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Seven Quick Takes – The Quickest Yet

YAY FRIDAY! Click here for more Quick Takes.

I’m happy about where The Office is headed. I haven’t been a huge fan ever since the co-manager junk. But now it looks like it’ll go back to it’s old crazy pranks and not-awkward humor.

There’s a large stack of books on my kitchen counter for the Book Swap. There are so many that I want to read. I’m excited for everyone participating. If anyone else wants to participate, you have like one more day to get it in the mail. Apparently many of you have been snowed in and unable to get to a post office so I won’t make the assignments until the middle of next week. Also a quick apology to two of you. I came home yesterday to two books on my porch in the pouring rain. So two of the books are a little warped. They still work and have words, but they aren’t crisp. Actually none of them are crisp because they are all used (I think). So that’s a lot of rambling. The botttomline: LAST CALL. Leave a comment if you’re still interested.

So… global warming, huh?

My backyard is under water. I’m not exaggerating. We are at the lowest point of our street and it’s been raining continuously for like 82 days. Rookie hates it because she’s prissy and hates getting her paws wet. I hate it because I love the sun.

There was a cup of hot cocoa in my Keurig sample pack and I gave it a go earlier this week. Not.A.Fan. Yeesh.

It’s almost college baseball season. In case you weren’t around for last season, here’s the cliff’s notes: My cousin pitches for Rice but I have burnt orange blood and have cheered for UT my whole life. When I was in college I hated Rice because they were very very good and occasionally beat my Horns. And now my own family is on that team. I’m embracing it though. I have shirts and hoodies and hats. Basically, I’m a super fan!

I don’t have much to offer today. Sorry. I get to see a bunch of college friends this weekend which pretty much means I’m a happy chick. And I get to spend some time with family and I love that too. So I’m gearing up for a great weekend and can’t focus on Takes, however Quick they may be.

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