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Seven Quick Takes (vol.11)

What a glorious Friday it is, my friends! Almost every minute of my weekend is planned, but I’m okay with that. Anyone else doing Seven Quick Takes? Make sure to add your name to Mr. Linky over at Conversion Diary.


Bloggers, be prepared to be jealous. Last night I had dinner with Kathleen from Kapachino and Lauren from, well, Lauren from Texas. Long story short, they went to the same conference and made plans to have dinner afterwards. Luckily they asked if I wanted to meet up too. Of course I do! So we had a great dinner. We talked about our lives, our blogs, how the non-bloggers in our lives think we are weird, and we talked about y’all.

Let me just say that I was quite naive when I began blogging. I thought I’d just write and maybe my mom and husband would read. I had no idea that strangers read blogs. Or that you get to know other bloggers via their blogs. Or that sometimes you actually meet them in real life. I didn’t know this. But its a nice surprise!

So… that balloon boy… yeah…

Stephen and I are having dinner with Lauren and her husband on Saturday. Of course we are thrilled because we just love them to pieces…. not literally, you know, like Lennie. Just metaphorically… We like them a lot. Anyways, if you don’t follow Lauren (you should), she recently got her wisdom teeth taken out. She’s still in a lot of pain so we aren’t quite sure what she’ll be able to eat. I’m bringing dessert and a side. I’m bringing PW’s roasted garlic potatoes. This is the third time I’ll be making them in ONE WEEK. I can’t help it, they are just that good. And easy. But the question is this: Is it cheating if I take dump cake and vanilla ice cream?



For those of you who don’t know what that is, I’m not talking to you. For the rest of you, what time is it?

I’ve only had two pumpkin spice lattes this season… both were the first week they came out. This is a travesty, I tell you! I think I’ll get another one sometime this weekend. I think I’d feel better about myself if I got one. It’s really a disservice to Autumn if I don’t, right?

When you have some spare minutes on a computer with speakers, visit this site: You won’t regret it. I haven’t watched them all but I’ve watched the one with Colt, Colt and Sam, and Michelle Aguilar (from Biggest Loser) and I’ve been thoroughly impressed!

Congratulations to the winners of the giveaways!! I wrote up all the entries, put them in a bowl, and Stephen drew two names. We took our jobs very seriously.






molly won the custom onesie! (Which is perfect since she’s pregnant!)
Southern Gal won the jewelry tote! (Which is perfect because she probably has some jewelry to tote!)

Email me to claim your prize!! chelsea.hurst (at) hotmail (dot) com

Visit these two Etsy sites when you’re looking for Christmas gifts. Apparently we had another issue with the text of the link being too close to the regular text. I’ll help you out: CLICK HERE to look at EdieCastle’s shop and CLICK HERE to look at Taryn’s shop. I hope you enjoyed the giveaway. That’s just a little preview of what’s to come in the next couple months! So stick around!!

Have a good weekend, y’all! It’s 9:18 and OU still sucks.

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Second Thoughts on That Lottery Thing

I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments the past few days. I love when some of yall come out of the wood-work to leave a little message here. I know you’re coming, I can see the numbers. But it’s always nice when you say a little something. So thank you for sharing with me! You guys are great. We have a few things to address though.

First of all, the lottery question. I asked “If you won the lottery, what would be your one random, off-the-wall purchase?” Two issues here. The first being this- I didn’t mean that you won a scratch off. You didn’t just win some measly $10,000 prize. You won THE lottery. You are a multi-millionaire so it’s not acceptable to say “Put money aside for a house/education/future/etc.” You have money coming out of your ears, you don’t need to put any aside.

Also, “random, off the wall purchase.” Something totally random. When you’re being interviewed and they ask you what you’ve bought and you say, “Back surgery and an on-call chiropractor. And a closet full of designer shoes since I will finally be able to wear them.” They say, “Huh… back surgery. That’s random.” My mother-in-law got this. Her answer was a horse. That is random. And I like it. Furniture and houses are not random. Every lottery winner buys those. Would any of you like to change your answers?

The second item on the table. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing what some of your favorite posts are. TiffanyB said this, “I’ve only been reading your blog for about 3 and a half months now, but I still remember one of the first posts I ever read… Ignorance is Bliss. I love it when you feel like you make a fool of yourself, and still tell us about it! It really does brighten my day.” Here is the link to Ignorance is Bliss if you want to revisit that. I went back and reread it. Cliff’s Notes: I ran a bunch of errands while looking like an idiot. Tiffany, this one’s for you…

On Wednesdays, Stephen and I don’t carpool. He has breakfast with some men from church so we drive separately. I usually use Wednesday afternoons to run errands since I’m alone. I planned to stop by Target on the way home because I wanted to look for a cheap dress that I could wear to some weddings. I had looked online and they had quite a few cute ones. But towards the end of the day I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t really want to stop. I decided I would just go straight home and save the dress shopping for another day.

Then I realized I needed a few toiletry items. I could either stop at CVS, Kroger, or go a little out of my way and stop at Target. Well, I’m no idiot. I toughed it out and went to Target. I had a goal: look at a few dresses and buy one if I find one I like, and buy my few items. But let’s get real here for a second- This is Target. I would like to meet the woman who is able to walk into Target and get only a few items. Puh-lease!

Once in there I remembered that Target sells groceries. I knew I needed to get a few items for this weekend so I gathered those items. Then, on my way to the dresses I saw a few clearance racks. I swear they whispered my name. It would have been rude to just ignore them so I changed my path. Summery cotton dresses for $12? Yes please. I’ll take two! I got back on my path and gathered a few more things in my arms while I walked. Let me just pause this story for a second to say this: Why oh why does Target have a 6 garment rule?? Six items in the dressing room? Really? If you are going to have that rule, don’t have 72 items in my pathway that I want to try on. I ended up having 8 items in my arms but was only allowed to take in 6. The other two are still waiting for me at the fitting room desk. I can’t be bothered to take my clothes off AGAIN for two more items. Come on Target! End rant.

So as I was making my way through the racks I found a few dresses that could work. (FYI, none worked.) I wanted black or gray so I could change accessories and not feel like I was wearing the same dress over and over even though I was wearing the same dress over and over. Then I saw one a few racks away. It was cute. I walked over to it and started petting it. Soft. I held it up and it seemed like it could fit. It was flowy but had a tie so it would still give me a waist. I looked up at the sign above the rack to find the price. I looked around me and noticed the other women. One of these things not like the other. I immediately put the dress back and made a beeline for the dressing room to hide. The sign said: “Jersey Maternity Dress….. $29.99”

So I take it back. If I won the lottery I’d like massive amounts of Target gift cards so that when I walk in to get “a few things” and walk out spending $82, it’s not a big deal. I’d also maybe like to buy some dignity… and maybe a class that will teach me about the difference between maternity clothes and clothes I should be wearing.

Or maybe I should just learn to stop reading the signs because, you know, ignorance is bliss!

(If you haven’t entered my 200 post giveaway, click here!! It’s open until tonight at 10:00. Winners will be announced tomorrow!)

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Loser 8.05: This Marks The Beginning of GAME ON!

(I TOLD you I’d post this today! Second post of the day… does that mean I get tomorrow off?)

We learned right away that things were about to change. No more color teams, time for blue verse black. Bob verse Jillian. So the players gathered around a giant wheel with 36 spaces. They spun the wheel and it landed on a silver platter that could either uncover some sort of dessert, money, or the right to choose the teams. Three or four people went, all getting desserts of some sort. Rebecca ate this big chocolate donut and Alison said, “Definitely feel free to clean your teeth in a little bit.” I laughed. Then I stopped laughing because it was Tracey’s turn and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, she got the right to choose teams. Shock, horror, gasping, fainting. Well, not fainting. But close. Coach Mo said, “I have seen a lot of things…. something there is not natural… it’s super-natural.” Duh! I’ve been telling yall this since day one! (Well actually week three. On week one she almost died. On week two I thought she was cute as a button. But on week three, I said she was a witch.) I maintained that opinion last week. I maintain it still.

Or she’s an NBC plant.

Everyone cried and feared for their future. Then they met up for the verdict. No surprises, Tracey is an idiot. Not just because she broke everyone up, but because she made weird choices. Here are the new teams.

Bob: Tracey, Coach Mo, Liz, Allen, Rebecca, Rudy
Jillian: Daniel, Shay, Dina, Danny, Amanda, Abbey

The fang came out and everyone was PISSED. Liz was vicious. She decided to become Tracey’s best friend with the sole intention of stabbing her in the back. The trainers were peeved too. They chose to take it out on the contestants. They had a brutal workout. Amanda threw up her Granny Smith and Liz passed out. Even in Liz’s doped up stupor, she was talking about her agenda. Liz, your spite is not flattering.

Dina needs to be cracked. She has quit a couple times. Jillian asked her to jump onto a platform and she just walked out. She couldn’t do it. I know there is some crazy mental block there. Probably a combination of fear of heights, fear of success, some odd mental thing, and not being aware of her new body. Rudy gave her a good talkin’ to but she was still unable to do it. I really want to see her succeed.

Then the blue team went to Albertson’s to shop for some Jenny-O turkey and have a picnic.

Time for the challenge! There was this course of all these obstacles. They had a platform with four poles. One team member had to ride on the platform while the other four carried them. They were all hot and angry and Amanda lost her shoe and Shay yelled a lot. In the end, the blue team won. They received videos from home. (Hear that Lauren, VIDEOS! Not DVDs.) Rebecca gave her video to Dina. Very very sweet moment. But Dina turned it down, saying that she really needed to do this on her own.

Then I experienced one of the worst moments of my life. We learned that Tracey is from Texas. Excuse me while I pull a Dixie Chick and say that, on behalf of Texas, we are ashamed to claim her.

I love Rudy and his wife. So cute. And then Liz asked Danny to watch her video with him. She pulled the ol’ switcheroo and put his video in the DVD player. Such a special gift – and another opportunity for us to see Danny cry.

Last chance work out. Pretty entertaining this week. I enjoyed it. There was a quick product placement ad for 24 Hour Fitness and BodyBug (whatever that is). The black team gathered to try to get Dina to jump on the platform. Still no luck.

At the weigh-in, Alison was wearing a really cute dress, as usual. I wish I had her wardrobe. For serious. Can we just talk about how humiliating it is for a woman to stand in front of the nation in a sports bra and spandex?? Awful. Anyways. Tracey is up first and she drank a massive amount of witch’s brew and dropped 7 pounds. Nobody cheered. I didn’t. Rudy lost 8 pounds, his total is up to 73 pounds since the beginning of the competition. He always impresses me. Liz got up on the scale and we had this sense that it wasn’t going to be good. We were wrong, she also lost 8 pounds. I don’t think she’s a very sweet woman any more though. Looks like I’m going to end up eating a lot of my words this season! The black team didn’t start off great. But then Danny lost 10 pounds, Daniel lost 11 pounds, and then Shay lost 16 pounds (called that one, by the way) so they were safe.

Liz had immunity so the obvious answer is to vote Tracey off. But they started talking and they did the Biggest Loser thing and started talking themselves out of it. Idiots idiots idiots. Coach Mo said he should go since he lost the least amount of weight this week. (Missing the point of you being there, Mo!) So his team was DUMB and listened to him instead of voting CRAZY WITCH LADY off.

Mo has done well at home. He went from 355 to 279. He sounded good and has changed his coaching style. Good job Mo, wish it was Tracey.

Once again, I watched this on the DVR so I need to know the teaser. Please??

(If this is your first time to visit my blog today, scroll down. I had a bonus post this morning. You probably ought to check it out. GIVEAWAYS!!)

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Happy 200th Post to Me (And You)!

Before you freak out, the Biggest Loser recap is coming later today. If I wrote the Biggest Loser post before this one, this would not be my 200th post and would make me a liar. Wordy and ridiculous, I am. A liar, I am not!

At first I was just going to title this “Happy 200th Post To Me” but I realized that without you, there is no me. Well, that’s not true. There will always be me. But without you, there is no point in this wonderful celebratory post complete with two awesome giveaways.

Can you believe it? Two hundred posts. That’s a lot. I’m actually pretty impressed with myself. I have never stuck with anything this religiously except my husband. And bills. And frozen Double Stuf Oreos.

But that’s beside the point! We should celebrate. In these 200 posts I’ve vented, I’ve had good days, I’ve had bad days, I’ve realized my passion, I’ve cooked, I’ve accomplished goals, and I’ve met friends. Most of the friends that I’ve met, I haven’t actually met. Which of course you would know since, chances are, we haven’t met. But I love you all anyways! So in honor of you, dear blog friends, I’ve got TWO super cute giveaways.

A blog friend of mine named Taryn is in the process of opening an Etsy shop that is so creatively called “to a T.” But she is “one of those” who won’t do anything until it’s good and ready. So she has yet to open the shop up to the public. Fine! But lucky for you, she likes you. She’s giving away a free custom item to one Roots and Rings reader. (Edited to add: here is the link to her site!!

Here are a few samples of the things she does.



Taryn may be a great at this and I may be great at rambling about nothing, but neither of us excel at photography. Please don’t judge! Here’s a photo of the items she made for my sister-in-law. I think my voice raised two octaves when I opened the package. So stinking cute!

lauras onesies

But wait! There’s more. (I’ve always wanted to say that!)

Etsy seller, EdieCastle is giving away a jewelry tote. Yall, these are cute. Her fabrics are just wonderful. After sweat and tears and a tension headache, I picked the perfect one to give to one of you.

Jewelry Tote

Isn’t it great? Amy Butler Gothic Rose. I love Amy Butler fabrics. I only know this because I have a slight addiction to Etsy.

Jewelry Tote 2

Make sure you check out these sellers. Christmas is sneaking up on us! Great ideas for baby shower gifts, bridesmaids gift, etc. (Obviously don’t give the onesie as a bridesmaid gift…. you know what I meant!)

Here’s how this will work. I’ll draw two winners. The first name I draw will win one custom item from Taryn. The second name I draw will win the jewelry case.

How to enter:
1. One entry: Leave a comment. Just one. It would be fun if you’d tell me your favorite R&R post.
2. Second entry: Blog about this giveaway, come back and leave the link to that post in another comment.
3. Third entry: Okay, I guess you can tweet about it even though Twitter is of the devil and I have no way of reading your tweet- I think.

Contest ends Thursday night at 10:00 pm. I’ll announce the winners on Friday.

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Ten on Tuesday

Here’s the deal. I’ve been battling a headache for three days. It’s been rainy here in Houston and for some reason when it rains, a hammer sneaks into my head (I assume by way of my ears) and knocks around my brain a bit. This leaves me grumpy and with a severe case of writer’s block. But you know me and you know that I’m not going to just NOT post. I’ve made this deal with myself to post everyday and I don’t think I could let myself down.

So I’ve come up with a cop-out idea. Ten on Tuesday. It’ll somehow involve ten. Ten questions, ten things, ten thoughts, etc. Today, ten questions. I will answer them but I’m much more interested in your answers. So answer in the comments or copy this list and put it in your blog and then leave the link in the comments.

1. If you won the lottery, what would be your one random, off-the-wall purchase?
Lots and lots of designer shoes. And full access to a chiropractor. And back surgery.

2. What is popular now that you just don’t get?
Glee, American Idol, Twitter, Barack Obama, Farmville

3. What would your last meal, you know, if you were ever about to be executed and you got to choose that sort of thing?
Chips and queso, sour cream chicken enchiladas, refried black beans. And then a big hunk of chocolate cheesecake. And I’d prefer to die before the bloating and stomach aches set it.

4. When is it okay to start listening to Christmas music?
After Thanksgiving, on days when it’s below 75 outside. Never before.

5. How do you feel about facial hair on men?
I’m not a fan of beards or mustaches. Goatees are okay, but not on my man. I don’t like to kiss sandpaper.

6. McDonald’s or Burger King? Those are the only two options.
McDonald’s burgers and fries, Burger King’s onion rings.

7. What kind of soap do you use?
Some tropical Dial bar soap. And Niven Morgan Gold body wash. It’s amazing. I smelled it once in a boutique in Austin and I’m hooked. The lotion is a bit strong for my sensitive nose, but the body wash is perfect.

8. What movie can you watch over and over and never get tired of?
You’ve Got Mail, Never Been Kissed, For Love of the Game, and come December 8 Julie & Julia. Underlying theme- writing and baseball.

9. Favorite beverage?
Non-alcoholic: water with lemon or Diet Coke with lime
Alcoholic: Raspberry mojitos or Blue River Riesling

10. What do you want for Christmas?
Realistically: a Le Creuset dutch oven and a massage. In my dreams: wood floors, dining room chairs, blinds, a very expensive pair of black heels that don’t hurt my feet, a sewing machine and sewing classes, a very very long nap.

Your turn.

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Changing With The Times

Do you realize that we are almost a full decade into this millenium? It’s 2009 and times are a-changin’! I’m sitting here with a computer on my lap, typing a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I’ll eventually shoot off into cyber space for you to read. And who are you? Some of you I know, some of you I don’t. You’ll fire up your laptop and open your Google Reader and Roots & Rings will be bold. You’ll click on it and read something written by some girl in Texas. Very, very weird.

They say that every time you buy some new fancy piece of technology, within months (or even weeks) it’s already out of date. You spend $200 on the latest cell phone and a month later a new version comes out. One that can do something especially fancy, like turn on your oven when you’re at work. I just realized that my laptop has one of those webcam things attached to it and lookie here, I can take a picture of myself while I’m writing. This is what I look like when I’m blogging… only I don’t smile the whole time. And sometimes I blink.

comp pic

This is when people often pull out the term “old soul” and throw it in my face. It’s probably true. Besides my email addiction and this little site here, I’m pretty out of touch with technology. Before I got this new fancy cell phone a few months ago, I always had the freebies. I couldn’t understand why anyone would need anything more. Now I check my email at stop lights.

But as I take a look around, I see how technology seems to intertwine itself into my life. Instead of consulting cookbooks, I pull up Recipezaar or Pioneer Woman on my laptop in the kitchen. I listen to music online at work because I can’t stand to listen to flushing toilets or burping men any longer. I snuggle in my bed with my laptop and catch up on television shows I’ve missed.

I think there are some things out there that I just can’t quite get the hang of. Ginormous flat screen televisions. I’m not on that boat yet. I have yet to be able to justify spending that type of money on a product I already own. I have a television. I actually have 3. They all work and have remote controls. Why in the world do I need to spend a few weeks’ pay on a new one?? I’m just not there yet.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post that began with words like WordPress, Google, Stats, Bing, and click. It confused my mom. I guess she doesn’t understand the irony behind the sentence “I googled something on Bing today.” She’s not there yet.

Technology has always been changing, things have always been improving. I’m sure there was a caveman who looked at fire and thought “I’m just not there yet.” Or when the first car was invented, someone probably thought, “You know, I think my way is working just fine. I don’t understand this car thing. I’m really not there yet.” And so on.

This Saturday I was having a discussion with a few people about dishwashers. Someone said that they felt bad for people who didn’t have dishwashers. Having to wash everything by hand, how unfortunate! But then what’s even more shocking are the people who own dishwashers but never use them. “No thank you, I’d rather soak and clean these dishes by hand. Machines aren’t better than people.” I don’t get that.

Then someone chimed in with one of the best stories I’ve ever heard in my life. I will call this person Petunia. Her name is not Petunia, but I don’t know anyone by that name so it seems like a safe enough alias. Petunia is a sweet woman… Arguably the sweetest woman I’ve ever had the opportunity to know. She’s cute and thoughtful and did I mention that she was sweet? Because she is so sweet, I will not give her away. I will just tell you her story.

During this dishwasher talk she stated, “Well when I lived in my first apartment I had a dishwasher but I never used it. I washed everything by hand.”

We turned and looked at her. “But why, Petunia? Why would you do such a silly thing?”

She had her answer ready for us and in the most serious tone she answered with genuine honesty. “Well you see, I used the racks to file my bills.”

…I’m sorry, what? (It should be noted at this time that Petunia is one of those ‘accounting types.’)

“Well yeah. I had to. I didn’t have a file cabinet back then.”

I think that’s when I peed my pants.

Petunia needed file cabinets. But dishwashers, well, she just wasn’t there yet.

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Seven Quick Takes (vol.10)

 Good morning and happy Friday! What a great weekend I have ahead of me! And I hear that we might get a weather change here in Houston so it’s not in the 90’s. Not that I care, I love the heat… but I think everyone else will be less grumpy.

Here you go- visit for more quick takes.


Hey, let’s all do something fun. Open Google in another tab. Just do it, trust me on this. Type in “how to know if my waterbed is filled enough” and click on the first thing that comes up. Sometimes I think Google is drunk.

Okay, back to my thoughts on Tracey. (Biggest Loser talk, skip this one if you aren’t interested.) Here is why I think Tracey could be planted by NBC. All of her circumstances are just too weird. She passes out and doesn’t come back the rest of the week. She finally makes it back but can’t work out but SHE STILL LOSES WEIGHT! She gets control of the game. She still can’t work out but still loses weight. It just doesn’t make sense. I’ve been watching this show long enough to know that something is sketchy. Now I have no idea what the benefit is to NBC to do this, maybe just to get us talking. All I know is that something just isn’t right with this chick.

See that ad at the top right? Green Grass Meats? Yeah, you should click on that and go visit that site. (No, I don’t get paid if you click. Just click for the love of food.) I may or may not have gotten a cooler full of meat from them yesterday. I may or may not be able to focus at work today because all I can think about is the brisket in my freezer. I may or may not have taken a picture of my husband hugging the cooler full of red meat. God bless Texas, I love meat.

Today is my grandpa’s birthday! Everyone, give him some love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! I love you and hope you have a great day… I know it’ll be tough since you won’t get to see me. 🙂


Does anyone know when Julie & Julia comes out on DVD? I’m ready to see it one or five more times. I miss Julia.

I found this awesome website. Remember when I told you that I can’t stand Nickelback?? Seriously, all of their songs sound the same and they are just so annoying. Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks this. Check out this website: 
Incase you don’t excel at reading sentences with no spaces, it says “Is Nickelback the worst band ever?” Click it!

A month or two ago, Pioneer Woman announced that she was going on a book tour to promote her new cookbook. Of course I wanted to be there. But when I looked at the schedule, Houston wasn’t there. Austin was on the list but it was on a weekday and since I doubt my boss will feel like this is a necessary trip, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go. However, after yesterday’s post, I learned that Houston is actually on the list. On a weekend! December 5, to be exact. So of course I’m going. And you should too. And then afterwards, we should get a latte or a mojito or a hamburger or something. Who’s game?

Have a great weekend and HOOK ‘EM HORNS!   \m/

October 9, 2009 at 9:35 am 18 comments

Win, Lose, and Blog

I’m not a very lucky person. Up until my 20th year of life, I had never won anything. Except BINGO. I win BINGO all the time. But I swear that’s because I’m really talented, not because I’m lucky. Because I’m not lucky.

One time in college I went to a Cross Canadian Ragweed concert. It was in the huge rec hall looking thing. Along the back walls were booths where different vendors had set up. Boots, hats, beer, etc. I was with a few of my girlfriends and a group of guys that they knew. The guys asked us to go with them to the Copenhagen booth and fill out a form so they could get free dip. I obliged. (For the record, I think dip is pretty nasty.) The next evening I got a phone call from the Copenhagen people. Turns out, I wasn’t just giving them my contact info, I was entering a contest to win a guitar signed by the band. And I won! This is shocking for three reasons: (1) I didn’t know I was entering a contest. (2) I never win anything. (3) I never put my correct contact information on forms like that.

But the point is that I won. Something cool too. Now I have my very own autographed Cross Canadian Ragweed guitar to sit in my spare bedroom and collect dust. I should have asked them what the cash option was.

Every day I dream about winning one of Pioneer Woman’s giveaways. That chick gives away some great stuff. Her trademark giveaway is a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I already have one of those but I’d love to win one with a glass bowl because I have a strong aversion to metal bowls. Plus, if I win a new mixer then Lauren and I have an arrangement that involves my old mixer and me getting rich on multiple types of dough. (That’s a baker’s jokes… Can I at least get a pity chuckle??) But as many people have said before, you’re more likely to win the lottery than win a PW giveaway. Or you’re more likely to see a quality Pauly Shore movie than win a PW giveaway. Or you’re more likely to find me at a knife show than win a PW giveaway. You get the idea.

I have, however, been a bit of a blog winner lately. Just a few days ago I won Donald Miller’s book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” from I Get To! That makes me quite excited.

I’ve also been the recipient of two (YES TWO) blog awards.

DebbieQ gifted me the Honest Scrap award. Now I’ve won this before but since I love DebbieQ so much and because she knit me my very own pair of socks, I’ll do it again. I’ll keep it short and pointless this time!


1. I got a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer as a wedding gift from my aunts. That was over two years ago. I used it for the first time over the weekend. That makes me very disappointed in myself. No worries though, I know the error of my ways and I plan to use it much more often.

2. I sleep on my back and don’t move during the night.

3. I think it’s disgusting when girls don’t have their toenails painted.

4. My fingernails grow like weeds. I seriously cannot keep them under control.

5. I recently discovered how much I love fresh green beans. Now I think that canned green beans taste like aluminum and I have a hard time choking them down. It makes me wonder how many other things I’m missing out on.

6. I’ve started my book. I’m about 7 pages into it on Word. I don’t know how many that translates into in books. Depending on my mood I think it either totally sucks or has great potential.

7. Before I got married, my full name was 24 letters long. When I got married, my new last name was 50% shorter than my old last name. People misspell my new last name more often than they misspelled my maiden.

8. I love the flavor of mushrooms but absolutely hate the texture of them.

9. I will never get sick of George Strait, Shane & Shane, or Michael Buble.

10. My vacation of choice is either a cruise, a trip to Disney World, or a trip to New York. I love these three place and they make me happy!

I’d like to nominate Stephanie, Veronica, Gabby, and Jill.

The next is the Superior Scribbler Award! I got this from This Heavenly Life. She’s another blogger I found through the Seven Quick Takes. She’s hilarious and her girls are SO cute.


Here’s how the award works:

1. Each Superior Scribbler must turn and pass on this award to 5 of the most deserving blogs.
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I nominate:
-My very best blog friend, Lauren. She’s funny and a great writer. And she has cute dogs that she’ll show you pictures of. And an awesome husband. Basically, she’s me… only blonde. I’m sure at this point you’re all reading her since I’ve told you to so many times… right?
Kyla Roma. She and I are very new blog friends. But her blog is great. She is cute and entertaining and she’s a regular poster… which is really the key to my heart. The layout of her blog is simple but so beautiful.
-Another Houston chick: Kapachino! I have yet to meet Kathleen in real life but I still think she’s awesome. She and her husband are wonderful. She recently wrote a post with 90 things she loves about her husband. It made me melt.
Smile Steady. Okay, so this chick is a dental hygienist and has some hilarious stories to tell. She recently when on an unintentional bloggy hiatus but I think she’s back now. You should check her out!
So that’s it y’all! Go check out some of these links and find you some new blog friends!

October 8, 2009 at 9:16 am 15 comments

Loser 8.04: But I WANT The Sauce!

First of all, I want to apologize for not addressing the cussing issue last week. I did forget to mention that there were only 4 curse words the entire program. But one was in reference to sprinkles, so I can understand how it may have slipped out. And the other 3 were in reference to Tracey… and quite honestly, I’m not sure how there weren’t more. This week there were only two. Doing well NBC, doing well.

Starting off- Tracey is a liar. Shay is mad. Moving on.

Jillian is not happy that the red team sacrificed themselves. I see their point, everyone NEEDS to be there and you need to see your importance. But I support their decision and think they were brave and respectful.

During one of the workouts, we saw them doing group arm workouts. Have they done his before? Maybe they have and haven’t shown us. Seems like they are placing a much bigger emphasis on the team this year. Maybe because the drama was a bit too intense last season and they didn’t want it quite so cut-throat. Or maybe they just thought it was funny to show all of them in a circle lifting weights. Who really knows? 

How long are we going to talk about how America voted for Amanda? Last I checked, I didn’t vote for either. So either start saying “America (besides that Chelsea girl with the blog) voted for me!” or just quit talking about it.

Jillian decided to have a therapy session with Julio in the gym. He seemed to have a minor break-through. I guess it’s possible that those were manufactured tears so Jillian would GET OFF HIS BACK! Although if I were on the show, I’d start randomly crying and having breakthroughs so that she’d stop yelling at me and making me run. Also, what’s up with her t-shirts that show off her guns?

Tracey met with Dr. H to talk about her health. Something about some numbers went up. I’m not really sure. Tracey cried and Dr. H didn’t look too upset. He told her she couldn’t work out at all. Hey NBC, sabotage?? Also, um, Tracey called herself a panther. That’s weird… and not entirely true.

Contestants gather and the kitchen is under lock down. Alison told them that they have to order out each meal. To which my mom says, “It’s a bit early for that!” And once again I say, “Sabotoge!!!”

They had a quiz: Which meal is prepared the healthiest way? It actually seemed pretty tough. There were combinations of drinks, chicken, veggies, and desserts. The brown team, pink team, and orange team won that. For a tie breaker they had to guess how many calories were in the meal. The winner won a year’s worth of groceries, which sounds pretty fantastic to me! The pink team won. And then Alison did a commercial about The Biggest Loser Simple Swap book. Seriously, how many products are out there with the Biggest Loser name on it? HEY BIGGEST LOSER, you should pay me. We should keep a count of how many people I’ve forced encouraged to watch the show and then got hooked.

Watching the contestants order dinner over the phone was HILARIOUS. I felt awful for the restaurant. “I want fruit but only berries”… “I want salad but no dressing”… “No salt please”… “Don’t cook my food in butter”… on and on. And of course the orders were all wrong. So they told Bob and Jillian all about their food drama and played with packets of Extra Sugar Free gum. So Bob and Jillian decide to take them out on a date to teach them how to order food. At a Mexican restaurant?! And what is the best part of a Mexican restaurant? The therapy session of course!!

So nobody brought their calorie counter to the restaurant which Bob and Jillian weren’t pleased about. They tore apart their choices. My favorite part was when Liz said, “But I wantthe sauce!!!” And my least favorite part ws when Jillian said the word “fructose” … frucktose??

They went to the challenge. My dad decided that the crazy contraption over the water looked pretty ridiculous. “Being someone that plans these games is like planning Wipeout for fat people.” I think that’s a fair statement. The problem with these games is that it’s really hard to describe. So if you didn’t watch, I’m sorry if this doesn’t transfer. The contestants laid on a platform that was suspended over water. They held onto handlebars and the platform tipped so they were holding themselves onto the platform. If they let go, they fell into the water. It made my hands hurt just to watch! I LOVE the orange team. Shay fell off after 10 minutes with only 3 other people still playing along with her. When she fell, Daniel yelled, “Shay, I’m proud of you.” It got down to Allen and Daniel. I love them both, what would have happened if they let go at the same time? They should try that sometime!! But in the end Daniel won. Love that guy!

Last chance workout (at the beginning of hour 2?? sheesh! one reason that I can’t wait until there are fewer contestants so we get more challenges…) The trainers worked them extra hard since they didn’t know what they ate this week. Jillian was BRUTAL to Rudy. Do yall like how the camera shakes when the contestants jump or drop a weight? Yeah, nice effects NBC! Ha. Liz is so cute, “I can DO this!” she yelled as she jumped and fell off the stool.

Coach Mo was doing some crazy stuff. According to Julio, “Coach Mo is like an old warrior.” He looked like he hurt his back pretty bad. He went outside and talked about quitting but Bob called him out on it and it turned out that he was being a bit dramatic about it. The mood music changed and he triumphantly limped back into the gym. 

At the weigh-in the contestants share how much they hated the food situation. Then they got started on the fun part. Orange team went up first and Daniel didn’t lose any weight. Of course I expected that since they had immunity. But he CLAIMS that it wasn’t strategy. For the record, I don’t believe him. Rudy lost 11 pounds this week which is incredible. He’s lost 64 pounds so far in this game. Let me repeat myself. Rudy has lost 64 pounds in 4 weeks.

WHAT THE HECK is wrong with Tracey??? She limps up the stairs to the scale. That woman! Her hair is a hot mess and she cries to Alison. Bless Alison for looking so concerned during the sob-fest. Must be all of her soap opera experience… she’s highly trained at false emotion. How in the WORLD did Tracey lose 4 pounds? I revisit the idea that she may be a witch. And I agree with Shay. It’s not fair that someone who is not allowed to work out is taking up a spot on the show. But alas, they were above the yellow line.

Something weird happened. Julio lost 4 pounds. Bob smiled. Julio said he was proud of the 4 pounds he lost. Alison wasn’t pleased with that response so she said, “But still….?” And he responds, “It is what it is, Alison.” Seems like there is something about Julio that they know and we don’t. Which isn’t a good sign since he ended up below the yellow line with the brown team.

Dear black team and brown team,
This is NOT the worst case scenario. We do not agree with that assessment. Last week was worst case scenario. It would be worse case scenario if the green team and orange team were below. That is all.
The most loyal Loser fan,

So the teams debated and went to the elimination room. I was shocked at how many emotions were flying in that room. It seems that a lot of bonds were made. This is another reason I can’t wait until there are fewer contestants, we learn more about the PEOPLE. But it was a close call. Coach Mo ended up caving in to Tracey’s decision (surprise surprise) and were the final vote in voting Julio off the island. Oh wait, that’s another show. Off the ranch.

He went from 407 pounds to 299 pounds. Pretty good. But I watched it on my parents’ DVR so I didn’t get to see the “next week on The Biggest Loser.” Can yall help me out? What’s the teaser?

Sorry if this recap wasn’t very cohesive. I watched it on DVR and typed notes as I watched, which doesn’t always work well. Plus, I was distracted by this little tootsie roll monster.

Molly and Mom

October 7, 2009 at 8:46 am 22 comments

Dogs and Babies Aren’t Exactly The Same

Today is October 6. We are approximately 42 days away from my 25th birthday. (It’s November 17th, for those of you who aren’t good at counting.) I graduated from college two and a half years ago. I started a job a few weeks after that. I married a very handsome man a month or so later. Which means I have been married for a little over two years.

That handsome man and I bought a house almost two years ago. November 16, 2007 to be exact. I changed jobs a few months later to do work that didn’t make me want to jam a pencil in my eye. In January of 2009 one of our clunker cars bit the dust and we spent a long (ha!) 48 hours carefully deliberating and test driving one vehicle and visiting one dealership before purchasing our first SUV, also known as a baby-mobile.

Do you see where we’re headed? Most people do. Graduated, jobs, married, house, car… what’s next?

My blog. In the timeline of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hurst, the blog actually came before the SUV. But it has taken on a whole new life and is now a much bigger part of my life than it was 9 months ago. So I would say that Roots & Rings is the next big event in our lives. But obviously blogging isn’t really on most people’s “Things To Do As I Grow Up” list. Most people’s next step would be a baby.

No this isn’t the post where I announce to The Internets that I am pregnant. I am not. So settle down and just read my story.

Stephen and I have been in open discussion about babies since we got married. It was never a talk that scared us. We figured we’d wait about two years and have a baby. (Incase you already forgot the timeline, we are 3 months past the two year mark and we don’t have a baby. Sometimes people don’t know what they are talking about when they set goals.)

A few months ago we went to Home Depot. In the back of the parking lot was a truck with a dog crate next to it. They had a sign propped up against the truck that said “PUPPIES.” We got out of our baby-mobile and intended to walk into the doors of Home Depot but somehow found ourselves walking toward the truck. As we were walking across that parking lot, Stephen enthusiastically said, “Oh! We could get a puppy!” I laughed at his ridiculousness and told him, “Okay. You have a choice. You can have a baby or a dog.” I could see the grin on his face, “Fine! A dog!” I knew his dirty tricks, “I don’t mean that you get one now and one a year from now. You get one. Period. And you don’t get another until the other is gone.”

Meaning this: Unless the Lord thinks I can handle twins (please, oh please Lord, don’t think I can handle twins!) I will not have two babies at once. I will not have a baby and get pregnant immediately afterward so that I have kids extremely close in age. I know my stress and migraines and massive knots in my shoulders- I know I can’t handle that. So this also means that I will not get another dog (Rookie was already part of the family) and then have a baby. The dog would have to be gone by the time I visited the idea of a baby. Are you following me?? The Hurst family will include a man, a woman, a dog, and a baby. Once that baby turns into a little kid, we’ll visit the baby idea again. But another dog does not fit into this equation unless the baby doesn’t, or unless the other dog doesn’t. I can’t see either of those happening. Hence, my proposal to Stephen which I will repeat now because this was quite a tangent and your eyes are probably glazed over. “Okay. You have a choice. You can have a baby or a dog.”

We played with the puppy but chose not to get it. Partially because we’d rather have a baby. And partially because the puppy was a pit bull and I will NEVER have a pit bull and a child in the same house. I don’t care to hear your thoughts and feelings on the matter. This is my opinion and I can choose that. Moving on.

Every now and then we experience what it’s like to have two dogs. My mom’s dog comes to visit often. Our pups play and sleep and bark and have a merry time. The two dogs have two separate potty rituals and two separate morning rituals. It makes me more responsible to have two of them around. My dog is chill. She sleeps when I tell her to go night-night. She eats when I say “good girl.” She potties when I tell her to go potty. She’s easy. Molly is different. She’s tiny and prissy. She sleeps when she feels like it. She eats about once a day, one kibble at a time. And don’t even get me started about her potty.

Molly is more like a baby than Rookie. She needs more attention and love. She can’t be alone long. If you’re not watching her, she’ll put anything in her mouth. And she’s scared of storms. She stayed at our house over the weekend and it rained the entire weekend. It was good baby practice. Or maybe good birth control? (Just kidding, mom. Please let her keep visiting us!) 

I love cuddling with her and cradling her like a soft little baby. When I do this it makes me think that maybe we could just get a tiny puppy to cure our baby fever and postpone the expensive step of expanding our family. But then I wake up in the morning to find out that Molly is so scared about the storm that she’s pooped a pile of tootsie rolls in my closet. At least I know my future babies won’t do that!

October 6, 2009 at 8:45 am 18 comments

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