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Ten on Tuesday (20)

This batch of questions was brought to you by yours truly. If you don’t like them, don’t tell me. It’ll just hurt my feelings and I’m pretty fragile right now. But if you have a better set of questions, send them my way. chelsea (at) rootsandrings (dot) com

1. If you were given an hour to use a $200 Amazon gift card, what would you buy?
I would spend it on the dining room chairs I need so badly but have yet to buy. I have money set aside for them but just need to get serious and pick some out. I think the $200 incentive would help light a fire under my butt. Or maybe I’d just order $200 of BellaBands! That sounds Heavenly right about now!

2. Are there any fairly common foods that you’ve never had?
Polenta, gnocchi, pastrami, sushi.

3. What was your favorite way to use your imagination as a kid?
I loved to make things out of boxes – phones, computers, time machines, space ships, etc. I even knew how to make cardboard buttons. I also loved to play school. I was the teacher and I had lots of imaginary students, plus my sister.

4. What’s your favorite state? Why?
Texas. Well obviously because it’s the best. Next question please.

5. If it was our culture to have our parents choose our spouses, do you think yours would make a good choice?
I actually do. Although they don’t know a whole lot of people my age so I’m not sure who they would have come up with. But they are good judges of character and hold the same non-negotiable requirements as I do. I think if it came down to it, they’d pick well.

6. What’s your favorite herb?
Basil. Basil. A thousand times basil.

7. If you could have dinner with one celebrity, who would you choose?
I don’t really care about most celebrities. Maybe Jennifer Garner because I think we could be buds. Maybe Louie Giglio because he’s funny and very wise. Maybe Ina Garten so that some one her cooking brilliance could rub off on me. I keep thinking that there is a baseball player that I’d like to chat with, but I can’t pick. Plus, it’s more fun to think they are great from a distance. Regardless of who it is, Paula Deen would be making the meal.

8. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
Aladdin, I think. I’m not sure when Disney and Pixar merged so I’m not sure if Finding Nemo counts.

9. If you had to listen to the same song over and over for 24 hours, what song would you choose?
Probably a song that I already hate so that I don’t start hating a song that I previously loved. Or maybe Bohemian Rhapsody because it’s so long… and it’s awesome. If you disagree, we cannot be friends.

10. How do you order your steak?
Pre-pregnancy, medium. I don’t like when my steak moo’s when I cut it, but I believe that a well-done steak is illegal in the state of Texas. Because of the strong belief, I’m going to try to go the remainder of this pregnancy without steak. I had some well-done filet a few weeks ago because my uncle was kind enough to make it for me without turning me in to the authorities. Good man.

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