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Seven Quick Takes – I’m Back!

After a 6-8 week Quick Takes break for the giveaway blogapalooza, I’m back. And I’m aware that I owe you the winners of the address label giveaway. I’ll get that done over the weekend, you know, to make sure you come back on Monday.

I don’t know if I have ever been more excited for a Saturday in my life. I’m exhausted and dying for a morning with no alarm clock. I get to have a triple date with Lauren from Texas and Kapachino and our husbands, which is pretty great.

Yesterday a guy in my office was talking to me and said, “The CFO… Chief Financial Officer, that’s what that means” in a very condescending tone. Do I really look like an idiot? Besides the fact that I went to an awesome school, I am a human being. A grown up. Who the heck doesn’t know what CFO means??? Always always assume people know what CFO stands for. If they don’t, they’ll google it.

Can you believe that I still haven’t finished Wuthering Heights? I set it down sometime around Christmas and have yet to pick it up again. So far, the story is okay. Not great. If it were great, I wouldn’t have set it down. So, to those of you who haven’t read it, take that for what it’s worth!

The sound on my computer at work is broken which pretty much means I get so bored and annoyed sometimes that I want to pull my hair out one by one. Sometimes a girl needs a little music in her life to block out the menfolk and that bathroom sounds. Which reminds me! My sister came to visit me at work the other day. Upon entering my office, she said, “Wow! You really are right across from the bathroom!” So, yeah. I’m not lying.

How often is too often to wear my skinny jeans and cute boots? See the thing is that I dress casually to work every day. If I wore skinny jeans and my boots, I would get a lot of attention and they’d think I was going to a job interview during my lunch hour. So I typically wear jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. But tomorrow night I’m going out to dinner (as I’ve already told you) and then Sunday evening I’m going to dinner with my trendy friend Kelly and a friend of ours from college. I plan to sport my boots both night. But now I feel like that’s all I wear.

Did y’all enjoy the guest post? I certainly hope so because I’ve got another one coming next week from a different blogger- one you probably don’t know yet! Sometimes I go through phases where I think that my writing is crap. So instead of throwing crap on the screen, I beg someone else to fill my corner of the internet with something funny.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for you. If it would make you feel better, I’ll post a photo of Avery! She’s not a big fan of cameras but she was trying to give us a good smile.

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