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Loser 8.06: Nobody Said Anything Funny

First and foremost, let me just say this: This was not my favorite episode. I thought it was pretty boring. There was only one competition and it was D-U-M-B. I hope none of you are first timers and chose last night to start watching. If you are, give it another go. Please. Glad I got that off my chest. On with it.

It started off where we ended last week. The blue team walked back into the house. Without Coach Mo, but with Tracey. Of course the black team was shocked but they did their best to cover it, just asking “What happened?” They chatted a bit and then Tracey started crying and going on about “I hate going into the elimination room. I HATE IT.” Visible eye roll.

We saw one quick workout. Just enough for us to see Tracey on a treadmill. “Yes! I am on a treadmill!” Nice work Tracey, only took you 6 weeks. Yall, did we ever figure out what was wrong with her? Besides the obvious. I mean physically, what’s wrong with her?

The teams headed out to the beach where they were greeted by Alison, some tiki torches, a large fire, and a bunch of mounds of sand. She announced that each team had 4 keys hidden under their sand piles. They needed each key to open their case and whoever opened their care first, won. What did they win? She wouldn’t tell but she did say, “It will determine who will stay on the ranch.” Which sounds like a huge deal to me. But to all of you who didn’t forget the teaser from last week, you probably figured out that it was tickets home.

These things were buried like 6 feet under the ground in these big boxes. It actually looked pretty tough – but not nearly as hard as most of their challenges. Tracey and Abby had to sit out for injuries, Amanda had to sit out so that the teams would be even. Halfway through the challenge Ali encouraged them, “Remember what you’re playing for!” Someone screamed out, “WE DON’T KNOW!” And she giggled a little and said, “Oh yeah!”

There was about 40+ minutes of digging and what seemed like hours of Tracey standing on the sidelines being the most annoying cheerleader that ever existed.

It was at this point that I realized I am torn. Blue verse black, who am I pulling for? Honestly, I’ve always been a Bob fan. I think Jillian is necessary to the show but I prefer Bob. Since Jillian has won the past 47 seasons, I’d like Bob to win this one. But then again Tracey is on the blue team. I’d like them to lose the weigh-in so they can vote her off. But then I love Rudy. I think he’s my favorite contestant but he’s on the blue team, so I want his team to do well. And then again I don’t want Shay to go home because I know she’s not nearly ready to go. See, torn.

The blue team ended up winning the challenge. They had the choice to go home for a week or to send the black team home for a week. They decided to send the black team home so they could stay at the ranch with Bob and the gym. I think that’s a good choice.

The at home portion of the show was really scattered. What do bloggers do with scattered thoughts? We make lists. So here are my thoughts in bullet form.

  • Daniel’s homecoming was sweet. I loved when his grandma grabbed his neck!
  • When Danny walked into his house, his kids and wife ran at him and hugged him. No wonder the man is homesick, there is a lot of love in that house!! It was nice to get a glimpse into his life. I’m proud of him for staying home and grilling and teaching his family a bit about what he’s going through.
  • Shay came home to her husband and step kids. Seemed a little awkward, but maybe that’s just because there were camera crews all around them. She took them to the grocery store where they shopped for organic produce and Jennie-O turkey. Ugh.
  • Dina’s son is precious. He was so cute when he was watching her run.
  • We saw that most of their families didn’t alter their diets for their homecomings. Well done families.
  • Eww, Danny’s ponytail. Gross.

Meanwhile, the blue team worked hard. Tracey worked out with her eyes wide open, Liz continued to be less than charming with her attitude and spite. Seriously, did she change from the first week?? They took a quick trip to the LA Food Bank to volunteer a bit. I didn’t mind that commercial so much. I DID, however, roll my eyes when they started talking about milk. I’m in full agreement that milk is good, but why the cheesy commercial?? Same with Subway. Yes, it’s a healthy choice but the extreme product placement and script is just too much.

Last chance workout. We saw lots of bellies this episode. And whoa!! Those wall sits that Daniel was doing… just whoa. I don’t know how he didn’t die. I’m not sure why Jillian is complaining that he isn’t losing much weight each week. Yeah it’s only week 6, but he’s been on this weight-loss journey for much longer than 6 weeks. He’s already lost a bagillian pounds. Anyways, he had a break-through last night. He broke down about how his mom always encouraged him to lose weight but he always thought it was because she didn’t think he was good enough, he’s now realizing that it’s because she loves him. GREAT progress! I’m so proud of him!

On to the weigh-in. We see that all starts off as usual. Bob and Jillian stood there looking tough, Alison is in a cute outfit, and Tracey’s hair is all out of whack. The blue team goes first. Tracey lost 4 pounds. How is that possible? Isn’t she a witch? Hasn’t she been losing weight even when she wasn’t working out? How is it that she is working out and is only losing 4 pounds?? Makes no sense to me. (Side note: When I choose the titles of the posts, I like to pick a short one-liner that is either funny or sums up the episode. There weren’t any of those this week. There was one funny line, which I am about to share, but it was about four or five words too long for a title. Plus, Tracey said it and I don’t really want her quote on my title.) But Tracey knows that her four pounds is not very good. She says, “Four shmore! Go roast some marshmallows because it’s not enough!” WHAT? Seriously, what?

Okay, that’s the last time I’ll mention Tracey tonight.

Rudy lost 14 pounds. Amazing. He’s now lost 87 pounds in 6 weeks. If he loses 13 pounds next week, he’ll hold the record for the quickest person to lose 100 pounds on the ranch. I hope he does it! At this point we learned that the black team needs to lose 45 pounds to stay safe. Since they were at home, the chances aren’t good. Shay lost 5 pounds and is excited. I’m not quite sure why. Yes, losing 5 pounds is great but when you are 411 pounds, you should be losing more. I’ve seen this show a lot, I should know. Abby only lost four but ever the optimist, she says, “I’m just happy because now I know that this can be done in real life.” Very true. Good message. We got a quick glimpse of hope when Danny lost 15 pounds (whoa!) but it was quickly ripped from our grasp when Daniel gained a pound. Black team to the elimination room.

Before entering the elimination room, it looked like they were debating between Dina and Daniel. There was a quick mention of Shay but I think they all know she needs to be there. Danny had immunity so he was out of the question. I don’t want to be insensitive but why aren’t they even considering Abby? I know she’s gone through some awful stuff but she’s injured and probably can’t lose as much as Dina or Daniel. Don’t hear what I’m not saying- I don’t WANT her to go… I just don’t see why they aren’t considering her.

In the end, Dina got voted off. No tears were shed. That’s odd.

She looks great. She went from 253 to 188! In other news: she finally was able to jump on the box (yay) and she got a make-over (double yay).

Next week looks like a great episode! It looks like the players will be going up against one other player in the weigh-in. At first glance, it appears that Tracey (oops, I mentioned her again) will be against Abby. I wonder who we’re all going to be cheering for! It also looks like there will be a number of breakdowns. CAN’T WAIT!!

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