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Introducing: The Pregnant Pause

If you follow me on Twitter (or know me in real life) you know that yesterday I experienced my worst nightmare. I had a migraine and because of this baby growing inside me, I’m not allowed to take my drugs. Migraines are awful even when you have drugs, they are pretty unbearable if you can’t take anything. I’m sorry but one regular strength Tylenol may as well be a sugar cube.

I’d like to introduce to you a new “feature” here on Roots & Rings. It’s called the Pregnant Pause. Basically it means that I need a day off of blogging because I’m tired, sick, or too fat to reach my laptop. I’ll post a picture or a¬†fun pregnant fact on these days.

So welcome to the first ever Pregnant Pause. It’s a special one because it’s the Hurstling’s blog debut.

That blob on the left is our baby. We’re hoping the little one chooses to become a bit more human looking for the next ultrasound. Say hello!

–We are thoroughly impressed with your comments yesterday! Seriously, there were so many good ideas! Thanks y’all!

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