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Loser: Season 8 Finale

I’d like to start this post with some fun BL related things that people have googled in the past week:

-is bob dating amanda
-are bob and amanda dating
(and every other form of that)
-biggest loser marathon fake 2009 rudy
-are liz and danny going to get married
-does liz have romantic feelings for danny
-liz and danny awkward
-“biggest loser” dannys wife looks like tracey
-biggest loser commercials
-video – jillian hugs bob
-curtis stone biggest loser turkey chili

Now on with it. It began with a quick review of the season and a review of the four finalists. I love this episode because they always show us the photo from each week. It’s so cool to see the progressive change. It’s also cool to see all the contestants slip on the super shiny floor. Hopefully they were less cruel to them this year.

Fifteen minutes into the show we found out that Amanda won the final spot. Whoo hoo. I would have been SHOCKED if America voted for Liz.

They come out in groups of four so that’s how we’ll discuss them (It’s very possible that some of these numbers are wrong. I wasn’t on a television without DVR so I had to think quickly.):

Antoine & Alexandra are dating, as we knew. So sweet! Antoine looks great.
Shawn named his daughter Jillian. We’ve discussed this before, I think that’s sweet and will be a constant reminder of a very important time of his life.
Julio needs to do something different with his hair, both on his head and on his face. Yeesh. He reminds me of Kevin from the Backstreet Boys. Anyone with me on that?

Alexandra – 91 – 29.45%
Antoine – 152 – 41.42%
Shawn – 155 – 34.91%
Julio – 180 – 44.23%

(At this point Julio is ahead.)

Coach Mo & Dina are apparently not important enough to talk to
Abby… uhh.. hubba hubba. (In a totally non-sexual, completely respectful way, of course.)
Tracey is apparently going to prom. And I think she’s lost too much weight… which probably means she’s going to win.

Coach Mo – 92 – 25.92%
Dina – 79 – 31.23%
Abby – 100 – 40.49%
Tracey – 118 – 47.23%

(At this point Tracey is ahead. Just… wonderful…)

Shay is beautiful. According to Dr H she has gained 13 years of life. 
Daniel gained 24 years of life (or 23 or something, I sort of missed it.) 
Rebecca is blonde. Very blonde. And wearing a teeny tiny skirt. Go back to the brunette bob. Please. But WOW she is tiny. 
Allen… they didn’t talk to him…

Shay – 172 – 36.13%
Daniel – 111 – 35.58%
Rebecca – 139 – 49.82%
Allen – 116 – 35.69%
Liz – 91 – 34.??%

Rebecca won the at home challenge!!!!

There was a challenge presented to Shay. She is invited back to the Season 9 Finale in May to weigh in again. For every pound she loses, Subway is going to pay her $1000. Pretty sweet.

And then, approximately 45 minutes after my sister-in-law texted me saying, “I’m glad he didn’t propose on there :)”…. Antoine proposed to Alexandra. She said yes. They cried and kissed. It was sweet.

(General Mills commercial.)

Rudy looks fantastic. Sheesh. Seriously, he looks great.
Danny is wearing a velvet vest. Eww. But he looks incredible! HIS FACE! WHOA. Stephen thinks he looks like TR Knight (George O’Malley from Grey’s Anatomy.) But seriously, he looks great and doesn’t look nasty skinny. Just awesome skinny. My MIL may or may not have texted me, “DANNY IS A BABE!”
Amanda… love her.

Oh y’all, we got a preview of next season and I’m thrilled!!! Of course I can’t wait! It’s couples again. It’ll be on JANUARY 5TH! (Which also happens to be my mom’s birthday and my blogaversary!)

Amanda – 87 – 34.80%
Rudy – 234 – 52.94%
Danny – 239 – 55.58%

DANNY WINS!!! Awesome!!! So so so happy for him.

Were any of you new Loser watchers this season? What were your thoughts? Will you watch next season?

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