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Everyone Needs A Looocy

Consider this my PSA:

I’ve suffered from headaches for most of my life. I get the awful I-just-want-to-die migraines and the nagging will-this-little-thing-just-go-away headaches. I would say that I’ve had a headache of some degree for 80% of my life. Not anymore, my friends.

I have a friend from high school that is about to graduate from chiropractic school. Her name is Lucy. Lucy > Drugs. Not kidding. I’ve seen chiropractors all my life but none of them have fixed my problem. I’ll go and feel better for a day but then it’s back to awful back pain and headaches. I’ve mentioned this before once or twice, and I’ve had more extensive conversations with a few of you who suffer from the same issues. My advice? Don’t just find yourself a chiropractor, find yourself a Lucy!

And if you’re really lucky, find yourself a Lucy from England so you can call her “Looocy.”

She uses this technique called ART (active release technique) to work out the muscles where the issue stems from. That’s the key, y’all! Fix the problem, not the symptom. Makes sense, right?

I see her once or twice a week and she works on my neck, shoulders, butt, and arm. Neck and shoulders are for headaches, butt is for pregnancy pains that shoot into that muscle in my butt, and my arm is for carpal tunnel. She talks me through everything she does so that it makes sense, so that I understand what she’s doing and why it works. She doesn’t just lay me down, pop pop pop, adios! She works on me and digs her indestructible thumb into my muscles. It hurts and I groan and sweat, but it is SOO worth it.

I’m at the point now where I get maybe one headache a week. I’ve only had 2 migraines in the past 4 months. This is huge. I have a herniated disc and have always feared pregnancy for this reason. She’s keeping the pain and discomfort manageable. She’s taken me from “I seriously can’t click my mouse one more time without screaming!” to “Oh it’s 4:00 and I think I feel my first tingle of the day.”

I’ve turned my mom and sister into believers. I’ve turned my coworker into a believer, who has also turned her daughter into a believer. Stephen is a believer. I’m here to make you into a believer. Not because I’m trying to boost her business, she doesn’t need me to do that. But because I CARE ABOUT YOU DARNIT!

Chiropractors don’t just do backs. Well, some may. Avoid those, trust me. If you are having any issue… back, wrist, ankle, knee, neck, jaw, finger, etc. etc. etc… then google (or better yet, Swagbucks!) ART and find someone around you that does this treatment. There is really no reason not to. Insurance will cover your trips to the chiropractor (currently… but it’s not looking good once this bill takes effect… and that’s about as political as I’m ever going to get on R&R) so you’ll have little out-of-pocket costs. I know it sounds like I’m trying to sell you something. I’m not. I’m just here to tell you how much better I feel and how wonderful it is to not have to live my life with a headache, ice on my back, and throbbing wrist everyday.

If you have questions let me know. If you live by me and want to get set up with my Lucy, I can get you in contact with her. But regardless, I don’t think anyone out there is so healthy that they couldn’t benefit from this. Everyone needs a Looocy!

And this concludes the one and only PSA I’ve ever had on this blog.

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