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Loser 8.05: This Marks The Beginning of GAME ON!

(I TOLD you I’d post this today! Second post of the day… does that mean I get tomorrow off?)

We learned right away that things were about to change. No more color teams, time for blue verse black. Bob verse Jillian. So the players gathered around a giant wheel with 36 spaces. They spun the wheel and it landed on a silver platter that could either uncover some sort of dessert, money, or the right to choose the teams. Three or four people went, all getting desserts of some sort. Rebecca ate this big chocolate donut and Alison said, “Definitely feel free to clean your teeth in a little bit.” I laughed. Then I stopped laughing because it was Tracey’s turn and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, she got the right to choose teams. Shock, horror, gasping, fainting. Well, not fainting. But close. Coach Mo said, “I have seen a lot of things…. something there is not natural… it’s super-natural.” Duh! I’ve been telling yall this since day one! (Well actually week three. On week one she almost died. On week two I thought she was cute as a button. But on week three, I said she was a witch.) I maintained that opinion last week. I maintain it still.

Or she’s an NBC plant.

Everyone cried and feared for their future. Then they met up for the verdict. No surprises, Tracey is an idiot. Not just because she broke everyone up, but because she made weird choices. Here are the new teams.

Bob: Tracey, Coach Mo, Liz, Allen, Rebecca, Rudy
Jillian: Daniel, Shay, Dina, Danny, Amanda, Abbey

The fang came out and everyone was PISSED. Liz was vicious. She decided to become Tracey’s best friend with the sole intention of stabbing her in the back. The trainers were peeved too. They chose to take it out on the contestants. They had a brutal workout. Amanda threw up her Granny Smith and Liz passed out. Even in Liz’s doped up stupor, she was talking about her agenda. Liz, your spite is not flattering.

Dina needs to be cracked. She has quit a couple times. Jillian asked her to jump onto a platform and she just walked out. She couldn’t do it. I know there is some crazy mental block there. Probably a combination of fear of heights, fear of success, some odd mental thing, and not being aware of her new body. Rudy gave her a good talkin’ to but she was still unable to do it. I really want to see her succeed.

Then the blue team went to Albertson’s to shop for some Jenny-O turkey and have a picnic.

Time for the challenge! There was this course of all these obstacles. They had a platform with four poles. One team member had to ride on the platform while the other four carried them. They were all hot and angry and Amanda lost her shoe and Shay yelled a lot. In the end, the blue team won. They received videos from home. (Hear that Lauren, VIDEOS! Not DVDs.) Rebecca gave her video to Dina. Very very sweet moment. But Dina turned it down, saying that she really needed to do this on her own.

Then I experienced one of the worst moments of my life. We learned that Tracey is from Texas. Excuse me while I pull a Dixie Chick and say that, on behalf of Texas, we are ashamed to claim her.

I love Rudy and his wife. So cute. And then Liz asked Danny to watch her video with him. She pulled the ol’ switcheroo and put his video in the DVD player. Such a special gift – and another opportunity for us to see Danny cry.

Last chance work out. Pretty entertaining this week. I enjoyed it. There was a quick product placement ad for 24 Hour Fitness and BodyBug (whatever that is). The black team gathered to try to get Dina to jump on the platform. Still no luck.

At the weigh-in, Alison was wearing a really cute dress, as usual. I wish I had her wardrobe. For serious. Can we just talk about how humiliating it is for a woman to stand in front of the nation in a sports bra and spandex?? Awful. Anyways. Tracey is up first and she drank a massive amount of witch’s brew and dropped 7 pounds. Nobody cheered. I didn’t. Rudy lost 8 pounds, his total is up to 73 pounds since the beginning of the competition. He always impresses me. Liz got up on the scale and we had this sense that it wasn’t going to be good. We were wrong, she also lost 8 pounds. I don’t think she’s a very sweet woman any more though. Looks like I’m going to end up eating a lot of my words this season! The black team didn’t start off great. But then Danny lost 10 pounds, Daniel lost 11 pounds, and then Shay lost 16 pounds (called that one, by the way) so they were safe.

Liz had immunity so the obvious answer is to vote Tracey off. But they started talking and they did the Biggest Loser thing and started talking themselves out of it. Idiots idiots idiots. Coach Mo said he should go since he lost the least amount of weight this week. (Missing the point of you being there, Mo!) So his team was DUMB and listened to him instead of voting CRAZY WITCH LADY off.

Mo has done well at home. He went from 355 to 279. He sounded good and has changed his coaching style. Good job Mo, wish it was Tracey.

Once again, I watched this on the DVR so I need to know the teaser. Please??

(If this is your first time to visit my blog today, scroll down. I had a bonus post this morning. You probably ought to check it out. GIVEAWAYS!!)

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Happy 200th Post to Me (And You)!

Before you freak out, the Biggest Loser recap is coming later today. If I wrote the Biggest Loser post before this one, this would not be my 200th post and would make me a liar. Wordy and ridiculous, I am. A liar, I am not!

At first I was just going to title this “Happy 200th Post To Me” but I realized that without you, there is no me. Well, that’s not true. There will always be me. But without you, there is no point in this wonderful celebratory post complete with two awesome giveaways.

Can you believe it? Two hundred posts. That’s a lot. I’m actually pretty impressed with myself. I have never stuck with anything this religiously except my husband. And bills. And frozen Double Stuf Oreos.

But that’s beside the point! We should celebrate. In these 200 posts I’ve vented, I’ve had good days, I’ve had bad days, I’ve realized my passion, I’ve cooked, I’ve accomplished goals, and I’ve met friends. Most of the friends that I’ve met, I haven’t actually met. Which of course you would know since, chances are, we haven’t met. But I love you all anyways! So in honor of you, dear blog friends, I’ve got TWO super cute giveaways.

A blog friend of mine named Taryn is in the process of opening an Etsy shop that is so creatively called “to a T.” But she is “one of those” who won’t do anything until it’s good and ready. So she has yet to open the shop up to the public. Fine! But lucky for you, she likes you. She’s giving away a free custom item to one Roots and Rings reader. (Edited to add: here is the link to her site!!

Here are a few samples of the things she does.



Taryn may be a great at this and I may be great at rambling about nothing, but neither of us excel at photography. Please don’t judge! Here’s a photo of the items she made for my sister-in-law. I think my voice raised two octaves when I opened the package. So stinking cute!

lauras onesies

But wait! There’s more. (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Etsy seller, EdieCastle is giving away a jewelry tote. Yall, these are cute. Her fabrics are just wonderful. After sweat and tears and a tension headache, I picked the perfect one to give to one of you.

Jewelry Tote

Isn’t it great? Amy Butler Gothic Rose. I love Amy Butler fabrics. I only know this because I have a slight addiction to Etsy.

Jewelry Tote 2

Make sure you check out these sellers. Christmas is sneaking up on us! Great ideas for baby shower gifts, bridesmaids gift, etc. (Obviously don’t give the onesie as a bridesmaid gift…. you know what I meant!)

Here’s how this will work. I’ll draw two winners. The first name I draw will win one custom item from Taryn. The second name I draw will win the jewelry case.

How to enter:
1. One entry: Leave a comment. Just one. It would be fun if you’d tell me your favorite R&R post.
2. Second entry: Blog about this giveaway, come back and leave the link to that post in another comment.
3. Third entry: Okay, I guess you can tweet about it even though Twitter is of the devil and I have no way of reading your tweet- I think.

Contest ends Thursday night at 10:00 pm. I’ll announce the winners on Friday.

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