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Ten on Tuesday (5)

Welcome to Ten on Tuesday!! I’m pretty excited about this round of questions. I got some input from a few people and I think I ended up with a pretty good set!


1. What gift are you most proud of giving?
My friend Lyndsey once told me that when she was a teenager her mom kept a journal and every day she wrote something she loved about her. I plan to do this when I have teenagers since sometimes teenaged girls aren’t very lovable. But I took this idea and did this for Stephen when we were dating. I started in on Jan 1, about two and a half months after we started dating. At this point, I knew he was “the one” so it seemed like a great gift idea. I would not recommend doing this if you are dating someone and you aren’t quite sure if he is the one. I kept the journal for a year and gave it to him on Valentine’s Day. We love to read through it and laugh about the goofy things that I love about him. Everything from, “I love your smile” to “I love the way you eat a fried egg” to “I love the way you open the car door for my mom.”

2. What’s the best gift you ever received?
My engagement ring. It’s beautiful and sparkly. But most importantly, I love it because Stephen gave it to me with a promise. He told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. And if you ask me, that’s pretty special!

3. In honor of my husband: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
I’ve only broken one bone. I fell off of a trampoline and broke my arm. That’s not really that bad though. As far as pain goes, getting my wisdom teeth out was pretty awful. Do migraines count? I’ve had some migraines that have made me wish I were dead.

4. They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. Who’s 15 minutes has gone on far too long? (The Gosselins are not acceptable answers, be more creative.)
So so so many people. I’ll try to narrow it down to one two three four/five. Lindsay Lohan. Joe Jackson. Octomom. Brangelina.

5. You have 20 minutes and $1000. What do you buy?
Probably a bike for Stephen- if he could decide in 20 minutes. If he couldn’t, I would probably cheat and buy a $1000 gift card to Amazon or Target. If Stephen couldn’t decide and I couldn’t cheat and I had to spend the money I would buy: a big soft rug for our living room (I’d Google it so I could find it quickly), a coat and a few cardigans and scarves from Old Navy, a Keurig (<- that’s a link, because I know you’ll ask), and maybe the Wii Fit. OR I’d just give it all to a maid service and have them clean my house once a month for a year.

6. Tell me three blogs that I need to read.
I’m not even going to mention Pioneer Woman because if you aren’t reading her by now, you must live under a blog rock and you cannot be helped. (By the way, her cookbook is now #1 on the NY Times.)

1. Big Mama – She’s the love of my blog life. I’m not being dramatic.
2. Young House Love – I LOVE this blog. One of you emailed me about this site when Stephen and I were about to paint our wood paneling. (Sorry, I forgot who it was. I still have the email but I’m too lazy to search for it!) They are this young couple who started a blog to document their kitchen remodel. It took off. They are INSANELY successful in Blogland.
3. We’ve got a tie here. There are a ton of 3rd placers and I couldn’t decide. So I settled on two.
a) Bake at 350– All around deliciousness. Those caramel brownies… I will make them.
b) This Heavenly Life – I don’t know her but I consider her a blog friend. She’s not blog famous. She’s just a great writer and she’s funny.

7. Would you rather go without pizza or ice cream for the rest of your life?
Ice cream. I need pizza in my life. Plus, there are so many other delicious desserts. I’d always choose a fudgy brownie or some cheesecake over ice cream anyways.

8. Would you rather go to a beach or a snowy mountain?
Beach beach beach. A million times, beach. I hate the cold weather. The only good thing about snowy mountains is sitting in a warm cabin by a fire, drinking hot chocolate while looking at them out the window. Take me to any beach and I’ll be happy. I’ve always known that I’m a beach lover but after spending so much time in Galveston the past few months, I’m realizing that it’s a deep love. Not just a love of sun and sand… but a love for the beach life-style, the wind, the sounds, the waves, the relaxation. Love it.

9. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
Night owl. Big time. I have a hard time waking up every single day. I’m at my best at 10:00 pm.

10. What word do you always misspell?
Embarrass. There really shouldn’t be two r’s in there.

(I found out that in order to make Mr. Linky show up in the post, I have to pay for an upgrade. That’s not going to happen just yet. I think it’s only $5. I may do it for next week or so. Until then, just click the icon and another window will pop up. Click around and visit the other TOTers.)

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