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Seven Quick Takes – What a Week!

It’s been quite a week here at R&R and, boy, am I glad that my secret is no longer a secret. It sure was tough to keep that underwraps for so long! And now it’s time for my weekly ramblings. Click the logo to visit our host.

Sometimes I take off my wedding bands (I have two) and only wear my engagement ring. I like the simplicity of it.

On Wednesday night as I was recovering from The Migraine From Hell, I asked Stephen if he’d make me something to eat. Enjoy!

C- Stephen, will you make me some mac and cheese? I’m starving.
S- Sure.
C- Thanks. I think I want the Kraft Scooby Doo shapes.
S- Okay.
S- Wait. Is that the kind that involves boiling water?
C- Yes. They all do.
S- No, some are in cups and go in the microwave.
C- That’s Easy Mac. I don’t want Easy Mac. I want the real thing. But it’s okay, right? Haven’t we been over this whole “boiling water” thing before? You know how to do it.
S- Ugh, yeah. But I just never know when it’s boiling. There’s little bubbles and big bubbles and I just never know!!! UGH. I’ll figure it out.

(10 minutes passes. Stephen returns holding the mac & cheese box.)

C- Is there a problem?
S- I just want you to know that this isn’t as easy as it looks.
C- But… yes it is.
S- No. Look here on the box. At the top there is a picture of water, milk, and butter…. which would make one think that you combine all of those at the beginning.
C- Oh gosh. Is that was you did??
S- No! Well I started to. But after I put the milk in the water I just knew it didn’t look right. These instructions are awful!
C- Did you read them?
S- No. Well, now I did.
C- Do I have permission to blog about this?
S- Yes.

#2 even makes me laugh. Every time I replay it in my head, I laugh.

If there are any Houston bloggers out there that would like to get together for a brunch tomorrow in The Woodlands, there are a number of us gathering. Get in touch! We’re going to eat Migas and tell the Canadians all about it. I’m still having a hard time with their “What is queso? Is it like Cheez Whiz?” question.

You know how when you’re pregnant you become really sensitive to smells? You know how my office is about 6 feet from the men’s restroom? I have NO idea how I have yet to vomit during this pregnancy.

Stephen is buying a bike this weekend. He’s been saving and saving so he could buy himself a nice road bike. I’m really excited for him but I’m choosing not to think about the price– which is the equivalent of like 3 or 4 car payments. I know it’ll be worth it for him to have this and I’m excited him to develop this new hobby.

Things I’m currently obsessed with: apple juice, Life Savers Sour Gummies in Wild Berry flavor, root beer floats, Taco Bell Crunchy tacos, hot chocolate, and any food you talk about. And sleep.

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