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Loser 8.07: Baseball Has Never Been So Talentless

First of all I need to say that we are all suffering the loss of Sean. It’s been a few weeks now and nobody has stepped up to be the funny one. I’m extremely disappointed in these contestants. Danny brings the tears, Tracey brings the crazy, Shay brings the opinions, Abby brings the inspiration, Liz brings the bitterness, but nobody brings the funny. SOMEONE, please bring the funny.

So the black team came in from the elimination. Nobody seemed shocked. We learned a bit more about the bond between Shay, Daniel, and Amanda. Liz seemed to be really angry about their decisions. Has she forgotten what show she is on? I don’t understand why she is always so pissed. Chill out lady. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times: You are ugly when you’re shooting flames out of your eyes. Whatever happened to southern charm??

The contestants headed out to meet up with Ali. She told them they were going to be going head to head this week. Each contestant would be paired against a contestant from the other team. They’d only compete with each other. Whoever lost the most got a point for their team. Whichever team got the most points stayed above the yellow line. The teams had a challenge to play for the ability to pair everyone up. They had to run under a bar and touch a hanging disc, turn around and run back under the bar and touch the hanging disc on the other side. Each time they touched a disc, they got one point. The winner was the first to reach 500 points. Only one person could go at a time, and each contestant could only go once. You with me?

It stayed pretty close for most of the game. Black was down for a bit but caught back up. It came down to Daniel and Rebecca, both hitting the 400 point mark at the same time. Rebecca ended up winning it by 3 points which gave the blue team the ability to match everyone up. Okay listen, I always feel bad for the losing team because they have just worked their tails off and they always cry but come on! Stop whining. I can understand being disappointed, but not whining. Get over it. They won for a reason. Because they were better, they competed harder, they didn’t let up. This brings me back to last season when the whole world was mad at Tara for winning everything. Give me a freaking break people, you don’t play to lose. You play to win. *Stepping off soap box now.*

Alison gathered everyone in a boxing ring (really?) to announce who was facing off against each other. They pairs are as follows.

Rebecca vs. Amanda
Tracey vs. Abby
Allen vs. Danny
Rudy vs. Shay
Liz vs. Daniel

It’s during this time that we are reminded that Tracey is not funny. She thinks she is, I’m sure. She said something like, “Who’s excited to work out?? ME!” in some tone that I think was supposed to be sarcasm. It wasn’t funny. But then Abby showed us that she can be kind of funny when she said, “Tracey’s just crazy! You just never know what she’s going to do.” And she waved her hands in some crazy way. Normally that isn’t very funny… but coming from Abby, it is.


(That was supposed to be the ding that happens in boxing matches. Did that not transfer over?)

The blue team headed to the pool with Bob. I know you can burn calories in the pool, but can’t you burn more in the gym? It was weird to see them in there while the black team was in the gym. Maybe this was just a quick workout for some variety. That’s probably the case. Bob is really big into weight-loss yoga but we haven’t seen that either. Just thinking out loud.

The black team went to the gym so Jillian could start on her first therapy session of the week. Amanda was the victim. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Danny casually walk away and watch them from afar. Amanda cried and walked away and Jillian looked up at the camera people and said, “Why are these contestants so freaking difficult this season??” Umm, Jill. Read my blog. They are always like this. They scream and cry and fight you. It’s how it goes.

The teams then headed to a baseball field for their next challenge. They were wearing custom jerseys and (unfortunately) baseball pants. I felt very mislead with what happened next. Alison said this schpeal about some baseball player and blah blah, “Say hello to Derek Jeter.” Everyone freaked out (including Tracey because she’s his biggest fan) and then he appeared… on the jumbotron. Seriously? What’s that about? Last season they had some football player on. I can’t remember who it was because I don’t really care about football and I don’t feel like searching my old posts. The point is that there was an actual person there.

I don’t really know what he said because I was distracted by the ridiculousness of the jumbotron and it was also at this point that I was wondering why the heck my house was so cold. But I heard something about his career batting average is 316 they had to get 316 baseballs in someone’s  class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”someone’s “>bin to get them out. Last man standing won lunch provided by Curtis Stone and a 2 pound advantage at the weigh in. Everyone was pumped about that prize… Tracey especially because she’s his biggest fan. Not the most entertaining game. Although I did laugh when I saw Liz try to throw a ball. SHEESH. And many of the contestants talked some smack. Apparently these challenges bring out the mean side of everyone!

The black team won. They were thrilled. They went to the house to have lunch and met Curtis outside. He was going to make burgers. Burgers? You win a meal prepared by a gourmet chef and he makes burgers? With ginormous mushrooms as the buns? Please oh please, if I ever win something cool like that, don’t feed me discs of fungus. Gross. I think they got screwed. Lame meal. Oh and I think they were advertising some panini press.

Hour 2 started in the gym. Basically the rest of the show was breakdown after breakdown. It really never gets easy to see Abby cry. Hearing her tell her story is hard. My heart just breaks for her. On top of that we saw a breakdown from Shay. Also not easy to hear. She talked about her mom buying drugs in front of her and shooting up in front of her and having men in the hotel room while she hid in the closet. That’ll mess you up. But Jillian just kept pulling and pulling until they sobbed even more. I know she knows what she’s doing, I know they need these breakthroughs… but it seems harsh.

On to the weigh in. Ali’s dress! She wore some cute pink number with some chunky ruffle looking thing. I love it. Can someone from the Biggest Loser crew tell us where she gets her clothes? Seriously. Because no fewer that 15 people will come to my blog this week by googling something about Alison Sweeny’s pink dress. This is how the weigh in went down: Amanda had the 2 pound advantage. It didn’t help her. In Amanda (2) vs. Rebecca (9), Rebecca won. In Abby (3) vs. Tracey (5), Tracey won. In Danny (12) vs. Allen (8), Danny won. In Daniel (5) vs. Liz (7), Liz won. In Shay (9) vs. Rudy (14), Rudy won. Which means that the blue team won.

If you’ve been keeping track of my weekly count of Rudy’s weight loss you’d know that he was on track to break Dane’s record of the quickest to lose 100 pounds. Right when he got up to the scale, Alison mentioned the record and then Dane came out! It was exciting! He still has a bit of a belly, but I’m not sure about the timeline and when this was recorded. I’m still so proud of him. He said that 12 Biggest Loser contestants were doing a triathlon the next morning. Super cool.

Into the elimination room. Abby had pleaded to go home. She said she’d done what she needed. She learned to live and she learned to love. Everyone else had learning to do. They voted her off. It was quite sad. Her homecoming was quite emotional. She can just open her mouth and it’ll make me cry. She gave a little speech about how everyone talks about how she lost her husband and kids, but they all lost them too. And they lost her in the process. Heart wrenching. I love her.

She looks HOT now. HOT. She went from 247 to 167. She is speaking about opportunities and hope. She is smiling and looking just beautiful. Her parents are beaming with pride and joy. It was fantastic to see!!

Next week: They are in DC. That’s about all we know. Oh and some past choices are going to come back and bite Tracey. Finally.

(Houston bloggers: be sure to visit this post for details about our meet up! I can’t wait to meet yall!)

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