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Loser 8.11: No Jennie-O Plugs The Day Before Thanksgiving?

What have you done today to make you feel proud? …. We need a change…. Do it today… I can feel my spirit rising…

I just thought we should start off the way they do. I’m blogging as I watch so the tenses will probably be wacky again. Deal with it.

Amanda was shocked with the realization that she is now alone in the house. She has no more allies. What a terribly lonely and daunting feeling.

UM HELLO. What the HECK happened to Liz’s hair?? Is it just me or did it get even blonder?? There are some camera shots where she looks platinum. Other times, she looks good. I don’t get it.

This was the episode where they do they same workouts that they did on the first day. I LOVE that. It’s so cool to see how far they’ve come. They all look so much younger. How does Jillian not herniate a disc a when she’s getting pulled around the floor by these guys?

Suze Orman showed up to teach the contestants how to be financially fit. Suze Orman is brought to you by Total. This is new. Although I think this is a very true and clear message: “Obesity is a very expensive disease.” Yes. Also “We usually spend MORE THAN when we feel LESS THAN.” Agree. They participated in a quiz, on a treadmill. For each correct question, they got $1000 deposited into their new Ameritrade account. If they answered wrong, they had to up their speed and incline by 1. I like new challenges. I especially like challenges when they can’t screw each other over. By the way, if you want to see more of the segment, you can watch The Suze Orman Show on Saturday. Plugged.

Multigrain Cheerios. TOO MANY COMMERCIALS.

I really don’t mean to be mean or bitter or tacky… I just really don’t like Liz. She really bothers me. Her attitude is not pleasant.

Bob talked to everyone about going home. About the reality of what’s going to happen when they get home. I think he got them thinking. Also, I kind of hope Bob isn’t gay and he and Amanda fall in love and get married. I think they are cute and they give me little butterflies.

Liz and Danny don’t give me butterflies. I’m pretty sure she hearts him more than she hearts her husband. Not good. Not good at all.

On to the football challenge… seems to be one every season. (ALISON IS SO CUTE!) The winner received two tickets to the 2010 Pro Bowl, which really seems to be lost on this bunch. Then Rod Woodson showed up and I don’t know who that is. Sorry, not an NFL fan. There was a football for each week on campus. The ball weighed the amount that the contestant lost that week. They were strapped to an elastic cord and loaded up with the amount of weight they had lost. (That’s the easiest way to explain it. It was more complicated than that but I think it would confuse us all if I tried. And then I’d be forced to just quit. Trust me, it’s easier this way.) They had to run to the other side of the field carrying the football with for the first week, run back to get the next week’s ball, and so on. Make sense? All that matters is that Allen won. And they tackled giant versions of themselves.

Allen’s daughter goes to a Lutheran school. As a former Lutheran school girl, I like that.

Danny wrote a song and sang it to the group. I always think it’s awkward to sit and listen people to sing in a small group… one reason I don’t like when people sing Happy Birthday. But I think Liz was looking at dreamy Danny and falling more in love with him.

I have a hard time believing that Rudy and Amanda ate Subway right before last chance workout. That just doesn’t add up. Last chance workout was really sweaty this week! Allen is looking pretty ripped. And again, how in the world is Liz only 49? She has attitude wrinkles, not smile wrinkles. Those aren’t the good kind of wrinkles.

On to the weigh-in. Amanda has to stay above or else she’ll go home, for sure. The color of Alison’s hair is a bit off, don’t you think? Here we go:

Liz – 5 – 2.46% – She’s under 200, which is a great note to leave the ranch on.
Rudy – 12 – 3.9% – He gave some redeeming speeches that may make some of you hate him less.
Allen – 8 – 3.36% – He lost 95 pounds on the ranch. He looks great, he’s a nice guy. I think he’s a winner.
Danny – 16 – 5.26% – WHOA! Huge number. He set a record – lost double digits 7 weeks in a row. He cried. Of course. (But remember, I’m okay with that.)
Amanda – 7 – (I missed the percentage… oops) – Whooo hooo! Atta girl!!

Allen and Liz are below the yellow line. Danny is the biggest loser this week so Curtis Stone will go to his house and teach him how to cook. Pretty cool. Hopefully he won’t make fungus burgers.

It’s assumed that Danny will keep Liz and Rudy will keep Allen. So now its up to Amanda to decide who goes home. You all know my choice. Unfortunately she sent Allen home and kept Liz. Ugh. Come on Amanda.

Allen went from 325 to 230 in the ranch. Now he weights 220. And it looks like he and his wife have reconnected, which is fantastic! His daughter’s school got the $5000 from the football challenge. Awesome!

Remember to tune in tomorrow night for the Where Are They Now special. I don’t think I’ll be able to be home for it so don’t spoil the surprise! AND NEXT WEEK IS THE FINALE!!! What in the world will we do without this show??

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