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When Good Bloggers Go Bad

Many moons ago I wrote a post about visiting the local HEB and being shocked at how friendly the workers were. You see, I normally do my grocery shopping at Kroger. The lines are shorter, the aisles aren’t packed, I can always find what I need without dodging kids or 17 carts. But the people there… they aren’t very happy. They don’t love their job. They don’t talk to me while they are checking my groceries. In fact, they talk to each other about how tired they are or how they are so happy they get off work in an hour. Not my favorite thing to hear, but I choose that over the masses at HEB.

Yesterday I even told my grandpa about how grumpy the people are at my grocery store. He goes to a small family-owned grocery store where smiles are common. How nice would that be? Nice yes. But not at the cost of higher prices or mobs of people. No thank you.

I think the Kroger gods must have overheard me. Or maybe they read my blog. Last night I went to Kroger for my weekly shopping trip and I was pleasantly surprised. I was in the produce section and had just grabbed a bundle of broccoli. I fished into my purse to find my pen so I could mark that off my list. No pen. I dug and dug. Still no pen. I sighed and zipped my purse. A young man maybe 16 or 18 was unloading apples nearby. He smiled and said, “Looking for your coupons?” I held up my fistful of coupons and replied, “Nope. Just can’t find my pen!” And walked away. About 15 seconds later I hear someone behind me, “Here. You can have mine ma’am. Have a good evening.” I wondered for about 2 seconds what he would do if I started crying. I realized that teenaged boys don’t understand hormonal pregnant women so I just smile and said, “Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate it.” He made my night. And quite honestly, I think he made his own night. It always feels good to do something nice for someone.

I walked away thinking that I needed to write about this because at one time I talked about how none of them are friendly. My apologies, my dear blog, there is a friendly employee at Kroger. And that’s on the record.

I realize that may not be the only area that I’m a bad blogger. You know, besides my complete lack of substantial posts lately because, well, sleep pretty much trumps everything right about now. I had a fantastic weekend.

Saturday morning I slept in a bit. Stephen went on a bike ride with my dad so I was free to take up the entire king sized bed until I felt like getting up. Which, due to my ridiculous bladder that can’t hold liquid for longer than an hour, happened to be about 9:15. Then we got ready, packed up the car, and drove to Austin. We arrived at some friends’ house, changed clothes, loaded back into the car, and headed to a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. Full of love, bursting with the true meaning of marriage, Jesus was all over.

The reception was in a hotel in Austin. It was gorgeous. The bride, the bridesmaids. Everything. I loved it. They even had a cupcake bar. Cute cupcake boxes were stacked on the tables. We could grab a box, head to the cupcake bar, and make our masterpiece. There were a few different kinds of cupcakes and scattered around the table were fun toppings. Strawberries, blueberries, oreo crumbs, chocolate shavings, M&M’s, etc. It was so fun! Unfortunately mine didn’t make it home with me. I ate it at my table.

We woke up early Sunday morning and drive back to Houston. More accurately, Stephen drive back to Houston while I slept and listened to him sing. We got home, changed clothes, and went to church. My sweet little niece was baptized! Stephen and I chose a prime spot in the pew behind them so we could stare at her anytime we wanted to. After church we went to my brother and SIL’s house to celebrate.

Good weekend. Very good weekend.

And like a good blogger, I’m telling you all about it. But like a bad blogger I must confess… I forgot my camera. No pictures of the bride or the cupcakes or the centerpieces. No pictures of my baby bump in a dress. No pictures of my niece in a long white gown or her little baby pearls. None of that.

So now I go hang my head in shame. And I’ll make sure to do some Google searches on how to be a better blogger.

(ToT questions will be posted shortly. They are a different group of questions. So my advice? Don’t participate if you aren’t feeling fun and creative!)

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