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Seven Quick Takes – Maybe She’ll Actually Write Something

I currently have nothing to say which is shocking because I’ve pretty much said nothing all week. You’d think I’d be bubbling with super entertaining information. You’d think wrong. But let’s give this a shot. (Click the logo if you want to read more or participate.)

Last weekend there was a man at Sophie’s birthday party. He was in his 90’s. He had an iPhone and is on Facebook. How does that make you feel? It honestly made my jaw drop and hide my non-iPhone. (PS- I don’t mean this in a “he’s creepy” way. I mean it in a “does that make you feel like an idiot??” way. He’s a wonderful man and I’m beyond shocked that a man in his 90’s can work an iPhone. I cannot.)

I am awful at gardening. AWFUL. 90% of my vegetable garden is weeds… and not the sort of weed that you can sell for profit. Only a few of my plants have sprouted and I’m not sure what to do about that. How do you go about starting plants in paper towels like we did in elementary school? Is that real?

Want to know what makes me feel FREAKING OLD? We registered our unborn child for day care this week. And I’ve decided I’m going to call it “school.” When I come home I will ask the Hurstling, “How was school today? What did you learn?” I will do this even when the baby is 3 months old and will only blow bubbles and fart in response.

Wednesday night I had my first extremely comfortable night with my pregnancy pillow. I’m getting the hang of it finally. Stephen has a little whine-fest about how much space it takes up. He actually said the sentence, “Sit up for a second and get a bird’s eye view of how little space I have.” I told him to shut his face and that there are two people sleeping on my side and only one on his. For the record, we have a king size bed and he has plenty of space. And even if he didn’t, that’s not my problem. Until September 19, my comfort is the most important thing in our household. The end. 

We are trying to rework our budget to make room for the Hurstling and all things Hurstling related. It’s really depressing. Last night we decided that we were going to cancel cable. I cried. Then I realized that since I was crying over something as ridiculous as cable, it was probably a good idea to get rid of it. So now we are just trying to figure out the cheapest internet provider. It’s looking like Clear is the way to go. (They are the people who provide internet for DirectTV.) If you have any advice on the subject, let me hear it!

We got a call about a week or so ago that someone got ahold of our credit card. It was actually the debit card for a bank account that we don’t use much. I opened the account a couple years ago to keep track of the money my aunt was giving me to make my cousin’s scrapbooks. I finished the books and we kept the account open. Stephen uses it around Christmas and my birthday to buy me presents without me knowing. Anyways, someone tried to buy all sorts of stuff with my debit card number. We found out yesterday that there was someone drafting $15 out of it every month as well. Sheesh people! It’s being taken care of with very little drama, so that’s good.

So it appears that I did have a lot to tell you. Hopefully next week will actually bring some quality post. And if not, I’ll just post some pictures of Avery and my baby bump and tell you to be nice to me.

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