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Seven Quick Takes – Was This Week 12 Days Long?

 Here’s a quick rundown of a few things going on in my head. (Click the logo to visit the host.)

More things people have Googled to get to R&R.

-cheek pinching old aunts
-cheez whiz flavored chapstick
-how to handle your wife

If we’re keeping track of pregnancy bloody noses, I’m up to 4 now.

Today is also my first day wearing my Bella Band (<- That’s a link). The instructions show the first stage of wearing the Bella Band at 18 weeks. I’d like to argue that Miss 18 Weeks doesn’t wear jeans to work every day. At least 4 times yesterday, I reached down to unbutton my jeans and realized they were already unbuttoned. Sitting in jeans, even with a slight belly, is just not comfortable. My mom bought me a black Bella Band with lace along the bottom… so it just looks like I’m wearing a long camisole under my sweater. And now I can unbutton my jeans, forego the belt, and be sure that my jeans don’t fall down. These things are great. I think I may need to get a plain white one too. Highly highly recommend it if you’re pregnant.

What belly? You don’t have a belly! Yes, I do. If I can’t button the jeans that were my “fat jeans,” my belly has definitely changed. Stephen and I will be taking weekly pictures of my belly so we have a fun “flip book” at the end. Unfortunately we didn’t start until week 10… we really should have started at week 9. This is was I looked like on Monday, at 10 weeks and 1 day. (Sorry about the red eyes. I’m not fancy enough to fix that.)

I spent a good chunk of time the other night packaging and addressing books for the swap. I’ll take them to the post office today during lunch, so be watching your mail boxes! My original plan was to just draw names and titles and randomly assign them. Then The Rocket Scientist suggested that I just walk over to the stack of books I have on my desk and assign them according to their placement in the stack. Good idea! So you’ll get the book that was sitting underneath yours on the stack. I will post the assignments later next week so you can see the assortment I got. I figured I’d wait to post them so it would be a surprise when you get it in the mail.

I hope you’re enjoying Our Story. I hadn’t intended for it to be several parts written by each of us, but that’s where it’s headed. I guess it’ll be nice to have a detailed account of how we met written somewhere. Now WordPress, if you die and go tp internet Heaven, please keep my story in a safe place. Thanks.

I got a cute pregnancy book in the mail the other day. I assume someone ordered it from Amazon because it was just a book in an envelope. Here’s my question: Who sent it? I’d like to thank you properly! I started reading it yesterday on the way home from work (we carpool) and got about 4 pages into it before I realized I can’t read in the car without feeling like dying. I’ve been writing notes for a pregnancy book of my own, this book is similar to what I had in mind.

Have a great weekend, all!

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