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Seven Quick Takes – The Last 7QT Before Our Baby Has A Gender

I am shocked that this week flew by. I thought it was going to crawl at a snail’s pace since I’m looking forward to so much. You should already know that Monday is a huge day for Stephen and I. But you don’t know that Saturday evening I get to babysit Avery. Or maybe you do… I may have mentioned it. I’m really excited. Why is this intro so long? Don’t I know that Fridays are always about being quicK??

Moving on…

I’m pretty sure that there is no better food in the world than crispy bacon. This is not an opinion, it’s fact.

We are currently watching The Marriage Ref (which is hilarious, by the way) and it brought on a conversation. This woman had her husband saved in her phone as “Johnny husband” and made fun of that. Stephen has me saved as “Chelsea The Wife.” I have him as “Stephen Hurst” because that’s what I saved him as when we first met. Is that weird? How is your spouse saved in your cell phone?

My dog is allergic to grass.

Reread that. My DOG is allergic to GRASS. How much does that suck? She has seasonal allergies. We give her Benadryl but she’s so far beyond those little pink pills. She sneezes and itches and has juices coming out of her eyes. I feel so sorry for her. Especially because she’s a DOG and can’t avoid the GRASS. She sort of has to potty there.

If you follow me on Twitter, you got wind last Friday that there was something wrong with my mom’s finger. Let me brief you. A few weeks ago she got a pretty good cut on her finger from a fence or the garage or something. She went to urgent care and got 6 nice stitches. A week went by and she kept thinking that it was infected. She went back to the urgent care doctor and sure enough, infected. They took out the stitches and gave her some antibiotics. They told her to wait two days and see how it looked. Two days later (last Friday) she went back again. Not any better. She went to a hand specialists right then. He took a look, told her to make a fist, and rushed her into surgery. She had a pretty bad ingury with 80% tendon tears (or something) in her finger and a seriously nasty infection. His words were, “Just be glad you didn’t wait until Monday.”

She’s in a splint and has to keep it elevated for 2 weeks. I haven’t seen it but I hear it’s pretty nasty. It’s healing though, so that’s good news. Thanks to all of the Tweeple that said a prayer for her. Keep them coming, she’s still really sore and uncomfortable.

Did you know that when you have leg cramps and foot cramps while pregnant, it’s actually a calcium deficiency, not a potassium deficiency. True story. I asked my doctor.

I don’t have anything else to tell you.

Today is my brother’s birthday!!! Happy birthday Justin!

This is my brother.

He’s turning 28 today. I always forget his age because sometimes I think he’s younger because he is a goof, other times I think he’s older because he’s large. Whatever his age, he’s awesome. He’s funny and friendly and a fantastic brother.

Couldn’t ask for a better one! I love you Justin!! I hope you have a great birthday and I love your daughter.

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