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Loser 8.04: But I WANT The Sauce!

First of all, I want to apologize for not addressing the cussing issue last week. I did forget to mention that there were only 4 curse words the entire program. But one was in reference to sprinkles, so I can understand how it may have slipped out. And the other 3 were in reference to Tracey… and quite honestly, I’m not sure how there weren’t more. This week there were only two. Doing well NBC, doing well.

Starting off- Tracey is a liar. Shay is mad. Moving on.

Jillian is not happy that the red team sacrificed themselves. I see their point, everyone NEEDS to be there and you need to see your importance. But I support their decision and think they were brave and respectful.

During one of the workouts, we saw them doing group arm workouts. Have they done his before? Maybe they have and haven’t shown us. Seems like they are placing a much bigger emphasis on the team this year. Maybe because the drama was a bit too intense last season and they didn’t want it quite so cut-throat. Or maybe they just thought it was funny to show all of them in a circle lifting weights. Who really knows? 

How long are we going to talk about how America voted for Amanda? Last I checked, I didn’t vote for either. So either start saying “America (besides that Chelsea girl with the blog) voted for me!” or just quit talking about it.

Jillian decided to have a therapy session with Julio in the gym. He seemed to have a minor break-through. I guess it’s possible that those were manufactured tears so Jillian would GET OFF HIS BACK! Although if I were on the show, I’d start randomly crying and having breakthroughs so that she’d stop yelling at me and making me run. Also, what’s up with her t-shirts that show off her guns?

Tracey met with Dr. H to talk about her health. Something about some numbers went up. I’m not really sure. Tracey cried and Dr. H didn’t look too upset. He told her she couldn’t work out at all. Hey NBC, sabotage?? Also, um, Tracey called herself a panther. That’s weird… and not entirely true.

Contestants gather and the kitchen is under lock down. Alison told them that they have to order out each meal. To which my mom says, “It’s a bit early for that!” And once again I say, “Sabotoge!!!”

They had a quiz: Which meal is prepared the healthiest way? It actually seemed pretty tough. There were combinations of drinks, chicken, veggies, and desserts. The brown team, pink team, and orange team won that. For a tie breaker they had to guess how many calories were in the meal. The winner won a year’s worth of groceries, which sounds pretty fantastic to me! The pink team won. And then Alison did a commercial about The Biggest Loser Simple Swap book. Seriously, how many products are out there with the Biggest Loser name on it? HEY BIGGEST LOSER, you should pay me. We should keep a count of how many people I’ve forced encouraged to watch the show and then got hooked.

Watching the contestants order dinner over the phone was HILARIOUS. I felt awful for the restaurant. “I want fruit but only berries”… “I want salad but no dressing”… “No salt please”… “Don’t cook my food in butter”… on and on. And of course the orders were all wrong. So they told Bob and Jillian all about their food drama and played with packets of Extra Sugar Free gum. So Bob and Jillian decide to take them out on a date to teach them how to order food. At a Mexican restaurant?! And what is the best part of a Mexican restaurant? The therapy session of course!!

So nobody brought their calorie counter to the restaurant which Bob and Jillian weren’t pleased about. They tore apart their choices. My favorite part was when Liz said, “But I wantthe sauce!!!” And my least favorite part ws when Jillian said the word “fructose” … frucktose??

They went to the challenge. My dad decided that the crazy contraption over the water looked pretty ridiculous. “Being someone that plans these games is like planning Wipeout for fat people.” I think that’s a fair statement. The problem with these games is that it’s really hard to describe. So if you didn’t watch, I’m sorry if this doesn’t transfer. The contestants laid on a platform that was suspended over water. They held onto handlebars and the platform tipped so they were holding themselves onto the platform. If they let go, they fell into the water. It made my hands hurt just to watch! I LOVE the orange team. Shay fell off after 10 minutes with only 3 other people still playing along with her. When she fell, Daniel yelled, “Shay, I’m proud of you.” It got down to Allen and Daniel. I love them both, what would have happened if they let go at the same time? They should try that sometime!! But in the end Daniel won. Love that guy!

Last chance workout (at the beginning of hour 2?? sheesh! one reason that I can’t wait until there are fewer contestants so we get more challenges…) The trainers worked them extra hard since they didn’t know what they ate this week. Jillian was BRUTAL to Rudy. Do yall like how the camera shakes when the contestants jump or drop a weight? Yeah, nice effects NBC! Ha. Liz is so cute, “I can DO this!” she yelled as she jumped and fell off the stool.

Coach Mo was doing some crazy stuff. According to Julio, “Coach Mo is like an old warrior.” He looked like he hurt his back pretty bad. He went outside and talked about quitting but Bob called him out on it and it turned out that he was being a bit dramatic about it. The mood music changed and he triumphantly limped back into the gym. 

At the weigh-in the contestants share how much they hated the food situation. Then they got started on the fun part. Orange team went up first and Daniel didn’t lose any weight. Of course I expected that since they had immunity. But he CLAIMS that it wasn’t strategy. For the record, I don’t believe him. Rudy lost 11 pounds this week which is incredible. He’s lost 64 pounds so far in this game. Let me repeat myself. Rudy has lost 64 pounds in 4 weeks.

WHAT THE HECK is wrong with Tracey??? She limps up the stairs to the scale. That woman! Her hair is a hot mess and she cries to Alison. Bless Alison for looking so concerned during the sob-fest. Must be all of her soap opera experience… she’s highly trained at false emotion. How in the WORLD did Tracey lose 4 pounds? I revisit the idea that she may be a witch. And I agree with Shay. It’s not fair that someone who is not allowed to work out is taking up a spot on the show. But alas, they were above the yellow line.

Something weird happened. Julio lost 4 pounds. Bob smiled. Julio said he was proud of the 4 pounds he lost. Alison wasn’t pleased with that response so she said, “But still….?” And he responds, “It is what it is, Alison.” Seems like there is something about Julio that they know and we don’t. Which isn’t a good sign since he ended up below the yellow line with the brown team.

Dear black team and brown team,
This is NOT the worst case scenario. We do not agree with that assessment. Last week was worst case scenario. It would be worse case scenario if the green team and orange team were below. That is all.
The most loyal Loser fan,

So the teams debated and went to the elimination room. I was shocked at how many emotions were flying in that room. It seems that a lot of bonds were made. This is another reason I can’t wait until there are fewer contestants, we learn more about the PEOPLE. But it was a close call. Coach Mo ended up caving in to Tracey’s decision (surprise surprise) and were the final vote in voting Julio off the island. Oh wait, that’s another show. Off the ranch.

He went from 407 pounds to 299 pounds. Pretty good. But I watched it on my parents’ DVR so I didn’t get to see the “next week on The Biggest Loser.” Can yall help me out? What’s the teaser?

Sorry if this recap wasn’t very cohesive. I watched it on DVR and typed notes as I watched, which doesn’t always work well. Plus, I was distracted by this little tootsie roll monster.

Molly and Mom

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