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Maybe I Am Sort Of A Baker

Settle in, y’all. This is a good one.

I have this blog friend named Taryn who likes to post about cakes and breads that she makes. She recently made a king cake in celebration of Mardi Gras. I saw her tweet about it and considered making one for our trip to Galveston last week. But then I saw that it’s not actually a cake but a bread and it involves yeast. Yeast = time and attention and details. Now I’m not necessarily scared of yeast, but I prefer not to use it if I don’t have to. Which is why I normally just make beer bread if I want homemade bread or burn my finger making chocolate cupcakes if I want cake.

A month or so ago she wrote about this book that she uses to make bread. It’s called The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. You can read a post about it here if you want. She made baguettes and cinnamon rolls and they both look amazing.

It got me thinking, maybe I could do that. Maybe I could make some sort of fancy schmancy bread thing from scratch.

She posted that on January 18. About ten seconds after I closed her post I realized that I had made something from scratch. Just a quick week before that on January 12 I found out that I had my very own little bun in the oven.

(I’ll pause and let you breathe….)

My fingers are literally trembling with excitement as I’m typing this. I’m so excited that I can finally tell you all about this! Especially after the whole Fatherhoody post when so many of you thought I was hinting. Trust me, if I knew you were going to suspect something from that post, I would never have posted it. It was definitely not a hint! In fact, the reason I’ve had so many guest posts lately is because ALL I can think about is that there is a human being in my uterus and I didn’t want to slip and ruin the surprise. That, and well, I sleep all the time and have no time to blog.

I didn’t want to keep the secret for this long but I needed to. Stephen and I took a week to soak in the news together. It was a long week. Then we planned an evening out where we needed to stop in on a bunch of family members to share the news. See how excited Avery is to have a cousin?

Then we had the task of telling certain friends and family. There were certain people we wanted to tell in person. News like this is big. Slowly we saw everyone we needed to see. The last batch was over the weekend in Austin. A couple that we love dearly was going to be in town for the Austin marathon so we made it a point to go to Austin and get our whole college group together. Little did they know, we had an agenda. Friday night we gathered and announced our news. And now we’re letting the world know.

A little Hurstling is on it’s way… scheduled to be here around September 19!

Here are a few pictures of how we announced to people. These are the frames we gave our parents. I will NEVER forget the looks on their faces.

To siblings and close friends we gave them one of these bibs and if we mailed it to them, we included a picture of me holding the pregnancy test:

So that’s my super exciting baking news! Of course we’re thrilled. A bit nervous, still sort of in shock, wondering if it’s all real. But ultimately we are praising God for this blessing. Now if anyone knows a good, free nanny… hook me up!

(Ten on Tuesday questions will be posted this morning. They may already be up, just click the ToT button on the right sidebar.)

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