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There Are No Losers In This Post

I assume you all know at this point that Biggest Loser isn’t on until the Olympics are over. So obviously, this isn’t a Biggest Loser post. We do have some very important business to cover.

Before I get into the true point of this post, we need to quickly chat about the Book Swap. I still have a book or two trickling in each day. I’m assuming that everyone has at least put their’s in the mail at this point? Yes? No? Please let me know if I don’t have your book. I have 14 books in my possession and I’m pretty sure there were a few more of you that were hoping to participate. I don’t want to make any of the assignments until I have all of the books. 

Received books from: Nora, Rachel, Alyssa, Alice (Mom), Taryn, Kathleen, Abby, Stephany, Debbie, Jen, The Rocket Scientist, Bonnie, Rebecca, and Chelsea (obviously)

Okay, moving on. Very important business to discuss today! Let me first introduce you to my parents.

This was the night we announced our pregnancy. It was pretty emotional. They are already grandparents and have already tossed and turned over the decision of what to go by. They’ve decided to be Nana and Gramps.

They aren’t the problem. Here is the problem.

Well, okay, she’s not the problem. She has the problem. This is my mother-in-law and she doesn’t know what to go by. A few people have jokingly asked if I’m going to have my blog readers give me input on our baby’s name. The answer is no. Not even a little bit. I love y’all but that’s just too much. But we would like input on this decision. Obviously my mother-in-law will have the final say but we need some brainstorming. “Grandma” is good, but we were hoping for something else. Something cute. Something fun.

Here are some things you need to know. Nana is taken. Stephen and I have grandmas that go by “Grandma” and I have a “Meme.” Of course that doesn’t mean we CAN’T use those, but why use the same name if you can come up with something else? Her name is Maureen. My vote is for MooMa but she hates that name with a passion, so you better come up with something better. We’re counting on y’all. No pressure… but we want to hear the perfect name.

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