

After that weekend, my friend Lyndsey went on radio silence. No text or facebook. If you wanted to speak to her, you had to call her. She stayed on radio silence for a week. Curious about the outcome? I thought you would be. Lyndsey emailed me a review of her week and was kind enough to share the email with you. Enjoy! And please… let us know your thoughts and feelings.

(On a side note, does anyone who uses WordPress know how to text wrap a photo?? I can’t figure it out and I’m about 5 seconds away from throwing my freaking computer out the non-existent window in my office. This was SUPPOSED to look all cute and like an article with her photo embedded in the text. But noooo.)


Radio Silence
by Lyndsey

The point of the experiment was to test your theory that technology is the demise of real relationships. I already knew that you were right, and I knew what the outcome would be. But I wanted to prove it to myself… so that in a couple of months when I am in a fun technology based relationship I will have no ground to stand on with my lame attempts at self-deception.

The only sane insight I got was that you are right. Text relationships are not relationships at all. I know that this should not be a shocking revelation, and it wasn’t.  The ironic (incredibly sad) part is that without text and facebook I felt really alone. That part did shock me. I think that the superficial tech based relationships make us feel connected. Even if it isn’t reality. (And let’s be realistic here… I rely on those relationships just as much as everyone else because I am so terrible at staying connected to people)

I haven’t spoken to “the child” in over a week and it made me sad. He texted me 3 or 4 times with no response and so I just called him. He called back, but we didn’t talk. Then it was over. And yes…. I know that it wasn’t going anywhere and I only wanted it because it was going nowhere (we will deal with my emotional problems in a different email). But it was fun for what it was and I didn’t want it to be over.

“Loud Talker” called once. Then…nothing. So, the only thing a girl can take away from that is “he is just not that into me.” Obviously this is not a tragedy since I am not that into him either. But the fact that going on one week of radio silence made me lose 2 quasi pseudo relationships is just plain SAD!

The hardest part was not texting you and my parents. This again proved your point. A relationship that already has a foundation is improved by technology and a relationship with no foundation crumbles without it. This experiment was eye opening and successful, but I doubt my conclusions will really change my behavior. I think I will still be obsessed with social networking. The only thing I learned is that a romantic relationship cannot be built on technology, and that I should actually be offended that I am not worth picking up the phone for. I want to kick dating old school…. Several coffees, a brunch, a couple of lunches, a dinner and then a first kiss… almost killing yourself flying across your apartment to answer a ringing phone… and asking your friend to call you to make sure it’s working when it doesn’t ring. But in order to meet someone that I am into that is into me… I would have to stop cyber stalking and texting and go out! 

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