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Loser 9.09: I Have No Title

Last night I went to the UT vs. Rice baseball game and didn’t get hom until after 10:00 sometime. I knew I wouldn’t have a chance to watch Biggest Loser so I enlisted the help of my sister-in-law. Everyone say hellow to Heather! I’m posting her recap below. I have not read it, edited it (I assume she spell checked!), and I don’t know what happen. Hopefully I’ll watch it this evening on my parent’s DVR then I can read her recap and your comments.

Here we go!

Biggest Loser Notes a la Heather:

Why are the Samoan guy’s nails painted black? 

“Now it’s more about smarts than it is about physical strength—-now I’m in trouble” Samoan guy #2 

Trivia game where the team who answers three healthy food questions first wins—winners get a trip to Four Seasons; losers have to clean the kitchen—how dramatic, give me a break; and they have clean the gym—kind of gross

  • No one knows what Ellagic Acid is—including me but apparently it’s in strawberries
  • Blue team wins!


The winners get spa treatments and Daris has a green face
The black team whines about cleaning, shut up already 

Is it makeover week yet?  These people need it!  As Shawn said about Lance—‘that guy has a crotch on his face’ 

Workout time:  Jillian- “You didn’t come here to win the Four Seasons, you came here to lose 200 pounds off of your ass”   hahaha 

“I’m sweating like Tiger Woods in divorce court”-Michael 

Ashley has an emotional moment during the workout and Jillian helps her through it by talking to her Mom.  Ashley feels she has to take care of her mom since her dad died.  They talk it out and the conversation ends well. 

Michael leaves in the middle of the night because his grandmother is in really bad health, but we’ll have to wait to see how she’s doing. 

The rest of the contestants go to meet Allison and Curtis Stone for a cooking challenge.  Crotch face has his beard in a pony tail—ew.  They have to make a meal using only 12 ingredients and the winning team will get a 5 pound advantage at the weigh in. 

The black team’s food looks better. 


1st Course:  Black team

Main Course: Blue team with their pork tenderloin

Dessert:  Black team with their pear, strawberry, and goat cheese dessert

Black team wins! 

Time for the last chance workout, oh but wait, Subway Commercial while they talk about Michael’s grandmother 

Milk commercial 

Last chance workout:  looks as difficult as ever.  Koli (Samoan guy #2 I think) is close to being under 300 and losing 100 pounds.  Bob makes the blue team work extra hard to try and get over the 5 pound disadvantage. 

Time for the weigh in:  (for Chelsea:  Alison is wearing a cute pink dress with a thick black belt, hair looks good too J)

Black Team:

–  -5 pounds to start with

-Andrea:  -5 pounds , 60 total

-Sam:  -8 pounds, 94 total

-Ashley: -7 pounds, ?? total

-Sherry:  -3 pounds, 55 total

-Stephanie:  -2 pounds, 56 total

Total 2.5% for black team

Blue Team:  (needs to lose an average of 8 pounds a person)

-Lance:  -8 pounds, 83 total

-Daris:  -10 pounds, 98 total

-Koli: -9 pounds (woohoo!), emotional moment ensues; under 300; 106 total

-O’Neal:  -9 pounds, 87 total

-Sunshine:  -9 pounds, ?? total

-Michael:  -11 (wow!!!), he’s under 400, and has lost 129 total—impressive week especially considering what happened with his grandmother (which I missed what ended up happening, but I’m assuming she passed away) 

Blue team wins!  Sam is safe on the black team since he has the highest percentage. 

Black team votes Sherry off.  I’m mostly sad she didn’t make it to makeover week. 

Sherry looks great now!  She’s down to 138 (down 80 pounds total).  Amazing! 

Everyone will be going home for a week on the next episode. 

I hope my summary lived up to your standards!!

 (Okay I lied… she sent me her recap in Word so I copied and pasted. Apparently that puts in some random lines and I couldn’t post it that way. I went through to take out the lines and I saw some stuff. BOO! I don’t know who went home though, so that’s good.)

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