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Loser 8.09: Twice! Dad Gummit!

It’s week 9 and there are 8 people left.

They met up with Ali and quickly learned that two people will be going home this week. There will be a red line and a yellow line. The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will go below the red line and automatically be sent home – true Biggest Loser. The next two contestants with the lowest percentage will go below the yellow line and go into elimination room as usual.

They started with a pop challenge. Fifty tennis balls were velcroed to a sign thingy. They had to jump and grab a tennis ball, run it to their bucket, and go back and do it again. The winner got a one pound advantage. For some reason, Amanda and Liz couldn’t participate. Anyone know why? Allen won, Rebecca came in second and was not pleased.

“Whoa WHOA WHOA!! Hold on!” Bob and Jillian were quite dramatic about the red line. Jillian stressed her concern about Shay. She and Bob talked at length about who NEEDS to be there and blah blah. I’m not sure why that’s their concern. YES! Shay needs to be there more than anyone but Bob and Jillian need to focus on them all equally. They need to work them all out as if they are the number one clients. Am I right? I am right. I know.

What was up with Bob’s talk with Rudy? It seemed that Bob has a bit of PMS and blew up on him for no reason. “What are you going to do today????” Sheesh Bob. What’s going on? He’s just trying to walk to the gym.

Jillian spent a lot of time with Shay. We had to take a DVR pause so I could show my dad what plank was and why Shay was screaming about it. We held plank for about 15-20 seconds and he said, “So wait. How do you breathe while you’re doing this?” Exactly dad. That’s why they scream.

Bob spent some time with Danny talking things out. Danny is quite emotional. Yes he cries a lot, yes that annoys some people. It doesn’t annoy me. I think it’s okay. He’s going through a tough time. So y’all, lay off!

(I will now pause this blog for a message from 24 Hour Fitness. Cue motivational music and a look of concern on Jillian’s face.)

The contestants headed to the circus where they learned they were going to “jump through hoops.” They each had a hoop and they had to jump through each other’s hoops. Whenever they jumped through someone’s hoop 100 times, they were out. I HATE THESE CHALLENGES. In my mind, in all challenges you should win if you’ve been the best competitor… NOT if you’re the last man standing since all the true competitors have been ganged up on. These seriously make me angry. My anger was slightly relieved when Amanda tripped and fell on her face. Then things got heated. Rudy and Shay had made a quick “hoop alliance” and said they wouldn’t jump in each other’s hoops unless they were the last two standing. Turned out that Rudy lied about that. He ended up jumping in Shay’s while Danny was also still in. That didn’t really bother me. It’s a game. Whatever. What bothered me is that they were screaming at each other and it was pretty destructive.

“Daniel and I stole two spin bikes…” Awesome. The pinks and oranges decided to work out in Shay’s room when they were supposed to be sleeping. Kind of funny, but also not too smart since you need sleep. 

Lara Bar anyone?

The last chance workout took place at some trapeze place. It looked kind of fun… in a painful, you-want-me-to-do-what? way… but still fun. Then Jillian made them have a real last chance workout. Jillian, cover your girls. A low cut V-neck isn’t always flattering. Okay?

On to the weigh-in. Alison’s hair was super cute in the thick black headband, but this wasn’t my favorite dress. Black V-neck? I could do that! This week began the weigh-ins where the guys got to keep their shirts on. Normally during this time, the girls also got the form-fitting shirts. I wonder why they didn’t do that yet. Here’s the weight-loss:

Rudy (8) – He won immunity, why didn’t he add a bunch of water weight?
Shay (17) – SHEESH!!!!! She beat Kristen’s record and lost 100 pounds in 9 weeks! Kristen took 12 weeks. AMAZING!
Amanda (5) – Not good, but man she really looks good!
Rebecca (10) – Huge number for Rebecca! Fantastic!
Danny (17) – Out of control! These are huge numbers.
Was Bob’s hoodie actually a button up cardigan?? Please say no.
Allen (10) – Nothing to report.
Liz (12) – Wha??? 5.5% – highest percentage weight loss this week. Gross.
Daniel (5) – Below the red line.

Rebecca immediately started crying  and ran up and hugged Daniel which proves that all of you bagillions of people who come to R&R by googling “Are Rebecca and Daniel dating?” are right. Yes, they probably are. So for the second time, Daniel was told that he is not the biggest loser.

The two below the yellow line are Shay and Amanda. Jillian’s and Bob’s favorites. What a crappy week! Seems pretty easy to me. Keep Shay, Amanda is good to go. She’s skinny, she’s hot, she can LIVE if she goes home. Shay really can’t go home. Most people weigh less than Shay when they get to the ranch. So the contestants voted, and they thoroughly disappointed me. They voted Shay off. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL decision people. I think that’s cruel. As (former) overweight people, they should know how important it is for her to be there. Not for the game, but for her health and for her life. Disappointed.

And there goes the orange team.

Daniel’s homecoming was sweet. Did y’all see the really tall dude in the back? Sheesh! Looking at Daniel’s old pictures is shocking. He really looks great. We saw what they looked like today, he’s lost 215 pounds. We saw David from last season. He still doesn’t GET IT. It’s awful and it makes me sad and it makes me want to shake him. I hope Daniel can help him.

Shay went home and had a great reception. I was nervous that she wouldn’t.

My parents DVR cut off after Daniel and David talked so I didn’t get to see how Shay looks now or what’s happening next week. HELP ME!

Two weeks until the finals!!!!

(Tomorrow we are going to discuss crock pots, come prepared!)

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