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Loser 9.01: I’m Sorry Baby, But She Is Smokin’ Hot

Before we dive into Loser discussion, let me cover a bit of R&R business. I totally forgot to tell you that yesterday’s ToT questions were submitted by Angela at Craving Cupcakes (<– link). If you have a second, visit Angela and thank her for her questions. I really liked her idea of having a theme. One day this week when I have a spare 20 minutes, I’m going to add links on the ToT Archives so you can see which blogger submitted the questions. If you’re interested in submitting a set, go up there to the ‘Contact Me’ tab and send me your list. Stephen is even in the process of coming up with a set of his own! Be afraid… be very afraid.

BIGGEST LOSER IS BACK! Which means that some of you will quit reading my blog on Wednesdays (you probably didn’t even make it this far) and some of you random people will start visiting on Wednesdays only. Welcome!

The biggest yet. (Of course… BL doesn’t take steps backwards. They go bigger, they go further, and they plug more products.) Five people over 400 pounds.

(Can we all just talk about how Jillian Michaels has taken over the planet EVEN MORE since last season?? She’s got pills… which is shady. She was even on a pop up ad on my computer yesterday.)

(Can we also just talk about how annoying it is to watch BL while in the same room with my husband, dad, and sister who are all chatter boxes and have too many thoughts and feelings. T&F are okay, just save them for the blog comments, folks.)

The contestants had to do their first weigh-in in front of their towns. The men are very very very big. John and James (twins) weigh almost 1000 pounds together. Of course the pink team consists of two chicks. Blue team is from Houston… whoo hoo!

Is it bad that I got a little hungry when the green team showed their Puerto Rican food?

My mom and I were noting that it’s sad that we think, “He isn’t that big” when we see people in the 300’s. It just makes me wish that BL would be on ALL the time so that more and more people could be on it.

MORE TONGANS! Koli and Sam- the next Sione and Filipe! Sione was one of my favorite contestants of all time. I hope these guys are just as nice. They seem to be. But what do I know, I thought Liz was nice at the beginning of last season.

Sunshine? Who names their child Sunshine?

White Team Michael is 526! I want him to succeed SO bad. He is so young! (30)

The contestants arrived on the ranch and Alison was greeting them on the street. She was looking good. (I’m really going to like this red team! We MAY actually have some personality this season!) They immediately began their first challenge. They were told they had to bike 26.2 miles, and the last two teams would be sent home. The green team (Miggy and Migdalia) won.

The blue team momma had a break-down on her bike. Not quite sure what happened but she was in awful pain and she was screaming. It broke my heart to see how upset she was that she had to quit.

Blue and Yellow were the last two, they loaded into the limo to be sent home. But wait, there’s more. Just kidding. (Totally saw that coming, just so you know.) They secretly have to leave for 30 days and then come back to weigh-in against each other. The winning team of the two gets to stay. My sister says it’s going to be the yellow team– there, it’s in writing, Sister.

I LOVE THE FIRST WORKOUT! So many tears, so much vomit, so many people falling and screaming. It’s fantastic. Brita. Walmart. (Incase you’re new to my BL blogs, I like to re-plug the products they plug. It makes me happy. Like I’m mocking them… only they don’t  care about me. It’s funny somehow.)

“Cheryl is a badass” = the highest compliment from Jillian
“Someone wound up that momma and let her spin UP in this gym” = some sort of compliment from Bob

Story time. Nothing too new this time. Except the green girl who’s husband is leaving for Afghanistan while she is on the ranch. I love the pure honesty of the dude on the gray team. I love him.

“Welcome to The Biggest Loser. Family fun for all!” Body Bug. Last change workout. It looked pretty brutal but there was minimal vomit which I think is a good sign. Nobody had to be rushed to the hospital this week, a first for a few seasons. (Tracey last season and White Team Woman the season before. What was her name? Remember her husband won the at-home thing and was way too skinny? Was it something like Stella? Estelle maybe?)

Weigh-In Time – I’m going to track each one because Week One is usually pretty shocking:

Green: Migdalia (16) & Miggy (13) – 5.74%
Gray: Sam (18) & Koli (29) – 6.06%
Orange: Cheryl (14) & Daris (29) – 7.50%
Black: Andrea (14) & Darrell (30) – 6.19%
Brown: James (23) & John (23) – 4.75%
Red: Melissa (19) & Lance (21) – 6.69%
Purple: Patti (23) & Stephanie (18) – 8.09%
Pink: Ashley (21) & Sherry (17) – 6.42%
White: Maria (13) & Michael (34) – 5.82%  “Are my abs showing???” 

Brown team is below the yellow line, which is AWFUL because they are so heavy and both need to be there. James has a bad knee so he really shouldn’t take up a spot, but at the same time he gets doctor support on the ranch.

Ultimately, James was voted off. So sad. This show is tough to watch!

What does he look like now? He was 485 and now he’s 385!!! He’s lost 100 pounds!!!! Unbelievable! His wife has lost 24 pounds! Absolutely fantastic. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

What did y’all think?

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