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Things That Will Make You Smile

If you remember, the big plan of the weekend was Stephen’s trip to buy his bike. It’s been a long time coming and the build-up on Friday night felt like Christmas Eve. He and Lauren’s husband met up for the big purchase while Lauren and I had a plate of crappy Migas and chatted for hours on her couch. It was a successful day for all. Minus the whole Migas catastrophe.

Isn’t it pretty? He looks so slick!

Sunday we slept in and then went to church at 11:00. Approximately 17,000 people called me Mommy or Momma. Afterwards we all came back to my parents’ house for some tacos (my current obsession) and to stare at Avery. Lucky for us, she was in an especially excited mood and was smiling each time we stuck our tongue out. Check it out, it’ll melt your heart.

Just makes you want to squeeze her cheeks!!!

That’s about all I’ve got to share with you this fine Monday. Oh, I won a giveaway on DebbieQ’s blog! And since it involves food, I’m pretty much the happiest person on the planet!

Ten on Tuesday questions are posted. If you’re a newbie, click the button on the right sidebar that says “Ten on Tuesday.” This is a very, umm,  interesting batch of questions. Have fun with it!

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