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Seven Quick Takes – I’ve Lost Count So You’ll Get More Random Titles Now

I love Quick Takes Friday – it allows me to compile all my random bits into a nice package I can give you. You’re welcome. Click the logo below to visit my Quick Takers.

I feel that I should address this, even though I don’t want to. I’d rather make you squirm and email me with winky faces. I’ve been on a guest post kick lately because I know so many talented, funny people. Each guest blogger is allowed to write about whatever they wish and promote their blog however they want. John is an almost-daddy who writes about almost-daddy things. So that’s what his guest blog was about. But if you want to think otherwise, be my guest. I can out-wink you any day.

I’m making a dark chocolate cheesecake tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to Lauren’s house to hang out in our PJ’s and drink wine and eat cheesecake. Doesn’t it sound like bliss? She rented Shop Around the Corner and swore she wouldn’t watch it without me. I’m super excited!

I don’t want to talk about how much laundry I need to do this weekend. See. This is me… not talking about it.

I’m considering taking a knitting class or a sewing class. I can’t do both because I just don’t have that much time in my day to devote to two different hobbies. I think knitting has a great appeal because you can take it with you. But sewing seems fun because you can do more with it. But then there’s the whole problem of not having a sewing machine. So now, you see, I’m confused.

Last night I made this spaghetti sauce I saw on Smitten Kitchen. It’s just canned tomatoes, butter, and onion. Everyone swears it’s the best. So I thought I’d give it a go. My review? Delicious taste, a bit runny. I think next time I’ll add an extra can of tomatoes but DRAIN it so there is less juice.

Normally I’d show you a picture of Avery right now since I saw her last night. But I was a bad aunt and didn’t take any pictures. I will now put myself in the corner.

If you still need the address for the Book Swap, use the Contact Me tab at the top. Or just leave a comment in this post and I’ll email it to you. Make sure you read through the Book Swap tab to learn all the details. You should participate because you have the chance to get a book from my very cool aunt. Wouldn’t that be fun? I’ve heard from a few of you that you are waiting on Amazon to ship your book. Please let me know if you need me to push the date back a bit. I have no problem doing that if it means that more of you can participate. I bought my book at Half Price earlier this week. It’s chick lit fluff!

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