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Calendar Winners

Stephen drew two winners for the calendars last night. He didn’t, like, draw the winners like with paper and a sketch pad… although that would be fun. He drew them out of a measuring cup.

Proof that we are super rich and classy… pinky out.

First winner: #17 TiphanyB! (Sorry about the photos. My camera has been dead since January 1 and I can’t find my battery charger. Quite a pickle I’m in! I have to use my phone for now.)

Second winner: #14 Ginger.

Congrats winners! I’ll pass your info along to get you set up. For all of you non-winners, head over to Stelie Designs (<– link) to check out her goods.

Oh, and to the 3 winners of the coffee sleeve and cute little notebooks from the prior week, I think I’ll actually get your prizes in the mail this weekend. Uh, sorry about that.

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Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Want to hear something embarrassing? We still have our Christmas decorations up. Want to hear something even worse? We still have a pumpkin on our porch. I hang my head in shame… but I also laugh a little. I like it. I think Christmas decorations should stay up as long as it stays cold, or at least until the end of January. They are just so fun. It’s depressing to take them down. The house looks plain and I can no longer pretend that it’s the holiday season. But the economics side of me recalls the Law of Diminishing Returns. At some point, those decorations aren’t going to make me happy anymore. So the moral of this story is: All good things must come to an end.

Our blogapalooza has reached that point. Sad day. I hope you’ve enjoyed it because I’m fresh out of giveaways for about 7 years.

For the final giveaway, I’m giving away something that I know many of you will be totally thrilled about. Our nature as bloggers and blog leaders is that we love to write. Our hearts flutter when we think about stationary. We get warm and fuzzy when we send mail. So here’s a perfect pair to your favorite set of crisp, personalized stationary.

Isn’t it glorious?? Custom address labels. So beautiful!

If elegant isn’t your thing, maybe you’ll like this one.

Do you love it? I’m partial to the first one but this one is super cute too! It reminds me of my friend, Lyndsey. She loves black and white with a pop of hot pink or turquise. And she’s wild. Wild like a zebra.

Want some of your own? AKM Designs is going to make that happen! She’s offered a set of custom address labels to a R&R reader. One set is 3 sheets of 30 labels. Since I’m a genious, I know that equals 90 labels. However, she’s given me the option to break it up. We could have 3 winners, each winning one sheet of 30 labels. Although I’m aware that 30 labels isn’t as cool as 90 labels, I also know that 3 winners is greater than 1 label.

So here’s the deal, I need your vote. You decide this one, folks.

Here’s how to enter:

-Leave a comment. Tell me why you love mail.
-Check out AKM Designs (<– link) and tell me your favorite item in her shop.
-Blog or tweet about the giveaway.
-Leave a question on yesterday’s post. If you’ve already left one, you will be counted.

Good luck! Whoever wins has to mail me a card. Because I said so.

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BFF Friends Forever

This week has dragged on but somehow, at the same time, it has gone shockingly fast. But isn’t that the truth about life in general? Here we are and it’s January 14, 2010 and it seemed like just yesterday that we were entering the 2000’s. But how can it only have been two days since Tuesday? This week is dragging and I’m in desperate need of a Saturday with no alarm.

The funny thing about my blog-life is that I view my weeks in blog terms. Monday is usually some story about the weekend, then Ten on Tuesday (which TWENTY EIGHT of you participated in this week… amazing!), Wednesday is the Loser recap, Thursday is a day for me to stretch my imagination, and Friday is either a giveaway or Quick Takes. It keeps my week orderly which is great since it’s the only orderly thing in my life besides my planner.

It’s Thursday. According to my blogenda, that means I should be stretching my imagination. I tried to stretch it but it popped. I’m on the couch watching Stephen take over the Star Wars universe as a really cute Lego Darth Vader and thinking that you all probably wish that you could hang out with us all the time. Because really, nobody is as cool as us.

Tonight we were fortunate enough to watch about 20 minutes of the American Idol try outs… which, for the record, are the only episodes I’ve ever actually seen except that time in college that a girl made me watch a VHS tape of the episode where Kelly Clarkson won. I have no desire to watch people sing two nights a week only to hear them on the radio every 5 minutes for 2 years after the season is over. But that’s not my point. While we were watching, there were these two girls. They were very proud BFF Friends Forever and obviously don’t know what “BFF” actually stands for or else they’d know that the “Friends Forever” part was quite unnecessary. And dumb. They hugged and stared into each other’s eyes and looped arms like those girls did in the hallways of League City Intermediate before I decided to leave that school and go to a place with less arm looping and more tuition. You’re welcome, mom and dad.

What’s up with me and the run-on sentences today?

But really, it was sweet. And it reminded me a lot of you and me. We’re looping internet arms and staring longingly into each others’ web space… or something.  But then I thought, do you really know me? Sure you know me, I tell you things about me every day. But do you know me enough to be my BFF Friend Forever (not to be mistaken with Blog Friend 4 Ever, that role is already taken.) My assumption is no. Specifically because so many of you refer to me on your blogs or via google searches as “Chelsea from Roots and Wings” which is not actually my name. When you have a spare 2 minutes, click on the About Me tab there at the top. It’ll explain that my blog is actually a play on words, titled Roots and Rings (or R&R for short) and it’ll even tell you why I chose that name.

I’ve decided to nominate myself and, well, everyone in my life to answer your questions. In an effort to be your BFF Friend Forever (and more accurately, to have some fun) I’m opening up the floor. Ask away. Ask me or Stephen or my mom or my sister or my Blog Friend 4 Ever or Lyndsey. Anyone.

Stephen, why in the world do you pop Chelsea’s toes?

Momma, have you always had such cute glasses? Did you pick them out yourself?

Chelsea, tell us about this root.

Avery’s dad (Justin), how many poo diapers have you changed?

And so on. You are some of the funniest and most creative people I know… which makes me both scared and excited for my innocent family and friends (who are finding out about this at the exact same time you are, how fun is that???).

Maybe I’ll make a friendship bracelet for the person with the best questions. How’s that for incentive??

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Loser 9.2: Is This Legal?

Week two- stereotypically not the best week. So this should be fun. (Blogging as I’m watching, can you tell?)

The first thing that strikes me is that I don’t know anyone’s name. I think that the first few weeks they should have their names on the back of their shirts. Are you hearing me NBC?? I keeping talking to you, you keep ignoring me.

I love Bob. “Like I don’t know it hurts!” I love that he spends time to care for the contestants. Not just to psycho-analyze them, but to care for them and fight for them.

WOW – two breakdowns at the beginning of week two. These trainers are on fire! First Michael. Then John. Wow John. He said he eats comfort food because he’s cursed. Everyone in his life has died, most of them at a young age. Gotta feel for the guy. It’s hard to find fault in a situation like that- honestly, I’m not sure that I wouldn’t be over 400 pounds if everyone in my life had died. I’m not so sure that you wouldn’t be over 400 pounds if everyone in your life had died.

Dr. H came to the ranch to talk about their sickness. (Sickness = Severe Obesity) I’m on the team that likes the term “sickness” to describe it. Why? Because it’s bad for your health and can be cured. Dr. H gave each team a health test. It wasn’t fascinating but it was interesting. And if it reached even one viewer, it was worth it. Dr. H showed them things like how their weight effects their finances, their families, etc. Jillian tried to eat Mexican food and she spit it out like a yankee. Drop the dramatics, Jill, everyone likes nachos! You just got a cold plate and that sucks.

The contestants headed to a pool for the challenge. Each team had to cross a balance beam (3.5 inches wide) holding a ball and put 10 balls into a basket thing on the other side of the pool. The winning team wins immunity and the losing team gets a two pound penalty in the weigh-in. (Why? Why do they do that? Why a penalty? I don’t think that’s necessary.) They aren’t very good at this challenge. It came down to the black team and the red team. The red team won. I felt awful for the white team- Momma White is afraid of the water and was having a panic attack. Poor girl. That’s like if a bunch of people were holding pocket knives and flailing their arms around in front of me. So then she started to try and she panicked and fell and busted her nose. It was a lot of blood for a nose, we couldn’t quite figure it out. Turns out, she hit her nose which gave herself a nice shiner and she fractured her finger.

Jillian took her to the pool and made her face her fear. I LOVE when they do that.

Extra Sugarfree Gum. Dr. H continues with the assessments. GE Electronic Assessment System. It was shocking to see the outline of Michael’s body and how much fat is surrounding him. I think it was good for him to see that. Momma Orange’s inner age is 24 years older than she is. I didn’t know she was a smoker too. We decided that her body is probably in shock and she’s probably royally pissed off. Did you SEE the video of Koli sleeping?? Interrupted sleep 100 times an hour! How is that even possible?? Pink Daughter is 30 years older from her weight. She also found out she has diabetes. She was shocked, we were not. I’m excited for these contestants, I think this lit a fire under the booties.

“I really think I would rather stick needles into my eyes than do a last chance workout in week two.” Nice, Jillian. I think Jillian is one of those people who shouldn’t wear baseball hats. Her head is too tiny, she looks like a toddler. Bob made the guys walk on the treadmill with their hands up. They weren’t pleased with this. Miss Pink (Ashley) was challenged this week. “I accomplished something today. Yeah, it hurt. I gagged a lot. But I didn’t DIE!” I think I like her.

WEIGH IN TIME. Alison is Bumpin it and she has a shirt on that I’m pretty sure belongs in my closet.

Red: Melissa (+1) & Lance (8) – 1.25% (won immunity)
Gray: Sam (9) & Koli (8) – 2.34%
Pink: Ashley (8) & Sherry (5) – 2.35%
Green: Migdalia (4) & Miggy (8) – 2.53%
Purple: Patti (4) & Stephanie (3) – 1.5%
Orange: Cheryl (3) & Daris (7) – 1.89%
Brown: John (10 ) – 2.17%
Black: Andrea (5) & Darrell (10) – 2.25%
White: Maria (10) & Michael (11) – 2.5%

So the purple team fell below the yellow line. Instantly, visions of Helen filled our minds. Certainly Patti wouldn’t insist on staying on campus and sending her daughter home. OF COURSE NOT. She’s not Helen, there’s only one Helen. She told them to send her home because she has a support system and then she mispronounced “finale.”

The contestants honored their wishes and sent her home. She’s lost 43 pounds and home and got a hot momma haircut. She’s looking great!!! She’s improved her health and is no longer on 9 medicines. Whoo hoo. YAY BIGGEST LOSER! 


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Ten on Tuesday (13)

Week 13’s questions are brought to you by Sarah at Keeping Up With the Johnsons. It’s a random bunch! I love getting questions from y’all. I am always so tickled to see the stuff y’all come up with!

1. Are you usually late, early, or right on time?
I used to be early or right on time. But since I got married that has changed. If I’m going somewhere by myself, I’m still early. But if we are going somewhere together, we’re either right on time or late. I’ve picked up a few of Stephen’s “slow moving” habits. It makes me SICK when we are late. I think it’s disrespectful.

2. What is your middle name?

3. What are the last 4 digits of your cell phone number?

4. How big is your bed?
A glorious king!! Anytime we sleep in a bed any smaller, I don’t get much sleep. I can’t be touched while I sleep, a king makes this possible. My parents bought us bedroom furniture for a wedding gift and my mom encouraged us to get a king. At the time we lived in an apartment and didn’t have space for a king, two side tables, and two dressers. She told us to deal with it because we’d regret it if we didn’t get the king. She was right.

5. What are you allergic to?
I wish I knew. I thought it was laundry detergent but I switched to that allergy free stuff and I’m still itchy. I’m not nearly as bad as I was but I’ve now been itching for about 3 months. It’s exhausting.

6. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Push snooze, curse the morning, wish it was Saturday, etc. etc. Then once Stephen pops my toes, I get up to go pee and shower.

7. What was your favorite TV show growing up?
Full House probably. I loved all of those cheesy family shows: Step by Step, Family Matters, Growing Pains, Home Improvement. This is one of those questions that I’ll be saying “OH YEAH!” as I’m visiting y’alls blogs and reading your answers.

8. Will you, or did you, go to your 10 year high school reunion?
Not there yet. If we have one, I’m sure I’ll go. There were a whopping 61 of us in my class and with facebook, I’ve been able to keep up with most of them.

9. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?
I’m going to go with a big, fat YES on this one.

10. What, in your opinion, is the greatest invention? (You know, since sliced bread…)
The internet. No? Okay, maybe soap or electricity or refrigeration. Or my pillow that curves to support my neck.

That was short and sweet. Good questions, Sarah! These are more fun when I don’t have to make the questions. I love that we’re getting some newbies participating, it’s such a fun way to get to know y’all!

Here’s Mr Linky. Just click on him and add your link so we can visit!

Also, to give credit where credit is due… my coat from yesterday’s post comes from Kohl’s and my purse was a Christmas gift from my hip sister. I believe she got it from Charming Charlie.

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That’s A Man, Man!

In October 2005, I developed a crush on a 21 year old boy. He was this goofy guy who had adorable dimples, a baby face, and child-like humor. We started dating. Two kids in college, hanging out. We were cute. We had fun. We laughed and played games together. That’s what life is about when you’re 21 years old.

On Saturday, that 21 year old kid turned 26. I am now MARRIED to a 26 year old man. I’m not sure how that happened to me. Just yesterday I was a child. Now I’m married… to a TWENTY SIX year old MAN. Oh dear.

What do adults do on their birthday? A couple years ago we celebrated Stephen’s old age by having an early dinner at Luby’s and then heading to the Bingo hall for a few rounds. (True story.)

This year we went a little nuts. We woke up early and went to a meeting at church. I wore my boots (proof to come). After our meeting we drove through Whataburger and headed into town to visit the Saint Arnold’s Brewery with some friends. They kicked us out at 3:30 so we headed home and did the absolute best thing we could think of. We took a nap. A glorious, brilliant nap. We set our alarm for 6:45 so we could wake up and eat a quick dinner of “things we could make in 5 minutes from the fridge.” At 7:30, some of his dude friends came over to play poker while I went to the back of the house to clean out the scrapbook room.

At the end of the night, we were laying in bed and said multiple times, “That was a great day!” And it was. A day with friends and beer and a nap? I’m really not sure how to top that. Stephen had a bit of an idea… at 1:30 in the morning just as we were about to go to bed he turned to me with sad eyes and said, “Do you want to play ping pong with me???”

Ugh. Sad to say, I said no. It was in the 20’s and regardless of what Stephen may say, just because the garage is protected from wind, it’s not protected from temperature. Plus, at that point his birthday was over so I didn’t have to do something so ridiculous. But the good news is that it was a great reminder that he’s still a kid. Even though he’s MUCH closer to 30 than he is to 20, he’s still fun and cute and he still has great dimples.

Happy belated to my husband. He’s one of the kindest, most thoughtful men you’ll ever meet. He’s a friend to all and he’ll put his life to the side if you need him to. He’s quirky and funny and he has the best place right under his arm to cuddle into. He makes excellent omelets and is shockingly good at reorganizing a room. Stephen, I love you and I’m proud of you every single day. I think God has awesome plans for you and me and I can’t wait to see what they are. Thanks for being a kid and for not taking life so serious. Sorry about all of my gray hair.

For those of you who live in or around Houston, I highly recommend a trip to the Saint Arnold Brewery (<–link). We really had no idea what to expect but we knew that if it involved beer, we could get on board. You just show up, wait in line, wait in another line, pay, and you’re in. You pay $7 for a cute Saint Arnold half pint glass and 4 bottle caps. Each bottle cap is worth a half pint of beer. So… 2 pints for $7. Crazy cheap. You basically go into this big warehouse looking room and hang out. People brought pizzas and games and just hung out. Luckily one of our friends had cards so we were able to sit on the floor and play spoons… only we had to use pennies because none of us happened to have that many spoons on hand.

Anyways, I suggest you go try it out. And call me when you do because we totally want to go again!

Check out these fun bottle caps.

And here is picture proof of my boots in public, again. They are making regular appearances.

By the way, that red brick-looking tile is the EXACT same tile we have in our living room and entry way. See why we want wood floors??

Happy Monday! Make sure you wish Esteban a happy belated birthday and if you haven’t entered the calendar giveaway, you can click here to do it.

**Ten on Tuesday questions are up!

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This Post Is Brought To You By The Number 2

Not THAT number 2. Gross.  The actual number 2. Why?

Not because the Longhorns are number 2. No no no. Because we’ll have TWO winners this week. I love having TWO winners!! Will it be annoying if I write TWO in all caps every time I use it today? Let’s see.

So now that it is TWO thousand ten, everyone is in a big “out with the old, in with the new” mood. Me too. I mainly want to be out with the clutter in my house and in with a housekeeper. (Does anyone know a housekeeper in Houston that works for free? Or maybe for blog shoutouts. Or for food? I can provide food!)

You might be out with the fast food and in with the home-cookin’! Or out with the procrastinating and in with the Martha behaviors. Minus the whole insider trading and prison thing… let’s leave those in the past.

One thing I know is this… You need a calendar. How about a nice clean, decluttered, beautiful one:

Or maybe a cute one to put on your desk at work.

Aren’t they sweet?

And this is totally not what I’m supposed to be promoting, but just look at her stationary! Specifically these TWO.


I love many more than those TWO but I just needed a reason to say TWO.

(I think this is one of those instances where I think I’m hilariously clever and you are clicking the little “x” in the top right.)

I guess I’ll get to the point. Stelie Designs is giving TWO people their calendar of choice. I’d really like the wall calendar for my office but we have glass walls and it’s really a pain to try to get thumb-tacks to stick in there. So maybe I’d rather have the desk calendar. Although it doesn’t really matter what I want, I don’t get one. You do. And so do you.

And here’s how:

Leave any ol’ comment. You can say anything but I’d prefer if you said something fun. Like a joke… or a haiku.
Blog or tweet about the giveaway. Or blog AND tweet. (One entry for each.)
Put my button on your blog and make sure that when people click it, it actually leads them here! (If it’s already on your blog, let me know!)
-Go to Stelie Designs (<– link) and tell me your favorite item. She’s giving away TWO calendars but it’s possible that your favorite item is something else. And that’s okay… you just won’t win that something else… but you’ll still be eligible to win the calendars. That was confusing. 

-Remember ages ago when we used to do the TWO word challenge? You give me TWO random words and I manipulate them into a cohesive post? Well it’s been so long since we’ve done it that I don’t know where your latest suggestions are saved. So for an EXTRA ENTRY, give me TWO random words and we’ll see about getting this going again! And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here for an example… or just a funny story about inappropriate church lady brownies. Ahh… good times.

So what is that, like 17 chances to enter?? Six I think. You have until Wednesday at midnight to enter. Be a peach and if you put all of your entries in one comment, tell me how many entries are included. That would be grrrrreat.

(Scroll down or click here to see the winner of the apron.)

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Avery Picks An Apron Winner

Last night after the game (that I don’t want to talk about, thank you very much) we drew a winner for the Boojiboo apron. Avery decided that since she was the new kid on the block, she should get to draw. I thought that was a pretty good idea because that would mean that y’all get to see more pictures of her.

So without further ado, my niece.

She’s is preparing herself for the task at hand.

She’s going in!

(She’s so cute, I could just hurl!)

She even decided to wake up for a second.
You can see it in her eyes, “Dad! What the deuce??”

I know that’s hard to see. I couldn’t get any closer because Avery doesn’t like cameras being in her face. Every time we take a picture, she squints. Not cool.

Our winner is Ashley Brenstein.Who, as a matter of fact, is engaged and learning how to cook. So I think this went to a good person. Although I know a lot of you will be pissed. The good news is that Boojiboo (<– link) has an entire store full of aprons and you are welcome (encouraged, even) to go get one! If you do, send me a picture!

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I Wonder How Many Lies Are In This Post

Last night I was watching that show on CBS called “I Get That A Lot.” It’s about celebrities taking “normal people” jobs and pretending they aren’t celebrities. It was pretty interesting. With the exception of Gene Simmons, all of the other celebrities were recognized almost instantly. A customer would walk into the store and immediately say, “Oh my gosh. Are you Rachael Ray/ Julie Chen/ Tony Hawk/ Snoop Dogg/ Paris Hilton??” Then RR/ JC/ TH/ SD/ PH would say, “Noo noo! But I get that a lot.” The customer would argue with them, “What? No. You are RR/ JC/ TH/ SD/ PH! You have to be! You look just like him/her.” And it would go on, “No really. If I were RR/ JC/ TH/ SD/ PH, do you think I’d be working here??”

It was fun to see how quickly people recognized them and how different people acted toward them. Living the life of a celebrity means that you get recognized everywhere you go.

I would know, it happens to me all the time. Just last week, Stephen and I went to a NYE party in Austin. The second I walked in and people saw me with my amazing boots on, they ran up to me and said, “Oh my gosh! You are totally that girl from Roots & Rings!” I denied it over and over but they just kept on. Begging me for my autograph, asking if we can be real life friends. It went ON AND ON. It was exhausting.

(If you’ll buy that, I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free.)

Friday night we went to a place a little more VIP, a place where my type would fit in. Darrell K Royal Stadium. Home of the University of Texas football team. Heard of them? They are playing in a pretty important game tonight. My cousin (also VIP) was having his rehearsal dinner there.

Talk about class, my friends.

I wish this photo was a bit closer. But this is me and my classy family. Check out how gorgeous the stadium is. And check out how gorgeous this baby is. This is Sophie, you’ve met.

So we had BBQ and listened to George. We felt like true, rich UT Alum.

Saturday night was the wedding. At the Four Seasons. I told you that we were a big deal. It was GORGEOUS. Absolutely one of the best weddings I’ve been to. The room was beautiful, the food was fantastic, there was a FULL BAR, the music was great, there were tons of people there, and I was surrounded by many of my favorite people.

This wedding was so party-for-the-rich-and-the-famous that there was a man in the lobby rolling cigars for party favors. Good times! The only thing missing was my brother, SIL, and Miss Avery. They stayed home because the paparazzi would have had a hey-dey with the little one!

And because I can’t pass up a good plug for something I love, let me share my Sunday with you. The family met up for brunch at a place in Austin called Zax (<– link). We’re VIP there too. (I know, you had no idea I was such a big deal!) Their food is fantastic. Their Migas, well, there are no words. I’m pretty sure when I’m pregnant, Stephen will be driving the 3+ hours to get their Migas for me. They are dream-worthy. The portion was huge but I ate the whole thing. I couldn’t stop. I even unbuttoned my skinny jeans on the way back to Houston. It was totally worth it.

So that’s it. That is a typical weekend in the life of Chelsea of Roots & Rings. Or maybe not. Whatever. Want to see Sophie again?

And life is good!

Get your horns up, y’all. If you don’t know how, my mom and her sisters will teach you.



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Loser 9.01: I’m Sorry Baby, But She Is Smokin’ Hot

Before we dive into Loser discussion, let me cover a bit of R&R business. I totally forgot to tell you that yesterday’s ToT questions were submitted by Angela at Craving Cupcakes (<– link). If you have a second, visit Angela and thank her for her questions. I really liked her idea of having a theme. One day this week when I have a spare 20 minutes, I’m going to add links on the ToT Archives so you can see which blogger submitted the questions. If you’re interested in submitting a set, go up there to the ‘Contact Me’ tab and send me your list. Stephen is even in the process of coming up with a set of his own! Be afraid… be very afraid.

BIGGEST LOSER IS BACK! Which means that some of you will quit reading my blog on Wednesdays (you probably didn’t even make it this far) and some of you random people will start visiting on Wednesdays only. Welcome!

The biggest yet. (Of course… BL doesn’t take steps backwards. They go bigger, they go further, and they plug more products.) Five people over 400 pounds.

(Can we all just talk about how Jillian Michaels has taken over the planet EVEN MORE since last season?? She’s got pills… which is shady. She was even on a pop up ad on my computer yesterday.)

(Can we also just talk about how annoying it is to watch BL while in the same room with my husband, dad, and sister who are all chatter boxes and have too many thoughts and feelings. T&F are okay, just save them for the blog comments, folks.)

The contestants had to do their first weigh-in in front of their towns. The men are very very very big. John and James (twins) weigh almost 1000 pounds together. Of course the pink team consists of two chicks. Blue team is from Houston… whoo hoo!

Is it bad that I got a little hungry when the green team showed their Puerto Rican food?

My mom and I were noting that it’s sad that we think, “He isn’t that big” when we see people in the 300’s. It just makes me wish that BL would be on ALL the time so that more and more people could be on it.

MORE TONGANS! Koli and Sam- the next Sione and Filipe! Sione was one of my favorite contestants of all time. I hope these guys are just as nice. They seem to be. But what do I know, I thought Liz was nice at the beginning of last season.

Sunshine? Who names their child Sunshine?

White Team Michael is 526! I want him to succeed SO bad. He is so young! (30)

The contestants arrived on the ranch and Alison was greeting them on the street. She was looking good. (I’m really going to like this red team! We MAY actually have some personality this season!) They immediately began their first challenge. They were told they had to bike 26.2 miles, and the last two teams would be sent home. The green team (Miggy and Migdalia) won.

The blue team momma had a break-down on her bike. Not quite sure what happened but she was in awful pain and she was screaming. It broke my heart to see how upset she was that she had to quit.

Blue and Yellow were the last two, they loaded into the limo to be sent home. But wait, there’s more. Just kidding. (Totally saw that coming, just so you know.) They secretly have to leave for 30 days and then come back to weigh-in against each other. The winning team of the two gets to stay. My sister says it’s going to be the yellow team– there, it’s in writing, Sister.

I LOVE THE FIRST WORKOUT! So many tears, so much vomit, so many people falling and screaming. It’s fantastic. Brita. Walmart. (Incase you’re new to my BL blogs, I like to re-plug the products they plug. It makes me happy. Like I’m mocking them… only they don’t  care about me. It’s funny somehow.)

“Cheryl is a badass” = the highest compliment from Jillian
“Someone wound up that momma and let her spin UP in this gym” = some sort of compliment from Bob

Story time. Nothing too new this time. Except the green girl who’s husband is leaving for Afghanistan while she is on the ranch. I love the pure honesty of the dude on the gray team. I love him.

“Welcome to The Biggest Loser. Family fun for all!” Body Bug. Last change workout. It looked pretty brutal but there was minimal vomit which I think is a good sign. Nobody had to be rushed to the hospital this week, a first for a few seasons. (Tracey last season and White Team Woman the season before. What was her name? Remember her husband won the at-home thing and was way too skinny? Was it something like Stella? Estelle maybe?)

Weigh-In Time – I’m going to track each one because Week One is usually pretty shocking:

Green: Migdalia (16) & Miggy (13) – 5.74%
Gray: Sam (18) & Koli (29) – 6.06%
Orange: Cheryl (14) & Daris (29) – 7.50%
Black: Andrea (14) & Darrell (30) – 6.19%
Brown: James (23) & John (23) – 4.75%
Red: Melissa (19) & Lance (21) – 6.69%
Purple: Patti (23) & Stephanie (18) – 8.09%
Pink: Ashley (21) & Sherry (17) – 6.42%
White: Maria (13) & Michael (34) – 5.82%  “Are my abs showing???” 

Brown team is below the yellow line, which is AWFUL because they are so heavy and both need to be there. James has a bad knee so he really shouldn’t take up a spot, but at the same time he gets doctor support on the ranch.

Ultimately, James was voted off. So sad. This show is tough to watch!

What does he look like now? He was 485 and now he’s 385!!! He’s lost 100 pounds!!!! Unbelievable! His wife has lost 24 pounds! Absolutely fantastic. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

What did y’all think?

January 6, 2010 at 9:26 am 20 comments

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