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Seven Quick Takes (vol.7)

 What a beautiful Friday it is! I have an exciting weekend ahead of me and I’ll tell you all about it on Monday! In the meantime, here are some of my highly entertaining thoughts. (ha…)


I’m not one to talk about bands. At least in a promotional way. I can sit here all day and tell you how obnoxious Shania Twain is. And how I think Coldplay, Nickelback, and Dave Matthews band should have only been allowed to release one album because after that, they all sound the same. But I very rarely talk about bands I like. A friend of mine talks about this band called Darcy a lot. I never really paid much attention because I just don’t have that bone in my body that appreciates music. But last week she posted this video on her blog. And since I do have that bone in my body that cares about blogs, I clicked. Umm.. I like this. And I really like the video!! So here you go, for your viewing pleasure. (And here is their website incase you are one of those music-loving people. Check them out, go to their shows. Support Texan musicians!

There is a saying out there that I absolutely hate. Everytime someone uses it, I want to shake them. “FML.” I’m sure most of you know what this means but for those who don’t (Mom), it means (Blank) My Life. It drives me crazy. “Kids these days” are using this on their facebook status a lot. “I need gas in my car, FML.” or “I have two tests in one day, FML.” or “My roommate’s music is too loud and I’m trying to sleep, FML.” SERIOUSLY people? A bit dramatic, do you think? Your life doesn’t suck. You have NO idea. (Neither do I, for the record.) You guys need a lesson on being thankful. Yes, I know it’s a joke but it’s dumb. Jokes aren’t meant to be dumb. That defeats the purpose of a joke.

Every now and then someone new will come to my blog and click around and read old posts. Sometimes someone will Google something totally random and end up on an old post. I’ve been blogging for over 8 months now and definitely don’t remember everything I’ve written so when I see this, I often go back and reread the old post. Here’s one that was visited on Tuesday that made me laugh. It’s probably the shortest post I’ve ever written. Click here to read Marital Bliss.

In the past, I’ve shared some phrases that people have Googled and wound up on Roots & Rings. The daily ones are having to do with Harry Potter’s Scar, Google Logos, or Lorna Doone cookies. But there are some pretty hilarious ones too. Yesterday, I got one that was quite disturbing. “girl died electrocuted.” Why me? Why did they come here? I don’t think I’ve ever discussed death or being electrocuted. Very, very weird.

Thank you for your comments yesterday. Although you guys really dipped into the depths of random to come up with your two word combinations. I’m a bit nervous for this one.

My mom just went to down to Alice, Texas to visit family. She came back with a bunch of goodies for me. A dining room table (pictures to come), two cantaloupes, and a big bag of jeans from my cousin who is no longer the same size as me because she just had a baby and apparently that does strange things to your body shape… I don’t want to talk about it.

I played fashion show with Stephen last night and I’m now the proud new owner of 4 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of slacks. I am realizing now that I should have washed them first because they smell like my cousin. Don’t hear what I’m not saying. My cousin does not smell. But they smell like her. You know what I mean by that? So I’m here in my office and keeping thinking she must be standing behind me. It’s sort of tripping me out.

Thanks Kim! You got a baby out of the deal, I got 6 pairs of pants! You win but I’m a close second!

Want to know what came in the mail today?


Uh, yeah. Thanks mail dude. It says DO NOT BEND. (Sorry about the shine on my watch. I wish you could see it. It’s pink with a white Longhorn. It pretty much rocks.)

But that’s not what I wanted to show you. Something else came in the mail yesterday.


See that. HANDLE WITH CARE. Thank you for taking care of this one,  mail dude. This is precious material. Check it out!


Socks. Beautiful, soft, amazing, custom, hand-knit socks compliments of my blog friend DebbieQ (<- That’s a link to her site). All mine. They fit my feet like a glove. When I opened the envelope, I was scared to put them on. I pet them over and over. I held them to my face and yelled at Rookie when she came near. I showed Stephen and made him cuddle with them too. He thought they were amazing. He said, “Take care of them! Don’t get those NEAR the ground.”

Are you jealous? Are you jealous that I have the most amazing socks in the world? For now they aren’t serving the purpose that socks are meant to serve. But I’ll work on that. For now I’ll just stare at them and drool.

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