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Ask the Hubby – Round 1

Hello everyone in blogging land!  This is The Husband, here to answer any and all your questions.  Since I would probably write something charged with political or religious fervor if left to my own devices, it’s best that I’m on here to answer the questions as prompted by you fine folk!  Below you’ll see what I think on this 1 of 2 Q&A post.  If my answers aren’t up to par for some of you, let me know and I’ll refine my answers on the comment section.

I hope you enjoy!

From This Heavenly Life: What do you consider to be Chelsea’s greatest trait? Or, if that doesn’t count because technically it’s about Chelsea, What’’s your favorite book?

Answer: Chelsea’s greatest trait is the combination of her thoughtfulness and organization and forethought.  Because of this, I have been challenged to grow those characteristics in myself, but when I fail (and always do) she’s there to back up.  Also, because this trait of hers can be a little too organized, I’m there to create the necessity of chaos.

After the Bible (duh), I would have to say Plato’s The Republic.  Reasoning within dialogue is something I value and cherish about these two books.

From Ken Kendall at What She Needs From You: What did you do yesterday to show your wife your commitment to her?

Answer: I left the house for her to throw a bridal shower for a friend.  Also, I cleaned before and after (on my own some and some at her request).  But the obvious answer to this question is that I came home to be with her!  That’s gotta be a big one!

From DebbieQ at Stop Her She’s Knitting: What is your favorite blog post here at Chez Hurst? What was your least favorite?

Answer: I can’t really answer my favorite post since there have been so many that have made me laugh and have been really well thought out in making a point.  Selfishly I want to say all my favorite posts are the ones where I’m mentioned 🙂  …but that’s not true.  My LEAST favorite (most disliked really) would have to be the post where Chelsea critiqued my fashion at Thanksgiving 3 years ago.  I was told to dress comfortably and did so, but no one remembers the night before when I looked very nice!

From Lindsay (Chelsea’s sister): What’s the best part about being my brother? OTHER THAN that means you’re married to my sister…that’s a cop-out answer.

Answer: I would have to say that it’s being able to be comfortable with you as with my own sisters with no strings attached.  Also I get to talk movies with you!

From Lauren from Texas: How do you feel about the fact that Chelsea met one of her favorite people in the world through blogging? And that I could have been an axe murderer?

Answer: I’m ok with it.  You’ve turned out to be really cool, along with Michael.  It’s only OK though for this one instance.  If this turned into a regular e-harmony for friends for Chelsea, I’d be worried because the odds go up in meeting axe murderers the more you meet random people!  You know how all you bloggers can be (just kidding ladies!).

From Kathleen at Kapachino: I would like to ask Stephen about his take on the Internet and specifically the blogging culture. Is he into any social media/networking trends?

Answer: I was into facebook for a while, but honestly, I’m not into any social media / networking trends.  I work all day using a computer, using the internet, and talking to people; the last thing I need to be or want to be involved in is trying to constantly maintain relationships online when there are people I can locally grow deep-personal relationships with.  NOT to say you can’t use social media for good things (see above questioner), but I believe it’s better to grow the deeper relationships with those around you who can be physically and emotionally closer to you.

With specifics to the blogging culture, I was always kind of weirded out by it.  This stems from when my older sister got involved in political blogging back in 2003/4.  The fact that this grouping of people spent what seemed to be a majority of their free time on their blogs made me wary of their opinions and makes me hold off on looking for advise from them.  But since there is a lot more diversity now, and it’s become essentially a journaling forum, I’ve grown to appreciate its purpose and helpful culture.

From Sarah at Life More Exciting: Would you rather have an arm growing out of your forehead or a nose on your butt?

Answer: I would have to say both.  The arm on the forehead would probably be good for getting those hard-to-reach itch spots on the back if you turned just right.  Plus the extra arm would have been really handy (no pun intended) for keeping your head from falling down on your desk during school when you got really tired.

The nose on the butt would be great, because then you could smell the roses without having to bend over!

From Rachel (Chelsea’s blogless friend in Kansas): Why won’t you let Chelsea blog about the blog idea she has? Are you trying to stifle her creativity?

Answer: Haha… no.


Note from Chelsea:
I’m not quite sure why Stephen chose this moment of his life to be serious. After reading through his answers last night I said, “This isn’t very funny.” He looked at me and said, “They aren’t funny questions. They had real questions and I wanted to give them real answers.” Ladies and gents, the man took his job seriously. So thank him for his efforts and honesty!

If today’s answers brought on more questions, ask away. We’ll add them to Round 2.

Also, if you didn’t check in over the weekend, scroll down to read the bonus post!

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