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Seven Quick Takes – Friday Snuck Up On Me

This is one of the quickest weeks I’ve ever had. Which is both good and bad. The days were slow but the week just flew by. I’m not ready for weeks to fly by. The quicker they fly, the quicker this baby is here… and I’m just not there yet.

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Here we go!

Confession: I haven’t read a single Ten on Tuesday this week. I usually try to read them all. I was home sick on Tuesday so I didn’t have my normal lunch hour to read and comment. I gave myself the day off to sleep. My allergies have been brutal and I have a serious fear of infection. So I saw my Looocy (she does allergy stuff too… she’s amazing), slept, and sat in steamy showers. I felt worlds better on Wednesday. Still a bit stuffy but that’s to be expected in this yellow city. So my apologies to everyone I’ve neglected this week. It’s not because your posts aren’t entertaining, I just have no energy.

A few weeks ago, I Am Baker encouraged everyone to take part in “Help A Pregnant Woman” day. I didn’t talk about it on my blog since I’m pregnant and didn’t want it to be a cry for help. Although I think it’s a brilliant idea. We should take more notice of the pregnant women in our lives and reach out a bit. Obviously the husbands have the most access to helping the preggos. Cooking, cleaning, doing chores, helping with the other kids, etc. are all perfect ways to help. But for the non-husbands, what do you do? I think this is where we have to be creative. If you ask me, “Chelsea, how can I help you?” I will tell you that I’m just fine but thanks so much for thinking of me.

My sister-in-law didn’t ask. But she helped. Last night she had Stephen and me over for dinner. We had some delicious rosemary bread with dipping oils, asparagus, and PW’s ridiculously awesome mac and cheese. It was fantastic to not have to cook, see dirty dishes in my sink, or think about anything in general! Although the baby is doing something funky in there because ever since I left work yesterday, I’ve felt the serious need to eat 72 Tums.

Today’s is little Sophie’s first birthday! If you remember, she is my cousin’s daughter. She was born super early and was only about 3 or 4 pounds. She is PRECIOUS! (Click here if you want a reminder of what she looked like at 6 weeks old. Trust me, you want to see these. She looks like a teeny tiny doll!)

Want proof that my mind is mush and I can’t keep up with anything? It is currently Friday, April 9. It’s the end of opening week of Major League Baseball and I have yet to 1) mention it on my blog or 2) see even an inning of a game. This makes me wonder if I’m having a girl. If it were a boy, he’d certainly be kicking his little momma’s belly, trying to get her to turn on the stinking television and turn it up so he can hear the commentators. For this reason, if it’s a girl, she probably isn’t like me with her sense of baseball love. Either that or I’m having a little boy who is more like his daddy and will only watch a baseball game if it’s right in front of him, but will rarely (if ever) go out of his way to turn one on.

No worries, people can change. I fully intend to brainwash my children. They will be baseball lovers. This is not an option.

Yesterday I went to Walmart. (Don’t judge me.) I first walked in and was SHOCKED at how clean it was. I wandered around and then found a shirt I needed to try on. (Don’t judge me.) As I was walking to the fitting rooms I saw that there were three (shockingly clean) fitting rooms with the doors wide open. I start walking toward them. “Ma’am,” I hear. But keep walking. “Ma’am!!” I hear again. But keep walking. “Excuse me, MA’AM!” a stern Walmart woman says to me as she is speed walking AT me. I look at her, “Yes?” “Can I help you?” Seriously? What’s happening. “Um… well… uh. No.” She glares at me. Clearly I’ve said the wrong thing. “Do I need help?” I ask her. She answers, “Yes. How many items do you have?” I tell her. “Okay, you can go in room….” (she glances over my shoulder and takes a long pause to think about it… remember I said they were all open and clean) “…two.

Since when did The Walmarts turn into Neimann Marcus? Who the heck cares how many items I have? She didn’t give me a number or ask me if I need assistance with a new size. Then, get this, when I walked out there was nobody standing there! If you’re going to chase me to the fitting room you should at least be sure that I leave with the same number of items I came in with. Right?

When I was in line to pay for my one (non-maternity) shirt, pack of gum, and yellow onion there was a family behind me. I had my eyes ahead of me so I don’t know the whole situation. I do know that I heard the mom say, “Cut it out!” and the daughter reply, “Mom. Stop. You’re making a scene!” I almost walked over to the toiletries section to grab a bar of soap to bring back and grind in the little diva’s teeth. I would have if it weren’t for the fact that I’d lose my place in line. And she’s probably bite me.

I get to see my little niece tonight and I cannot wait! This picture was taken on my brother’s cell phone so it’s blurry but I just have to show you!! Warning: You may melt!

That’s all I’ve got for you today, friends. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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