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Seven Quick Takes – WHAT A WEEK!

Can you believe it was only 4 days ago that we found out we’re having a little boy? I feel like everything has changed. Everything is real! I can talk to Jansen by name and imagine him as a toddler. I promise not to make R&R into a complete baby blog, but for the time being… you’re getting mostly baby stuff.

Thank you SO much for your comments yesterday. If you didn’t get a chance to weigh in about the “must haves” for a baby, please add your comment! I’m going to print the comments next week and organize my thoughts.

Remember on Tuesday I showed you the beautiful photo of my parents’ beach house? Well I’m going there today. This weekend is my annual girlfriends weekend at the beach. Last year was Lyndsey, Kelly, and me. This year (after careful deliberation and a vote) we have invited Lauren to join us. I’m so excited to see the three of them. Please be praying that the rain holds off and doesn’t spoil our beach time. Not that we can’t find things to talk about while indoors, but the scenery is so nice while sitting on the beach.

I need to show you two things. Two very important things.

First, this is Jansen’s first outfit from his Nana (my mom). LOOK AT THE CLEATS.

And this is his first pair of cowboy boots, compliments of his Emmie (my MIL).

I accidentally dried my maternity jeans twice. UGH. Now they are a tad shorter and the belly┬ápanel is smaller. I’m totally bummed. It’s hard to remember to not dry jeans when you’re washing them two or three times per week. I’m frustrated.

I’m having a hard time focusing because all I can think about is the beach. Beach. Beach. Beach.

To all of you who live in those crazy northern states that have had snow within the past couple weeks, I’m sorry. But not too sorry because you COULD move. You could come to Texas and be going to the beach this weekend. Beach.

The Astros swept the Cardinals this week. This is unbelievable.

I just realized that we’ve only posted Part One of Our Story. And that was like 3 or 4 months ago. Apparently I’m a bad blogger. Hey Stephen, maybe this weekend when you’re missing me because I’ll be at the beach, you can write Part Two. I bet people would like to know what happens next. Although we’ll have to repost Part One because it’s been so long that nobody even remembers. Maybe one day I’ll get the hang of this blogging thing.

Not today.

Have a good weekend. I know I will!

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