Loser 8.10: That’s Like a Whole Jillian

November 18, 2009 at 9:44 am 11 comments

Forgive me if this isn’t my best recap. It’s late. My parents had my family over for a birthday dinner and it is now very very late! But since it is my birthday, I can start watching a television show at 10:00pm if I feel like it. I’ll be writing in the present and past tense because I’m typing as I watch and my old brain can’t convert tenses properly.


I love makeover week. Here are some highlights:

-Tim Gunn said, “The best way to dress up jeans and a t-shirt is to add a blazer.” Rudy asked, “Well where would I wear that?” He said, “If you’re going to take your wife to dinner…” And Rudy said, “Well…. I guess… I could do that.”

-Apparently they are going to have to give speeches. Not sure who they’ll be speaking to.

-Rebecca looks AMAZING. Her hair is so cute. She reminds me of Kyla Roma. (<– click her name, fellow blogger) Even though I don’t actually KNOW Kyla, I think her hair is just precious.

-Danny colored his hair and shaved. I like the salt and pepper look so I’m not a fan of the new hair. But wow, he looks young. His daughter said, “I was so excited to see my dad. I’ve only had a fat dad for my WHOLE life.”

-Allen is looking pretty spiffy. Sheesh. He really looks fantastic. Umm, did y’all see his wedding photo? If I were him, I don’t think I’d allow that on national television.

-Amanda cut her hair and it’s super cute. She sort of reminds me of LeAnn Rimes. Is it just me?

-Rudy shaved. They convinced him. He looks classy and young. You can actually see his true smile.

-I don’t like Liz but I like her new look. Her hair looks great. It really makes her look put-together.

The contestants spoke to an arena of people. Their speeches were awesome. Danny’s daughter is precious. He spoke about how his turning point was when his daughter said “I want to have a big belly like you.” Rudy spoke about his sister who died of leukemia when he was a little kid. (And seriously, he looks great.) I really liked Liz’s message. I think it’s specifically great for women to hear– you cannot help everyone else if you don’t help yourself. Women are SO good at neglecting their own needs.

NBC  is really pushing this Bob/Amanda thing. Every time they show her, they show him immediately after. Hmmm…

On to the challenge. We’ve seen this challenge before. They have to cross a 700 feet zipline. The winner wins a two week vacation to the Biggest Loser resort in Utah. Two comments on that: 1) Whoa, BL is totally taking over the world. They have a resort now?? 2) Whatever happened to vacations to Mexico? A health camp? Really?

Liz was FREAKING out. FREAKING out. I have never seen someone freak out that much. I was cracking up.  She did the entire thing with her eyes closed. Ha.

Rudy won. Shocker.

Back to the house. Bob and Allen had a quick chat about taking apples to the gym in a fancy bag that is green. Awesome.

Jillian challenges Rudy about his story. I can’t believe it is taking this long to get emotions out of Rudy. I really thought he was just a old football player who kept eating and gained weight. Wrong-o. He’s got some work to do still, but I think he’s off to a good start.

Weigh in time. The girls are finally in their cute, form fitting tops. And Jillian is actually wearing a shirt that has no form at all. Alison’s dress is cute, but nothing to write home about. I don’t think anyone will be googling this dress. 

Danny (12) – How? He’s lost 126 pounds in ten weeks. He’s lost more than Jillian weighs.
Rudy (16) – WOWZA. How does he do this?!? He’s lost 134 pounds to date, more than anyone has lost in ten weeks in BL history.
Allen (5) – Jillian compliments the weight loss. For his size and shape, this is good. They don’t want him losing too much weight just to win. (Ahem, Helen.)
Rebecca (3) – Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Three is not good.
Liz (3) – Her eyes just look mean. I have no other comment.
Amanda (9) – Awesome. That’s almost unbelievable. She’s under 200! This is the most weight she’s lost since she got to the ranch. (They didn’t show her hug Bob. Come on!)

That leaves Rebecca and Liz below the yellow line. Rebecca wanted to talk to Rudy and Allen about their decision. On his way out, Allen said, “You need to get some fight. If you want to stay here, you need to fight for it.” Rebecca asked for her second chance. She said that Liz has been under the yellow line 3 times, she has had her second chances.

Liz is 49?? Only 49? She, uh, does not look 49. And apparently she only thinks she’s going to live 20 more years. Interesting.

Amanda and Danny obviously voted for the Liz and Rebecca. Rudy voted for Rebecca because she played both sides of the fence. DRAMA. I’m not sure why he said he didn’t trust her. That’s pretty hurtful. He could have just said something positive about Liz. Come on Rudy. I like you, but every now and then I think you go too far.

WHOA, Rebecca looks great. She’s running a half marathon. She’s looking very Ali-like. She cried when she was running the tenth mile. She looks incredible. Listen y’all, I love Daniel… but they just don’t look like a match. She looks super trendy and he looks 12.

NEXT WEEK! We’ll have a normal episode on Tuesday and then a Where Are They Now episode on Wednesday. That’ll be awesome.

Rebecca was on Leno and my parents DVRed it because we just can’t get enough Loser. She looks smokin’ hot. She’s lost 122 pounds. She addressed the Daniel rumors… not just rumors. They are true. It sounds like it happened towards the end of everything, not throughout the whole season. But maybe she’s saying that to cover her butt. So there you go. We are detectives. Now if we could only figure out what the heck is going on with Bob and Amanda.

(Tomorrow I’m going to have some details about the Houston PW signing. The location has changed. I know people who know people. We’ll talk tomorrow.)

(Say some prayers for my girl, Lauren. She’s been in the hospital since Sunday. Read her blog for some details.)

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Ten on Tuesday (6) Like a Book

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  • 1. Karen  |  November 18, 2009 at 10:35 am

    I love make over week too, but I hate the men’s makeover, they never look good to me.
    Danny in that blue sweater looked like he just walked off the set of “National Lampoons Vacation” movie, his hair looked like a 6th grader’s hair cut, although he looks good compared to first coming to BL, they could have done better. I am also glad that they got rid of the flavor savor.
    Rudy looked like he just got back from a hunting trip and was wearing his kill. I do like him better with out the beard.
    Allen looked good, but that suit looked like the old time gangster look, I did not think it fit him well.
    Liz looked good, but I was hoping they would die her hair, I have nothing against the salt and pepper look, for I am one myself, but it would have been nice to see her with a different look.
    Amanda looked good, I can see the LeAnn thing, but she reminds me of my niece Lacy, they look a little alike.
    Rebecca looked the best to me, she is a very pretty girl.

    The challenge made me miss Tara, but hopefully I will see her next Wednesday, I can’t wait for that, it should be good.

    I officially do not like Rudy, I think he was lying/exaggerating the reason for voting off Rebecca, I think he did it because she was a bigger threat, not sure why he could not just admit that. He just seems to be mean when there really is no reason to be. If you look on MSN’s home page the section of video highlights, that look on his face, I would like to smack it, just smack it. And, everyone plays the game, did you notice the look on Allen’s face when Rudy was talking about Rebecca playing the game, and Allen had just confessed earlier to Bob about playing the game? Priceless.

    It will be interesting to see Daniel and Rebecca together at the finale, they do seem to be an odd match up, Daniel talks about wanting to be a youth pastor on his facebook page and on Rebecca’s page there is picture after picture of her partying, a lot, but I know that means nothing, just curious about them and their relationship.

    Rebecca looks fantastic, she is really toning up, her arms looked great, once again, I can’t wait for the finale.

    Sending a prayer for Lauren.

  • 2. Samantha  |  November 18, 2009 at 10:53 am

    I enjoyed makeover week, but I definitely wasn’t a fan of the way they made over the men. I thought that Danny looked a bit ridiculous with that hair color and cut.

    I was a bit shocked when Liz kept saying that she’s 49. She looks 10+ years older than that, and if she really is 49, that’s pretty sad that she only thinks she’ll live to 69. She seems like such a bitter, indifferent person, and it drives me crazy. I was hoping she’d be voted off this week, but things never go my way.

    I lost all respect for Rudy by the way he attacked Rebecca. His reason wasn’t very specific and it just seemed like he was exaggerating and, quite frankly, being an ass. He probably did see Rebecca as a threat to him winning the game, so he booted her off. Everyone is playing the game at this point, so I don’t know why he criticized her for that, either.

    But she looks AMAZING now!

  • 3. Jimbo  |  November 18, 2009 at 11:02 am

    I’m done with Rudy. His comments for voting off Rebecca were unneccessarily mean-spirited. I will never understand why they just don’t say “I’m sorry PERSON A and I hope that you are very successful at home.” THE END Why all the drama and hurt feelings?

    I’m with Karen on the Daniel/Rebecca relationship…I think it’s a little odd. But awesome for her for running a half-marathon!

    Did you have cheesecake at your birthday dinner?

  • 4. Aunt Bonnie  |  November 18, 2009 at 11:37 am

    I wanted to hear about your birthday:( Hope they find out what’s wrong with Lauren soon!

  • 5. Southern Gal  |  November 18, 2009 at 11:38 am

    I so wanted Rebecca to stay. Can’t wait to see her at the finale.

    The commercials are getting to be a bit much for me so when I see they are coming on (cheesy) I just flip the channel to DWTS.
    (Yay! Donnie made it.)

    I don’t like Daniel and Rebecca together. But it’s not my choice.

    And Rudy. That was a little insensitive.

    Liz was giving the evil eye all night. And I didn’t hear she was only 49. That’s only 3 years older than me. Oh.my.word. My mama is 63 and looks way younger than Liz.

    Going to Lauren’s site now.

  • 6. d.a.r.  |  November 18, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    Wow….Rebecca and Daniel. While she is mildly annoying and a major drama queen, she is way cuter and more fashionable than he is. Interesting.

    I loathe the blatant commercials. The show would be an hour shorter if it wasn’t constantly advertising for Ziplock, Biggest Loser Protein Powder, or goodness only knows what else….

    I’m proud of Rudy, but think he is a jackass. After being a jerk to Shay (whom I don’t really like) AND Rebecca, I think he has proven he is just meanspirited.

  • 7. Alyssa  |  November 18, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    She did look very good! Liz seems pissed off at the world. Can’t wait to watch the episode next Wednesday.

  • 8. TarynE  |  November 18, 2009 at 3:31 pm

    I’m still at a loss about the Bob/Amanda thing…. isn’t she like 19?? Yikes. I didn’t even think Bob liked girls like that!

    I lost a bit of respect for Rudy after he attacked Rebecca like that. At this point, they’ve all had amazing transformations. Just be nice and leave it at that. Why waste all that energy being mean? I do think she looked amazing in her “after” footage!!!

    And I agree with everyone else… the Daniel/Rebecca thing is weeeeird. She’s so much more hip and fashionable than him.

  • 9. Stephany  |  November 18, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    Ugh, Rudy. I’m so not a fan of him! I loved Rebecca and was extremely sad that she went home. I saw her on Leno and she looks SO GOOD!

  • 10. Stephanie  |  November 19, 2009 at 2:03 am

    We were surprised by the Dan/Rebecca link too! I think that if their friendship evolved into more, it is certainly a wonderful thing! They can continue their journeys together! :0)

  • 11. osarah  |  November 19, 2009 at 5:22 am

    I don’t like the mean side of Rudy seen in the elimination room this week and with Shay last week. Bah. I liked him before that.

    Rebecca does look amazing!

    Danny really does look so much younger with dyed hair.

    And I made the same comment about Liz’s age. 49? All season she kept talking about how she’s a grandma. That plus her gray hair made her at least 58-59 in my mind. 49 is only 9 years older than my sister. Uh, really? Liz is NOT old.

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