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Loser 8.08: Rudy Has Banana Hands

This week the contestants headed to Washington DC. They boarded a JetBlue plane and had tons of leg room and didn’t have to have seatbelt extenders. They met up with Alison in front of the Jefferson Memorial and, as usual, she looked so cute. Bob and Jillian showed up to greet them. They learned that this week they were going back to individuals. I like individuals… although it seems a bit early to be making the change. No?

Alison got her serious voice on and said that they were going to have (pause) a pop challenge. Gasp. OMG. “AAAH Wow!” says Tracey. Not really sure why that was shocking but Tracey is quite the drama-queen. The challenge is as follows: each contestant has to roam the streets of DC with giant stickers that say their name and have their color. They have to talk to strangers and because metaphors are the way of life on this show, they have to campaign for the strangers to join them at the Washington Monument for a workout. Whoever gets the most people, wins an advantage in the next challenge.

They scattered and started approaching people. Amanda found a huge group of girls that recognized her. They all wore her stickers. Later that same group ran into Daniel and recognized him from last season so they took off their Amanda stickers. Sad day for Amanda. Liz ended up having the most people show up. Bob and Jillian showed up and did a workout with them. Jillian wore a NY POLICE hat even though they were in DC. She’s such a weirdo. Some lady said “I can’t” so they made everyone keeping working out. Then Liz’s team went to Subway to try the Fresh Fit Menu. I’d like to know why every Subway in America has avocados except the ones I go to. What’s up with that?

The contestants went to talk to some senators. They told their stories and made their plea for better health education in elementary school. Yes, kids need to be more active. Yes, PE is important. But there is absolutely no way that these contestants ate large amounts of crappy food just because the public school system didn’t teach them not to. Right? Am I right? I’m right.

Also, have the Biggest Loser t-shirts always had the 24 Hour Fitness Logo written across the back? I think that’s a new thing.

The challenge this week was 4 parts. Each round only a few people would move on. Liz got to choose one option to sit out, except the last round.

Challenge One
Run a mile

  • We saw flashbacks of Tracey (also dubbed “woman who crawled in the sand”) from the first week. It was not pretty. She cried just remembering it.
  • Only the first 6 got to move on to the next round.
  • It seemed to be a tough challenge but that’s okay because Miley sang them through it… in slow-mo.
  • Winners: Rebecca, Daniel, Allen, Amanda, Rudy, Liz
  • Why was it so hard for them to run a mile? This is their 8th week on campus. They work out for a living. I don’t think it should be that hard.

Challenge Two
Fill a tube with pennies

  • They had to run down the stairs, grab a handful of pennies, run back up and put it in their tube. They had to fill it to a certain line.
  • Liz sat this one out. There were spaces for three others.
  • Rudy won because apparently he has banana hands… whatever that means.
  • Did yall see how excited Ali got at the end? That was nuts!
  • Winners: Rudy, Daniel, Rebecca, Liz

Challenge Three
Be a statue. Or something.

  • They had to balance on this skinny ledge and hold a pilates ball above their head. The two people who held it up the longest, moved on.
  • This one looked difficult and painful. It almost didn’t seem fair to the guys because they are so much bigger. Proportionally, the ledge is much smaller for them.
  • Winners: Rudy and Rebecca

Challenge Four

  • Simple. They each had a step in front of them. Whoever did 206 steps first, won. You know: up, up, down, down.
  • 206 is the amount of contestants that have been on The Biggest Loser.
  • Rebecca was awesome. Tracey said something really interesting and totally made sense… “She’s like a rabbit. Sch sch sch sch sch. She’s like typing on steps.”
  • Rebecca won immunity.

Bob and Amanda went for a walk to talk about the importance of eating well and chewing Extra Sugar Free gum. Then everyone went to the White House and I was completely underwhelmed with that segment except for Alison’s yellow shirt dress.

Last chance workout. Usually the contestants don’t lose much weight on travel weeks. My theory is that constipation has something to do with it. We’ve talked about my honeymoon, right? And lookie there, that’s two days in a row that I’ve mentioned poop. My apologies. Last chance workout.  Jillian worked with Tracey. She admitted that she’s never liked her but she worked with her anyways and felt like she had a break through with her. I don’t think so.

Bob spent extra time with Amanda to talk things over and get her to accomplish some hard goals. SEE! Not everyone needs Jillian to have a break-through. Not everyone responds to her style. I know I wouldn’t. I’m a Bob lover.

The weigh-in was in front of the Lincoln Memorial. That was kind of cool. Alison’s dress was black and blah but her eyes looked amazing. Weight loss went a little something like this:

  • Rebecca – 4 – But that didn’t matter because she had immunity.
  • Shay – 9 – Finally!
  • Tracey – 3 – Is it bad that I didn’t care??
  • Daniel – 11 – FINALLY! Orange team finally showed up! “193 pounds ago I didn’t have a neck. My head just sat on my shoulders like a snowman.”
  • Allen – 9
  • Danny – 12 (Sorry, no comments for Allen and Danny. I was busy checking my friend Molly’s blog to find out the sex of her baby.)
  • Rudy – 9 – A-freakin-mazing! He’s up to 110 in 8 weeks.
  • Liz – 3 – Yeah, don’t care.
  • Amanda – 7 – Wow! She’s got a waist now. She’s lookin good!

This leaves Liz and Tracey below the yellow line. My two least favorite – they should send them both hom. They voted Tracey off… FINALLY!!!!

She is looking pretty good. She went from 238-153. Her face is so skinny! Her family looks really normal… odd. Also, I saw her on Jay Leno. I didn’t watch completely because my friend Lucy was over doing some fun treatment on Stephen so I was preoccupied. But I don’t think she said anything ground-breaking.

I forgot to watch the “coming up” piece until it was almost over. There were a lot of tears from Shay and Rebecca. Should be fun!


Update on my man: The swelling has gone down A LOT. He’s looking great. He’s feeling a bit better too. He’s got nausea meds so that his pain killers don’t make him sick. The bruises on his legs are pretty sore and his neck is hurting. He said his nose is actually starting to hurt – shocking that it took so long for it to start hurting. But it looks like he’s on the mend. He actually ate solids last night! Yay Stephen!!

Sorry about the typos and the incorrect #2 yesterday. I have no excuse. I just screwed up. Pick my punishment…

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