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Pregnant Pause – 15 Weeks

Today is the 15 week and 1 day mark so I’m going to post an update of all things pregnancy related.

This weekend I took my sister to JC Penny for their doorbuster sale to look at maternity clothes. We found a bunch of items on clearance that were cute. I got a pair of under-the-belly jeans! They are short but since they are straight leg, I can cuff the bottom and they look really cute. I’m wearing them today and I’d be even more excited about them if it wasn’t in the 40’s this morning.

Then we met up with my mom for some glorious pedicures! Oh it was fabulous. Now my toes are so cute and I don’t look like a slob!

I used my pregnancy pillow last night for the first time. It’s ginormous. I wish I could tell you that I had the best night’s sleep, but I’d by lying. I think it’s going to take some time to get used to. I am such a picky sleeper and this is a big change. It’s a big U and you’re supposed to sleep with your head on the bottom of the U and have the pillow support you from both sides. I normally sleep on a fancy Tempurpedic pillow so this one is much different. I’m thinking about flipping it over and sleeping with the bottom of the U between my knees.

My allergies are acting up. Allergies aren’t fun when you can’t take meds. So I’ve sneezed about 72 times in the past hour and blown my nose 54 times.

I think that’s all of the updates I have for you regarding the human in my belly. According to The Bump, my baby is the size of a naval orange. But according to What to Expect, my baby was a naval orange last week and is an avocado this week. Can you see any belly changes? Here is week 14 and 15.

Week 14

Week 15 – Today

What do you think? I guess it would help if my arm were straighter in today’s picture but it’s really hard to remember how to stand every week. Regardless, that is a belly, my friends!

(ToT questions are posted!)

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