Loser: Season 8 Finale

December 9, 2009 at 9:15 am 20 comments

I’d like to start this post with some fun BL related things that people have googled in the past week:

-is bob dating amanda
-are bob and amanda dating
(and every other form of that)
-biggest loser marathon fake 2009 rudy
-are liz and danny going to get married
-does liz have romantic feelings for danny
-liz and danny awkward
-“biggest loser” dannys wife looks like tracey
-biggest loser commercials
-video – jillian hugs bob
-curtis stone biggest loser turkey chili

Now on with it. It began with a quick review of the season and a review of the four finalists. I love this episode because they always show us the photo from each week. It’s so cool to see the progressive change. It’s also cool to see all the contestants slip on the super shiny floor. Hopefully they were less cruel to them this year.

Fifteen minutes into the show we found out that Amanda won the final spot. Whoo hoo. I would have been SHOCKED if America voted for Liz.

They come out in groups of four so that’s how we’ll discuss them (It’s very possible that some of these numbers are wrong. I wasn’t on a television without DVR so I had to think quickly.):

Antoine & Alexandra are dating, as we knew. So sweet! Antoine looks great.
Shawn named his daughter Jillian. We’ve discussed this before, I think that’s sweet and will be a constant reminder of a very important time of his life.
Julio needs to do something different with his hair, both on his head and on his face. Yeesh. He reminds me of Kevin from the Backstreet Boys. Anyone with me on that?

Alexandra – 91 – 29.45%
Antoine – 152 – 41.42%
Shawn – 155 – 34.91%
Julio – 180 – 44.23%

(At this point Julio is ahead.)

Coach Mo & Dina are apparently not important enough to talk to
Abby… uhh.. hubba hubba. (In a totally non-sexual, completely respectful way, of course.)
Tracey is apparently going to prom. And I think she’s lost too much weight… which probably means she’s going to win.

Coach Mo – 92 – 25.92%
Dina – 79 – 31.23%
Abby – 100 – 40.49%
Tracey – 118 – 47.23%

(At this point Tracey is ahead. Just… wonderful…)

Shay is beautiful. According to Dr H she has gained 13 years of life. 
Daniel gained 24 years of life (or 23 or something, I sort of missed it.) 
Rebecca is blonde. Very blonde. And wearing a teeny tiny skirt. Go back to the brunette bob. Please. But WOW she is tiny. 
Allen… they didn’t talk to him…

Shay – 172 – 36.13%
Daniel – 111 – 35.58%
Rebecca – 139 – 49.82%
Allen – 116 – 35.69%
Liz – 91 – 34.??%

Rebecca won the at home challenge!!!!

There was a challenge presented to Shay. She is invited back to the Season 9 Finale in May to weigh in again. For every pound she loses, Subway is going to pay her $1000. Pretty sweet.

And then, approximately 45 minutes after my sister-in-law texted me saying, “I’m glad he didn’t propose on there :)”…. Antoine proposed to Alexandra. She said yes. They cried and kissed. It was sweet.

(General Mills commercial.)

Rudy looks fantastic. Sheesh. Seriously, he looks great.
Danny is wearing a velvet vest. Eww. But he looks incredible! HIS FACE! WHOA. Stephen thinks he looks like TR Knight (George O’Malley from Grey’s Anatomy.) But seriously, he looks great and doesn’t look nasty skinny. Just awesome skinny. My MIL may or may not have texted me, “DANNY IS A BABE!”
Amanda… love her.

Oh y’all, we got a preview of next season and I’m thrilled!!! Of course I can’t wait! It’s couples again. It’ll be on JANUARY 5TH! (Which also happens to be my mom’s birthday and my blogaversary!)

Amanda – 87 – 34.80%
Rudy – 234 – 52.94%
Danny – 239 – 55.58%

DANNY WINS!!! Awesome!!! So so so happy for him.

Were any of you new Loser watchers this season? What were your thoughts? Will you watch next season?

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20 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Karen  |  December 9, 2009 at 9:42 am

    BL needs to let all the constants respond when they walk out, it was very annoying that they did not.

    Woo hoo, Rebecca won the at home and I am happy. Some say that she looked too skinny, but I thought she looked great, other than the hair, go back to brunette, please and do not wear that kind of dress yet.
    No mention of her and Daniel’s relationship, are they on or off, now I am even more curious, will need to research.

    I am proud of Tracey, but she is way to skinny, she looked better in her at home video and should go back to that weight.

    Antoine looked fantastic, I am happy for him and Alexandra.

    I agree, not to crazy about Julio’s facial hair, but I thought he looked good.

    Abby looked fantastic, I am happy that she is seeing the light again, may God bless that woman.

    Allen, Coach Mo, Liz, Amanda and Dina looked good, I hope the best for them.

    I am glad that they gave Shay the subway challenge, it will be great to see her next May and I bet she is going to be gorgeous.

    Rudy, what a cutie patootie, my tongue even flopped out for him, he looked fantastic.

    Danny looked great, I thought it was funny when he said that no one recognized him in his home town, I am glad he won and what a cutie too.

    I can’t wait for next season, it looks like there will be some humdingers on there, and I hope they have the Jillian against Bob thing, I like that better and think that it makes the show more interesting and I do enjoy Jillian beating Bob, which she did kind of again this season. Lol

    Thank you for the prayers for my kittie (Millie), every thing is working but the tail, she got a good check up at the vet. The vet was surprised that she bounced back so quick, but hey My God is an Awesome God. Thanks again.

  • 2. Kaitlynn  |  December 9, 2009 at 9:43 am

    I was so happy that Rebecca and Danny won! So much more satisfying than last year… They both look amazing. Rebecca – wow. I’m not digging on the blonde either. And why did she have to hug everyone with her legs? And Danny seems so sweet. I watched the Leno interview with him afterwards and he said the first thing he was going to buy with the money was carpet. Love it!
    Oh and Shay looks so great! I’m so excited to see how far she’s come next May.
    Did you see Alexandra’s face when she saw the ring!? I wanted to get a look at that thing!
    I, too, am so so excited for next season. I love couples seasons. Thank goodness Biggest Loser doesn’t take much of a break between seasons!

  • 3. Taryn E  |  December 9, 2009 at 10:15 am

    If there was a single moment last night when I wished I had your cell # so I could text you, then the moment when Rebecca walked out was it. OMG. My immediate thoughts were: What the heck did she do to her hair? And WHAT is she wearing? I hate hate hate the blonde. It aged her 10 years and not in a good way. She didn’t even look like herself. The brunette bob was cutesy and young and fun. And that dress was ridculously short, even for someone as skinny as her.

    Tracey’s dress was hideous. And she’s so scary thin that she doesn’t have any boobs anymore.

    I was happy Rudy didn’t win. I don’t like him.

    Very excited to see how Shay looks at the next season finale!! Isn’t Erik from BL3 and the Where are they Now episode also weighing in at the finale next year?

  • 4. d.a.r.  |  December 9, 2009 at 10:19 am

    Ahh my husband looked at me about 5 minutes before the proposal and said “gosh I am so glad he didn’t propose. That would have been cheesier than these commercials!”.

    Wow…Rebecca. She looks fabulous, but the hair? And the micro mini skirt? And what was with her pawing Daniel?? That was awkward….

    Danny looked fantastic. I am SOOO glad he won!!

  • 5. Tiffany  |  December 9, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Yes I was a new watcher because of you and I loved it! Will definately be watching next season looked like numbers in the 500s On the teaser clip?? Did I see tht right? I think Rebecca looks a little trashy with her blonde hair and that Tracey might have had face lift, what do you think? Thanks for getting us addicted 🙂

  • 6. Jimbo  |  December 9, 2009 at 11:38 am

    I’m glad someone else noticed the “pawing” of Daniel…it was awkward.

    I was happy that Danny won and glad that Rebecca won the at-home challenge (I agree with everyone else’s comments…go back to brunette and wear a longer dress).

    I enjoyed this season and felt like Jillian mellowed just a tad. This cast of characters was the most likable of any season so far in my opinion…

  • 7. Kim  |  December 9, 2009 at 11:51 am

    As I told you in a comments section earlier, I was a brand new watcher this season- due to your recaps. They make the show seem fun… and it is, for the most part. Towards the end of the season I started forwarding through parts that I found boring just so I could see the glimpses of how people are doing (I watch it on Hulu so I can do that without a DVR).

    I think the show itself is very uplifting, but not anything that would get me addicted to it. Nothing against the show, it’s just I have my obsessions and weight loss/working out isn’t one of them, and I really despised Jullian (though, I own a at home workout DVD of hers that I bought a few years ago before ever watching the show)- so I’m not sure if this show will ever get into my regular rotation.

    With that said, I definitely will check out next season if it’s couples. I think that would bring an interesting element to it.

  • 8. Lauren From Texas  |  December 9, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Thoughts & Feelings…

    Julio’s face is weird. Perpetually scrunched eyes? Is that natural? The facial hair is a little a la Christian Bale, not in a good way.

    I HATED how they skipped some of the people?? Why?? We need to know!!

    Dina’s top? YUCK. That stylist needs to be shot. Along with whoever picked out Jillian’s freaking unitard.

    ABBY IS HOT!!!!!!!

    Tracey is SCARY. Like scary skinny muscular. I don’t like it. My sister was over and was all “What’s up with her hair?” I was like, “At least it looks like she owns a comb.” The bangs were terrible, and I said the same thing about how it looked like she was going to prom.

    I hated Rebecca’s blonde hair. I liked the dark bob. And I know she’s skinny now, but no one should be wearing a skirt that short. And did she seem awkward? Like she has all this confidence now but doesn’t know what to do with it? And can she REALLY be dating Daniel?? He is cute but come on, he looks 12. ALSO: my final thought on Rebecca – what was up with her JUMPING ON AND STRADDLING all the guys?? Especially Sean who is MARRIED. I think if I were his wife, I’d have something to say about that.

    I thought it was weird that they singled Shay out and gave her the challenge. But whatever. Do whatever you want, Biggest Loser. We’ll watch.

    I don’t like Amanda. I think she is overly whiney for no reason. That’s just me.

    I’m SO happy that Danny won but come on! Rudy should have gotten some sort of consolation prize! They are both amazing. I’m happy that Danny won though. He was my favorite. I couldn’t get over his FACE! HE did look SO GOOD!

    So excited for next season already. 🙂

  • 9. Michelle (thedailychelle)  |  December 9, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    Ok… this is really random… but was that Rudy’s wife they kept flashing in the audience (with the kids) , or was it his mom or MIL? I thought his wife was young and hot, and that lady looked kind of older.

  • 10. osarah  |  December 9, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Unlike last season, I’m happy with both the winners. Tracy looked so unhealthy (reminiscent of Helen) that I had a hard time even looking at her.

    Daniel looks older in a good way now that he has lost more weight. Since his face isn’t as round he has lost a lot of the boyish-ness about him.

    I don’t know why everyone is giving Julio such a hard time. He looked great and I thought his facial hair was cute.

    Liz did not look happy. Her relationship with Danny made me uncomfortable throughout the season. Did anyone else notice that Danny didn’t hug her at the end? Also he said Rudy was his best friend at the ranch…

    Sean and Antoine looked great. I’m really happy for Antoine and Alexandra.

    I’m really excited for Shay’s opportunity and look forward to May to hear more about her journey.

    Abby… HOT!

    Rebecca – I agree with everyone else who says she needs to go back to the brunette bob haircut. The blonde just didn’t look right on her, and she is a cute girl. As for her jumping into Sean’s arms, I think she was just excited and on an adrenaline rush.

    I’m just so happy for everyone’s weight loss. Rudy, Danny and Amanda all looked great. And wow, Danny is a hottie!

    Although I am looking forward to the next season, (Chelsea, you are going to kill me for saying this) I was looking forward to a couple months off from the TV watching. Oh well, I’ll be there on January 5th.

    Also, there was a commercial on during the show for Marie Calendar’s Homestyle Pastas (or something) at the end of the commercial they said “Find it in the Soup or Pasta aisle” John asked what Super Pasta is… Haha

  • 11. Stephany  |  December 9, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    There were SO MANY times I wanted to text you during this episode! (Sorry if this sounds stalker-ish but…yeah.)

    Rebecca and Tracey were both scary skinny. Honestly, I’d love to see what Rebecca looks like in another year because I think she lost too much weight. Her hair was awful and her constant touching Daniel annoyed me. I just wanted to say: WE GET IT! YOU ARE DATING DANIEL. WHO CARES?

    And can I just say Antoine was GORGEOUS?!?! OMG! I couldn’t take my eyes off his beautiful face and body. He. Was. HOT! (And the proposal was sweet but I totally expected it.)

    I wish Amanda had won but was happy for Danny because after Rudy weighed in, he looked shocked and totally unsure of himself. So I was glad he won! And he looks so handsome. And Rudy looked HOT!

    And to Michelle’s question, I was wondering the same thing! She looked too old to be his wife, personally. But what do I know?

  • 12. abby  |  December 9, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    Loved your recap! I thought the final three looked great! And I agree that Tracy looked horrible…why was she in a long evening dress?? Did she not want to show her legs? And the blonde hair on Rebecca was just horrible!! My hubby said that she looked like a boy…and she did! And her skirt was way too short. I know she lost a lot of weight, but none of us want to see that much leg! I was happy that she won the at home prize though because I really liked her!

    I can’t wait for the next BL! Jan 5 is my mom’s birthday too!!! How cool:) Maybe we’re sisters…gasp! LOL!

  • 13. Samantha  |  December 9, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    I was wondering the same thing as Michelle. My hubby said that was his wife, but I didn’t think so. She looked, like Michelle said, younger and more attractive the other times they’ve shown her!

    The first thing I thought when Rebecca came out was… she looks like a stripper! Her hair and her outfit were horrible. She definitely needs to go back to the brown bob and come back down to earth a little bit. I’m glad she won the at home challenge, though, cause I did like her throughout the show.

    I had a feeling either Danny or Rudy would win… I wish it had been a tie because they both deserved it. Their transformations were amazing.

    This was the first season of BL I watched, and I’m pretty sure I’ll watch again next season!

  • 14. Cousin Kim  |  December 9, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    I thought the show was really great last night. Factoid: Danny (the winner) is from Broken Arrow….so you know who else is from Broken Arrow that is probably around the same age as Danny? Kristin Chenowith! True. Seriously.
    There were two things you were extra excited about yesterday. Sooooo did ya get it? or do you have to wait til Christmas?

  • 15. Alyssa  |  December 9, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    I missed it cause I had to work so thanks for the recap. I liked Allen, Coach Mo and Dina-why didn’t they talk to them, that’s rude! Glad Danny won…I’m going to have to watch it online or something.

  • 16. Southern Gal  |  December 10, 2009 at 11:08 am

    Did you not mention Allison’s dress? I thought it was fabulous.

    Rebecca’s hair is horrible, but I’m so glad she won. The skirt was a little to micro for me.

    Yay Danny.

  • 17. Kelly  |  December 10, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Julio looked to me like he aged 20 years. I don’t think he looked bad, just much older.

    Tracey looked freakish. Way too skinny and just… unnatural. I don’t know another word. Oh, wait. That other word might be SPEED.

    Rebecca’s skirt was waaay too short. I was nervous for her. Something about her personality gets on my nerves, but I’m glad she won and not Tracey.

    I agree with the commenter above me. Loved Allison’s dress!

    Looking forward to next season!

  • 18. Debbie  |  December 10, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    sooooooo glad that Rebecca beat out Tracy…who, btw, looked like an 80s woman powerlifter. nasty, sickly, emaciated yet freakishly buff. not to mention her boobs were nowhere to be found. yuck.

    rebecca’s hair made her look like a Tinkerbell tomboy.

    LOVED amanda’s cute pink top!! but, i knew one of the boys would beat her. glad it was danny. love his facial expressions and you were DEAD ON about him looking like O’Malley!

    glad shay’s getting something else for motivation.

    i knew Liz wouldn’t get picked. my Lord, what was she thinking with her outfit?! she could have totally gone with something a little more revealing/flattering to show herself off some more…at least some arms!

    hated dina’s outfit but i did like her hair a lot.

    abby = freakin gorgeous. and i love her. 🙂

    can’t wait for next season…only a few weeks away. dang they sure pop these out fast!!!

  • 19. Amber Warren  |  December 17, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    Why did it take me so long to read this post?! I thought about you after I watched the season finale but with Christmas shopping, battling the worst head cold ever known to man, and trying to squeeze in work and my toddler, I have been remiss.

    Here are my thoughts: Thank goodness for Subway. I love Shay and I want Shay to lose more weight. Way to go sponsors!

    Rebecca looked like a two-cent hooker when she first came out. Please don’t try to go for that look, it’s already been done by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and I’m fairly sure she’s the only one who could pull that look off. Also, did you notice how territorial she was with Daniel? I think their romance is a one-way street which is probably why there was no mention of it.

    Tracey has a fan club? Why? Did you see her fellow cougars rallying her on? I wonder what that’s about. Anyway, she needs to get some fat back in her face because she’s all wrinkles there. But now I’m just getting picky…

    I totally think Danny deserved to win. But by winning I’m pretty sure his wife is going to freak out, get depression, not be able to get over the fear that he’ll cheat on her (with Liz), and start making him super fattening meals so he’ll gain weight again.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

  • 20. Barb  |  December 20, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    I’m glad Danny won. He looked fabulous, and he never had anything negative to say about anyone. I don’t like Rudy, but he looked great. Rudy is a very mean-spirited person – made very hateful comments about people and totally played Shay. Shay looked great, and I was hoping they would bring her back for the next show, but the Subway challenge is awesome. However, I must say, I don’t like Shay. When they did her home visit her stepkids told her they loved her, but she didn’t return the sentiment. Not very nice. All in all, it worked out. Danny’s wife better step it up.

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