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Loser 9.07: If We Want To Get Letters, We Have To Work At The Post Office

Recap- Melissa went home, nobody cared. Darrell and Cheryl are still holding torches on their heads.

We start back at the torches. They went on for almost ten minutes and then Darrell let it drop. Which is a shame. I really like them both so I think I’d be disappointed either way.

Temptation time!!! Hello chocolate chip cookies. This challenge will split them into blue vs. black. The winner of the temptation gets to choose the teams and also gets to choose someone to have immunity this week. They can choose themselves. They play a game of memory that involves food items and Choose Team cards. This is a loooong game. I’m not looking forward to seeing how much trouble they get in. (Or maybe I am…) Michael is going to be in soooo much trouble. This is pretty gross. Michael got the cards, which totally sucks for Andrea. Michael is choosing teams – each person will be assigned to a team except the person who gets immunity. After this week, the person with immunity will go to the team that the person voted off was on. Make sense?

The new teams go as follows:

Black: Sam, Cheryl, Andrea, Stephanie, Sherry, Ashley

Blue: Koli, Daris, Lance, Miggy, Sunshine, Michael

Leaving O’Neal with immunity. Not smart moves Michael. Don’t you people know by now that it’s NOT smart to piss everyone off??

Bob and Jillian come in to the gym and see the new teams. Jillian drops the f-bomb. She super pissed, which I can see. But this is also a game, so nobody can really blame him. I don’t agree with his choices, but it’s not shocking.

Michael sounds like the mafia. “If you don’t put up the weight, you’re going. Because you’re no use to me.”

Lars bars or something. Fruit, nut, salt… that’s it. Whatever.

On to the challenge. Players have to go to the top of a building and pull a banner up. The winner gets letters from home. Sheraton Universal. This is almost no contest – the teams are crazy stacked. So of course the blue team wins. Miggy cried even though crying is for weak people. I really like Daris, seems like a great guy.

Dr. H met with the contestants again to track their progress. They only showed Sam and

Last chance workout. It wasn’t very exciting. Y’all, I”m only at 400 words. Apparently I have no thoughts or feelings today.

O’Neal: (9) – 2.77% Immunity

Blue Team:
Michael: (15) He beat the 100 pound record but everyone’s mad at him and nobody cares.
Sunshine: (7)
Lance: (5)
Miggy: (4) Miggy can’t talk because she’s “furious” and needs to cry.
Daris: (7)
Koli: (10)

Black Team:
Andrea: (5)
Cheryl: (4)
Sherry: (6)
Sam: (8)
Stephanie: (8)
Ashley: (10)

Black team wins!!!! Amazing! Blue team has to vote someone off and it can’t be Michael since he was the Biggest Loser of the week. It sounds like it’ll be between Lance and Miggy. The obvious choice is Miggy. Glad to see that they agree with my thoughts. Miggy is gone.

She went from 240 to 179. I’m sure she’d look great if she wasn’t wearing a tucked in stretchy shirt. She says she’s changed her attitude from negative to positive. I hope so.

Darrell went from 413 to 293. He’s looking good. I really like him.

Dear Biggest Loser,
Please don’t leave me for two weeks again. It makes me sad.
Your Biggest Fan,

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