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Pregnant Pause – Week 17

Holy moly, 17 weeks! If any of you have any special ways to slow down time, please send me the “how-to” on that. Okay, thanks.

This weekend we went to south Texas for little Sophie’s 1st birthday party. There were several babies at the party, plus Sophie and Avery. I thought it might encourage my little one to kick around a bit but I guess the Hurstling wasn’t interested in meeting any friends. I was told by a couple people that I “definitely look more pregnant than the pictures on my blog.” So take that for what it’s worth.

When I got home on Sunday and went to pick up Rookie from my parents’ house, my sister greeted me by saying, “Well hello baby bump!” I swear this thing grows by the second.

This morning I woke up with a sore spot on my abs. It’s on my left side, right below my underwire. It hurts to touch it. I’m assuming its from a weird movement in my sleep that caused my already-stretched-to-their-limits abs, to stretch to even more uncomfortable limits. Has anyone ever experienced that? I haven’t looked it up in The Book yet. It’s not terribly uncomfortable, I only notice it when I touch it. And it’s not in a spot that would make me concerned about my uterus or my baby.

I’ve attached this week’s picture, I apologize for the yellowness. We will retake it tonight so it looks normal. Also, sorry about my eyes. Since we take these photos in the morning, my eyes aren’t completely open.

Hellllo belly. According to The Bump, the baby is the size of an onion now. The skeleton is hardening and the fat is building up. Which is great because not only do we like solid bones, but we also realllly like baby fat! My niece has the most precious baby fat in the world. She has arm rolls, leg rolls, wrist rolls, neck rolls. Everyone likes to grab her and squeeze her. I got to sit by her in the car on the way to the party this weekend. Before she fell asleep, we played the smiling game. It goes a little something like this: Avery looks at me, I make a face, she smiles and looks away, repeat. It is the most fun game I have EVER played. I caught a bit in a picture… just for you!

Today will be one of those days that I revisit my blog over and over just to get a glimpse of those dimples and plump fingers. Oh how I love her!!

And it also cannot go without saying that today is my mother-in-law’s 50th birthday!!!! So everyone give her a huge happy birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUREEN!

(ToT questions are posted!)

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