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Ten on Tuesday (Volume 3)

It’s week 3 of Ten on Tuesday! You know the drill… if you’re a blogger you can take this over to your blog. Just make sure to link back over here and put the link to that post in my comments. If you’re not a blogger, answer in the comments. I can’t wait to see your answers!

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1. What are you going to be for Halloween?
An adult.

No really, I think I know what my Halloween plans are and I don’t think they’ll involve dressing up. I’m okay with that. Last year Stephen and I sat outside and drank wine and ate grapes while the kiddos came to our house.

2. Have you ever been on television?
I’ve gotten calls saying that people have seen me on tv when they were watching an Astros game. Also, there was this special on Starbucks that CNN (I think) did a few years ago. I was studying at Starbucks in Austin while they were taping. They asked me if I would be in it. They said things like, “Just look like you’re studying.” which of course made it impossible to act like I was studying, even though I actually was studying. Had they just not told me, I would have done fine. Then they told me to bob my head to my iPod music. Awkward. But I happened to see the special many months later as I was channel surfing. I was in it for about 3 seconds.

I charge $20 for autographs.

3. Do you have a toilet paper preference?
Oh look, there is an open can of worms.

I have a LOT of opinions about toilet paper. More than any one woman should have. I started to type out my response but I feared that I would max out the word count so I stopped. Return on Thursday for a full report.

4. When you’re pregnant, will you find out the sex of the baby? (Or if you’ve already had babies, did you find out the sex?) Why or why not?
Absolutely. My mom once said, “Why would you do that?? You’ll have nothing to look forward to!” I disagree, mom. I think I’ll have something to look forward to. Something like, oh I don’t know, A BABY! Anyways, I will want to find out the sex so we can choose a name and talk to him/her by name. Also I’d like to paint the nursery and have gender specific clothes.

5. What are three items that every kitchen must have?
A large flat bottomed skillet, a good knife, a spatula. I understand that there are two different items that people refer to as a spatula. I am referring to these guys.



6. Do you enjoy Christmas shopping?
Yes, except for the spending money part. But I LOVE to buy gifts for people. Throughout the year I listen to every little comment that people say about needing this or wanting that and I store it away in this little box in my brain. I think it’s fun. I’ve already started my Christmas shopping for this year!

7. What is your go-to recipe? (The thing you cook more than anything else because it’s easy and mindless.) Please share the recipe.
Lemon feta chicken. Yummm. Salt and pepper a couple chicken breasts. Put them in a baking dish and squeeze some lemon over them. Sprinkle (or liberally pour, if you are us) crumbled feta on top of chicken. Squeeze more lemon on top. Bake. I usually bake at like 375 for 25 minutes-ish. Depends on the thickness of your chicken. I also like to throw in a bunch of cherry tomatoes because I LOVE roasted tomatoes.

On our especially cheap days or days when I haven’t been to the grocery store, I make tuna noodle surprise. 1 can of tuna, 1 can of cream of mushroom, a box of mac and cheese. Make the mac and cheese, pour soup and drained tuna in. Mix. Put in a dish and crumbled some potato chips on top. Bake until it browns a bit. It tastes like my childhood.

8. Do you sleep on your back, belly, or side?
Back. Sometimes I’ll start on my side but I can’t ever fall asleep unless I’m on my back. Once I’m in a deep sleep, I can turn on my side and stay asleep but it usually makes my back and neck hurt.

9. How do you feel about Tom Cruise?
I used to like him. I love Top Gun and I like Jerry Maguire. But I never like actors when I know too much about their personal lives. I feel the same way about other uber-famous people. If I know everything about them, I don’t believe them as the character.

Tom Cruise, specifically, has just gotten too weird for me. And there are too many theories about him being gay and having a wife as a cover. And I sort of believe them. Basically if he never made another movie I’d be okay with that.

10. What books are in your “books to read” stack?
I ask most of these questions because I want to know your answers but I must admit that I asked this question because I want you to know my answer! Last week I asked what classic novels I should ask so that I could check number 88 off of my 101 in 1001. You responded. I made a spreadsheet with your answers. The top 3 were Pirde & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and The Picture of Dorian Grey.

On Sunday afternoon, Stephen and I drove around Galveston and parked by the strand. We happened to walk by this bookshop so, of course, we went in. Forty five minutes later, this is what I came out with.


I’m also a few chapters into Redeeming Love. And there are about 3 or 4 other chick lit books on my bookshelf that haven’t been read. And I realize that to truly answer this question, I have to tell you what they are. I can’t think of them all! I sitll need to read the Chelsea Handler book. I also have a few Marian Keyes books that I’d like to reread. And I never finished Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. It’s a heavy book, so I read a chapter at a time. So anyways, I’m all set! Now I just need a week-long vacation on a cruise ship!

Your turn!

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